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The Novel Coronavirus and Nuclear Weapons

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/04/novel-coronavirus-and-nuclear-weapons

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Helen ROCKS! and nukes are killers…

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Visiting the Minuteman Missile National Park in South Dakota last summer I recalled my visit to Whiteman AFB back in the mid seventies when I was given a tour of the underground launch command complex (where the two-key game is played) and a top-side viewing of an open silo with a Minuteman II Missile armed and at the ready. Pictures don’t come close to a tour like that when it comes to making one think about at just what one is viewing. I would love to think that disarmament could happen, but it would be far into the future. The leadership in this nation alone drags its knuckles along with profit motives, end-of-time fantasies, paranoia and other pathologies. The sunk costs of our nuclear triad (land-, sea-, and air-based weapons) along with Empire’s projection of power have perverted the American experiment beyond all measure. Had the nation simply provided security for the world following WWII and kept investing in itself, it would have actually become that “shining city upon a hill”. Instead we find ourselves captive to a moron who refuses to cooperate with a world trying to find a vaccine for a global pandemic. Yes, part of the blame sticks to the nation’s adherence to the nuclear war game that cannot be won–and presidents of both flavors have squandered American resources on such folly.