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The Next President Should Get Us Out of Yemen

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/04/next-president-should-get-us-out-yemen


of course we should end our involvement in the war against Yemen and get our military out of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan… the people of the Middle East have enough conflicts without our adding to them and making everything even worse


The author writes:

However our presidential election turns out, it is time to end US military intervention in Yemen.

I appreciate this article overall and this is my only nit. Don’t say stuff like this. The election has turned out. There is no however. These kinds of statements just embolden nutcases like Flynn to say stupid stuff and cause more headaches.

I didn’t vote for Trump and my state wasn’t in play and went for Clinton, but I have to admit I had hope given Trump’s eviscerating Bush and the Iraq war and having that help him win that he wouldn’t be the moron on foreign policy that he showed himself to be on this and several other issues. I was wrong. I do think there is hope with Biden and the Yemen war. Maybe Mike Lee can bring a few more Rs along and we can put an end to this one case of stupidity and immortality. I’m afraid Biden won’t do well on other foreign policy fronts but alt least he is committed to not vetoing the bill as Trump did.

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Keep in mind that this article was first published on November 4 and written before the election (see ~https://inkstickmedia.com/the-next-president-should-get-us-out-of-yemen/)

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Whoops. That explains it. Thx!

Not our problem. They have the society and culture that their faith and beliefs created. Violence is at the core of their culture and religion so why should we care when they continue to make bad choices. Their problems are due to deep Islamic culture of sadistic violence and human trafficking.

Even if you had any objective data to go on (and I’m sure you don’t - we have plenty of sadistic violence in our culture in the US too - do you have per capita numbers or something?), those are behaviors that qualify for a police investigation, not dropping bombs on people who have nothing to do with it.

I don’t even know what your conclusion is - is it not our problem so we should be getting the hell out of the war then? Stop supplying Saudi Arabia with anything militarily? Sounds good to me even if I disagree with your logic to getting to that conclusion.

Or is it not our problem to do anything to change the status quo (we aid in bombing innocent people). In that case, you are even more severely deluded.

How about getting out of the Middle East entirely? Do we think we are going to solve all the religious strife in that area of the world. We have better things to do with our lives and treasure.

Don’t be ridiculous. There’s money to be made and brown people to murder.

And by “their” culture, you must be speaking of Christians, the only culture to actually use weapons of mass destruction, twice. Also the culture of the America, country that has been in a shooting war in every decade since the 1940s.