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The Next US-North Korea Summit


The Next US-North Korea Summit

John Feffer

The second meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un is scheduled for next month. The most likely location will be Vietnam. The agenda is much the same as before: how to get North Korea to denuclearize and the United States to dismantle its sanctions regime. The question remains: which side will make the first substantial move?



Feffer sez:
“So far, U.S.-North Korean negotiations have stalled … (s)omebody has to break this deadlock.”

And breaking deadlocks strikes you as something of a Chump specialty?



Apparently history does repeat itself. The continued antagonizing of China by our Navel ships, while Trump is trying to, for once, do something positive for the country and the world, has an eerie Gary Powers incident feel to it. Strengthening relations with China, Russia, and Korea while pulling out of US occupation in Syria and Afghanistan should be seen as a good thing, it’s just not by the MIC and those in the media and politics they lord over.