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The November Crisis


The November Crisis

Avi Lewis

November 2018 will have a special place in the history books — assuming, that is, the future has any time for history, or books.


The crisis will continue. There are no leaders that take the crisis for being the extinction event that it is. The 6th Mass Extinction Event will proceed unabated by leaders unable or unwilling to see the existential threat that it is. I hope to be dead before the real troubles begin, soon I do believe. How sad it is to come to this.


The Prayer of the People : “Lord, please remove Washington DC from the surface of the Earth. No one there is listening.”


I like some of the buildings and landmarks of D.C. Whatever happened to that bomb they were supposed to have made that would take out the people but leave the buildings untouched? Or was it the other way around?


Ah, yes, the neutron bomb. Somebody described it as the perfect capitalist weapon, since it destroys only labor and leaves property unscathed.


“We have solutions that will try benefit everyone”…ssssoooo I imagine…the most important benefit they are speaking of. Is reduction kn emissions…ssssoooo how long… before we experience those reductions…in total…global greenhouse emissions… …two years…no…too quick…not enough time for build out …5 years??? No…not enough time for bud out . And…fie the excess co2 from that extra build out to be dissapted. .oh. wait… That would be thousands of years from now… .whoops. Geee…this complicated. .