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The NRA (Again)


The NRA (Again)

Christopher Brauchli

One must not put a loaded rifle on the stage if no one is thinking of firing it.
—Anton Chekhov, Letter to Lazarev-Gruzinsky


Living in a country where a supposedly once viable candidate for president actually "sang" "Bomb, bomb, bomb--bomb, bomb Iran" it is hard to declare guns as the only problem. We do have a mental problem. The country is steeped in a death culture. Celebrating the "awesome" hit on the football field may seem innocent, but is it? Indigenous people all over the world have eaten meat but honored the life that was sacrificed. No one gets out alive, but if (ALL) life were truly cherished, things could be so much better.


The Mars-rules model of patriarchal capitalism rewards those Blacks who "out-white" the whitest NRA racist, along with women who out-macho the most blood-soaked champions of war. Enter: Ben Carson and Hillary Clinton.

I want to compliment Mr. Brauchli on weaving together the damage done by the big guns of the NRA along with the sinister mess created by the financial big guns who destroy lives through documents containing injurious clauses set in fine print.


I probably won't be waiting by my computer to see what words of wisdom Wayne LaPierre will share on the latest school shooting, anyway.

As to whether this will spike sales of guns and see more citizens carrying guns, of course it will, just as the author noted. After all, a good warrior is an armed warrior and a prepared warrior because life is a scary place and no warrior wishes to be a victim. The irony is that the very culture that rushes to defend itself from these shooters is the very culture that breeds them. Until the Warrior and its culture of violence has been dethroned, don't expect a mad rush to lay down weapons anytime, soon. In the meantime, Earth Mother weeps.


I agree. This is a very mean spirited culture - and there are no jobs. People are trapped, lost and enraged. I think there is more than that, though. We are very ill. I mean that physically. Childhood obesity, diabetes, cancer - everything's on the rise. The brain is not immune to this, in fact it's more sensitive. And indeed, neuro-developmental problems are also skyrocketing. So I can't put aside suspicions on the right that drugs like antidepressants are provoking outbursts like this. Indeed data showing paxil increased rates of suicide were hidden, only coming out many years after it's introduction. Now I doubt it's just the pharmaceuticals, but there is clearly an environmental component to these rises in disease, and some of that disease will be expressed behaviorally.


Every state has laws controlling the sale of alcohol and many of the more conservative states closely sales through state controlled ABC stores. In a more rational society, all gun sales would go through state licensed and supervised stores. Gun shows are often cited as problems but an even larger issue is the widespread informal sales of handguns, sometimes via the Internet but often through personal or work relationships. If the same logic now applied to alcohol were applied to guns, people who choose to sell guns informally should face the same penalties as adults who provide alcohol to minors.

Given our history, guns are not going to be banned any more than booze is, but at the very least both should be subject to close regulation. Nobody in states where it now legal is suggesting that everyone has a right to distribute marijuana without any supervsion, and the same logic should apply to guns.


Any sale across state lines requires a FFL. The only time a weapon can be sold without a background check is when two individuals live in the same state.


It's our society & culture of hate, fear and violence. These things run deep. Guns certainly don't help the problem. These events are simply an ugly part of our American attitude and shoot-'em-up landscape.


They do. Alcohol, too, has exemptions for non-commercial transfer, as well as manufacture. The latter is not entirely true for guns: someone who makes a machine gun in his cellar machine shop is going to find himself in all kinds of legal hot water the moment the word gets out. The guy who distills some ersatz-Everclear to serve at the next poker game won't.

The feds make interpersonal transfer of firearms very hard already, to the point of infringing on the Constitution (not that the current ACLU would take up the case). Dealers, even at gun shows, must do background checks on every purchaser. Nobody, dealer or not, can sell to anyone from out of state, even at a gun show.


Gun fetishism is the big problem in this country. The people afflicted with this disease are unwilling to budge so much as a nanometer in their love of guns. There's no compromising with the NRA and the gun nutters. We have to hope that at some point there will be a tipping point and that the great mass of the American people will say, ENOUGH, and demand really tough laws to deal with this effing obscenity. Australia did something powerful, meaningful and effective after one horrible slaughter. The US? We're still waiting. The really sad thing is that we will be having this same fruitless numbing debate in a few weeks after another mass shooting.


Before the War on Drugs, there were few drug problems. Before the War on Terror there were few terror problems. Before the war on open carry, there were few gun problems. Sometimes the best way to turn an accident into a problem is to declare war on it.




The NRA is not about gun control, that is a red herring because what the NRA is really about is controlling the wealth of the gun industry...