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The Normalizer-in-Chief


The Normalizer-in-Chief

Thomas S. Harrington

Got an unsavory past? Does a great moral stench attend to you as you go about your daily business? Tired of having people see the things you do as grotesque vulgar and savage?

No problem. Call the Normalizer, Barack Hussein Obama.

He's cool, or so they say, he's relatively articulate and best of all he's got a skin color that suggests to people that he is naturally disposed to taking the side of the downtrodden and morally righteous.

And therein lies his secret power.


Although Trojan Horse has been the term many have used during the past 8 years, Harrington's characterization is more accurate. Identity politics in the US and beyond has reached the point that branding means everything and track record means nothing.


Hardly anyone said more negative things about Trump before the election than Barack Obama. He pleaded with people to vote for Hillary Clinton to keep this man who is unfit for being president from winning. Many progressive turned their back on Obama and voted for Jill Stein thereby helping elect Donald Trump. Those those people should not have any complaints having helped elect a racist as president. Obama has to help Trump's transition team in order to make sure the government can continue to function. He is apparently now leaving it up to other Democrats to blast Trump now that his blasting of Trump turned out to be vain. Much of Obama accomplished will be reversed. It's pretty sad. Like it or not Trump is the president-elect and the situation requires some decorum. I am sure Obama will join the attack against Trump once he is out of office.


Mr. Harrington's excellent article reiterates exactly what I called Obama in 2008: THE CONSUMMATE CON MAN.
" Obama set up a lucrative racket posing as a saint of the progressives while shamelessly doing the bidding of the most regressive forces."


The people who voted for Jill Stein caused Clinton to lose. Wrong!


This a report on the ICC probing possible war crimes committed by the US in Afghanistan involving torture. The US State Department claims the investigation of war crimes unwarranted as the US takes such actions seriously and would not allow the same. Said spokesperson in short directly contradicts the words of her President who said the USA would not pursue war crimes charges against US forces or individuals because they wanted to look forwards and not back.

Now One Donald trump takes power , a person who openly advocates for torture. Given that President Obama simply ignored past and ongoing abuses while in power Mr Trump and his regime will feel they too can act with impunity when it comes to the same.

Torture is just another example of what Obama helped to "normalize". Even as the ICC prosecuter suggests torture Bush, Obama and now Trump acted are will act in concert to redefine the term. It very much more of that indispensible nation crap , that being "when we do it , it is no longer torture"


Great piece!.

Ah yes, President Winston Wolf. "I solve problems."

The elites knew what they were doing, didn't they?


Jeremy Stayl has a great article on the speech Obama gave in the Brady room, a press conference, on 11.14, that is well worth a read. He asks Trump not to destroy his legacy (needs to go since he got Trump elected and his legacy is horrible). He also mentions how he held Trump's hand to assure him he would do well as President.

This is really sad. Obama begging the in-coming not to destroy his legacy. Tutoring Trump on how to be Presidential. Obama had 8 years to do the right things and didn’t. He went into office on a leash by banking, Wall Street, the Establishment, the elite moneyed and is leaving the same way only with his tail tucked between his legs. He’s talking to the wrong Klown. Pence is the one he needs to be begging to. Goodbye Obama and good riddance. You and HRC and the DP delivered Trump to us on a silver platter. Have some pride. He should show some dignity and depart with some grace. Shut up and go away.

No one should be speaking with Sanders or Warren as both delivered Trump. Neither of them is going to remake the DP into a party of the people. Those days are over. They are part of that broken system. Now they want an end to the eletoral system bur it was fine as long as their candidate was being elected. (And now only because HRC is ahead in the popular vote). I guarantee you if that was not the case, they would be screaming about rigging, fixing, a recount, etc.(And that will play out if the electoral is ever demised).Rigging elections is what the DP an RP have done for decades. Fair elections is an oxymoron.

As an aside, I was stunned to read where Van Jones has opening stated Russia was involved in bringing down HRC, and has been neck deep in our elections for some time. WTF happened to him? All intel agencies denied this, stating there was no proof. Snowden admitted that. Assange made that very clear. No one knows who hacked Podesta, or got all those other E's. His statement is almost as insane as Trump winning. He didn't win: HRC lost. And deserved to lose. Needed to lose for our sakes (as bad as this is going to be...probably). The upside (as I have previously stated), that dynasty is over. She has destroyed Obama's legacy (good thing). The DP has been burned to the ground but will arise as it was,no lessons learned. Her sycophants and enablers have been destroyed professionally (although Podesta will probably survive since he seems to be a survivor of political turmoil and change).

She brought herself down and I am still celebrating. Karma is a mother. There is a God, after all. She will not go to jail, or prison, but I most assuredly will take this form of justice. If all this in-fighting occurring, greed, jealousy right now with Trump is any sign of things to come, take heart. We'll survive this. Like jackals,they'll eat each other as they continue to turn on each other. What a shame.

Goodbye Obama. And,good riddance. And by the way Obama, Trump assuring you he will remain with NATO means nothing. He talks a lot of sh** but remaining in NATO is not one of his goals.You have nothing to deal with, to offer him. Handshakes mean nothing to him. Adios.


Van Jones demonstrated himself as being a complete idiot for his Russia comments.

First and foremost there absolutely no evidence of such. It something the DNC invented and for Van jones to subscribe to that lie and promote it , makes him part of the lie.

Added to that even were it true none of it changes the FACT all of those emails revealed truth. Van Jones is trying to suggest that the people were better off not knowing the truth.

In other words he promotes another fraud.


And I'm sure Trump won't be doing anything unless he can get the democrats to sign on?????Because we have to work together??????right Obama??????


There's an interesting logical conundrum in this. I may be misreading Harrington somewhere, but on the surface it seems that the argument is something like this:

a) Obama is normal. Probably Clinton would also have been normal, but that's not stated.
b) Trump, however, is not normal.
c) By engaging in dialogue with Trump, Obama renders Trump normal, at least in the eyes of some audience

The normal Obama normalizes the abnormal Donald by not immediately and persistently treating him as abnormal. This is despite the fact that Obama raised funds for Clinton's nomination and so forth and clearly opposed Trump's election in some way. For whatever reason, the abnormal Donald does not or does not so potently abnormalize the normal Obama.

Why is the Donald abnormal? I'd love to see this described more precisely, but I think that I can do most of this intuitively: he is blatantly racist and sexist and makes all sorts of outlandish and preposterous statements, statements that really do not bode well.

Apparently abnormal does not mean atypical here, given the long history of violent racism and preposterous statements. Apparently it does not mean fiat killings, bombing of civilian populations, exposure of civilians and American troops to radiation, payments made out to ISIS--on and on in grotesque and unsubtle ways. It appears that all of this is at least to Harrington normal, given that Obama is apparently normal by virtue of his ability to normalize Donald Trump.

I do recognize that Harrington is criticizing Obama here. I also suspect that he does not mean to tell me what his words appear to have said, and that he would like to be taken differently. I am just not altogether sure how. And, especially given the sudden raft of this atypical "normalization" in so many written pieces, it seems like there is a shared error in all of it.

It seems like a lot of people imagine that we all are in utter agreement or at least useful agreement about this "norm." Were that the case, we would have all elected some normal candidate, and by a landslide. But even on this site, we are not going to agree about who that might have been.

This also raises dark suspicions. If a large sector of the populace is abnormal, but fiat killing is normal or at least does not make the perpetrator abnormal, just what am I to make of Harrington's insistence that the corporatist Obama treat the corporatist Trump as an Other, as abnormal or impenetrable or outside of dialogue or inhuman? (I am flailing a bit at terms, but Harrington provides only abnormal, which is not self explanatory).

We need a resistance here, surely; but it seems that we might want to get some of the terms straight as well, or we are apt to once again take the typical for normal.


Trump is "abnormal" within the context of the New Deal era (1935-1985) when the anomaly of a strong middle class existed thereby pushing race, gender and economic distress issues to the margins (Those issues had previously been front and center).

With the dismantling of the New Deal creating more distress among the shrinking middle class, we are seeing race, gender, economic and similar issues returning to the front and center position. It will take extraordinary effort for anybody to ignore these issues during the Trump Regime, even though it has been easy to ignore them up to this point in post New Deal Murka.


I dubbed him "Dear Misleader" a long time ago

And this is the unequivocal embodiment of the epithet.


Oh, so Barack Obama is a "respectable" person, PRESIDENT of the United States, whereas Donald Trump is a buffoon. Well, Donal Trump is not YET a war criminal, not yet an assassin. Barack Obama tends to his "kill list" including Americans every day. Barack Obomba bombs hospitals, wedding parties, funerals every day. This is what "normal" presidents have been doing since the 17th century (though the technology of mass murder has evolved). So who in the f__ck is Barack Obama to "normalize" anybody. That SOB should be hung for war crimes, for crimes against humanity.


Yep these people are already coming out of the woodwork. Hillary won the popular vote. You want to blame someone for her losing? Blame the electoral college, which the DNC for the past 8 years have supported.


This is one of the best articles I've seen on Obama. Hits the nail right on the head.


Nobody did this to Hillary but herself. She should have been disqualified as a candidate when it was found she was in kahoots with the DNC to sabotage Bernie. if it weren't for Hillary, we would be watching President-elect Sanders choose his cabinet.


There's not a slngle state that the alt voters turned to Trump - eve if they had it wouldn't have turned the election. The establishment dems put forward an establishment candidate (while screwing over Bernie) who couldn't beat the worst, most beatable candidate the Rs ever ran.... You need to be a little more introspective and honest with yourself.


Mr. Harrington, you turn me off the minute you use Obama's middle name, which is always only used with hate. Enough with hate!!!


Lrx, and there you are as usual, ignoring what the article says in order to bash the people who couldn't hold their noses and vote for HC and did something else you think won Trump his crown. He lost the popular vote - did you notice? (As for HC, would she have been different? No.)
This article is the first I've seen that says coolly and calmly and factually exactly why Obama disappointed so many of us - starting with the day he took Rahm Emanuel into his office. Will he join the attack against Trump when he's safe in his rented house with a view of the White House? No again. Your "cool character" is above that - "go up when they go down", define up.