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The Normalization of the Deplorables


The Normalization of the Deplorables

Todd Gitlin

It has been widely reported that outside a Trump rally in Asheville, North Carolina, Monday night, Sept. 12, a 69-year-old woman was “cold-cocked” (her word) by an irate Trump supporter. The woman, Shirley Teter, later asked a reporter rhetorically: “Why did I get involved yesterday, at my age?


There is a danger that the deplorable will no longer be regarded as deplorable but the norm. If you don't watch violent shows on TV or violent movies you cannot understand how people can watch that stuff but if you do watch those type of things you lose the sense of revulsion. I think psychologists would call it habituation to a stimulus. This may what has happened to news coverage of violence at Trump rallies. Until recently it was unheard to have violence at presidential election rallies with the exception of those held by southern segregationist George Wallace. But who expected people from various violent subcultures to be attending rallies in this presidential election. Usually the rowdy types would be expected to be found in bars not listening in person to presidential candidates. But now the Alt-right has a candidate that speaks to them so continued violence at Trump rallies should be expected.


The elections in this or any other country are so dominated by the filthy rich that we need to: 1. give the united nations jurisdiction over all elections and let them finance it with a securities transaction tax which 2. could finance the reversal of global warming by paying billions of people to grow trillions of tons of biomass.


But I saw plenty of gun-toting racists at events for Obama in 2008. They're pictures are everywhere. And, let's not forget the " good Mormon " Mittens; whose flagship university Brigham Young, changed their racist doctrines to like darker skinned people the most, to win lots of football games.Oh Mittsy, he's behind Johnson/Weld, too. Your, and other phonies here at CD, are high-class scum. You are the reason the left will never disarm. We're with you on 2nd Amendment rights. We'll never allow The Uniparty ( 1%er $$$ ) scum to take us down. You own the Police & Security State, but you don't own us. Take your Trump and KKK shit ( gov't backed ) and find a shallow pond; then rise up, Bible in hand, of course.


I'm voting for the Greens and Stein, fyi. However, Siouxlanders like myself, were taught at least 2 things at a very early age. 1) how to ride a horse with no saddle or bridle 2) to just stay downwind of people like you. Your stink will allow for proper preparations when the time comes. Feral dogs and alley cats smell quite similar, to a trained nose. Think outhouse, here.


The arrogance and hypocrisy of this sort of thing is striking.

I am sure there are enough deplorable Trump supporters to fill a sizable basket; after all, it's not unnatural that deplorable people should choose someone similar to themselves to represent them. I do not think that there is anything amiss that CD or anyone should report that a 69-year-old was struck at a rally. I wouldn't have taken it amiss had it been a 25-year-old male either, honestly. But yes, let's get this out there: she should be able to attend the rally with no fear of this.

I also do not mind the linking of Trump's inflammatory rhetoric with these events. That link exists; there is nothing whatsoever wrong with pointing it out. I do not even mind so much Hillary Clinton making such a tellingly prejudicial statement about Trump supporters--prejudicial not so much for what it includes as for what it omits.

But I do feel bad that we have to repeat the silly characterization as a noun, as though it were the persons that were deplorable instead of some action, and as though deplorables could be simply and straightforwardly applied to the followers of one candidate and not the other.

There has been a lot to be deplore in this election cycle. Some of it has had to do with Donald Trump, and some had to do with the little group of toadies who ran against him. But Democrats have a lot to look to in their own camp before they get to be so smug about deploring abroad:

  • Because of redistricting and other manipulations by the Obama administration, there was no left or center Democratic challenger within the party to Hillary Clinton
  • Bernie Sanders came from outside the party and ran against extreme systemic collusion: he was ignored and libeled by media, worked against by business and by a sitting president selling the favors of his elected post to businessmen for Clinton campaign money, denied the service of the DNC, which colluded for Clinton and finally stole the election--in a big way--with the help of the media.
  • Hillary Clinton has made no real concessions to the left or center or supposed base of her party
  • Hillary Clinton has campaigned very little to voters, but consistently to big business magnates

And we might add to that the fact that neither candidate has bothered to address anything to do with the poor, the need to get out of these wars, the approaching ecological catastrophe(s), the impending peak hydrocarbon crises, or the swelling stock market bubble--that I am going to guess does not involve many of our investments, unless you have a retirement portfolio still.

I do not particularly want to hamper Clinton from criticizing Donald Trump or his followers if she cares to. I don't care if she jokes about his hand size. And I do not know that I am really bothered that she sounds like a bigoted old blueblood biddy sniffing at the commoners while she does it. It isn't any worse than the sort of trip the Trump himself rolls out day after day. And I think there's a reason that she is tone-deaf enough to not hear that. It is probably a good thing that we see at least that.

But no, let's not echo it in journalism.

There's an article to be written here somewhere, but it really ought to include the abuses on on both sides, the Clintons possibly killing the people they thought responsible for leaking DNC policy and actions to the public as well as a couple Trump supporters getting rowdy.

We're going to need a bigger basket.


Thanks, trumpster troller.


My understanding is that Sen. Sanders didn't help a little old lady cross the street, once. Opting instead to rush off to speak for free to a youngish group of libertarian socialists at a food co- op. Where he described the tomatoe harvester's living conditions as deplorable and their bosses as deplorable, as well. The national press reported the story as, " Anarchist Sanders Ignores Elderly, Courts Young, Free-Spirited, Latino Tomatoe Lovers At Grocery Store, Instead. So it goes...


Deplore away. It isn't the same as blocking the progress of an election if it is true. And neither is Trump's asinine rhetoric. Maybe we should skip the baskets and bring a truck.


Yeah, the sort of class game implicit in that is low. But you know, it sort of is party platform these days, post-coup, is it not?

The idea that Trump voters are racist or even just-racist, ignorant or even just-ignorant, mean or even just-mean is belied by Clinton herself and her policies and her history. She provides way too many reasons to cast a least-worst Trump vote. Trump is a buffoon, yet he has more diverse support than is usual for a Republican candidate--it is not diverse racially, and may be even less so. But it is diverse in terms of politics and even gender.