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The NRA and Words of Comfort


The NRA and Words of Comfort

Christopher Brauchli

Such as do build their faith upon the holy text of pike and gun.

—Samuel Butler, Hudibras

It is always a good idea to avoid making judgments about events involving guns until the NRA has had a chance to join and guide the discussion. That is because the NRA is more familiar with guns than many of us and is, therefore, in a better position to comment on events of note that involve the use of guns. It is also better able, if the events are tragic, as they almost always are, to make proposals as to how future tragic events involving guns can be avoided.


With all the effective non-lethal weapons available today for personal protection, there is no need to kill or maim anyone with a gun.


Great points.

I’ve always wondered why the conspiracy theories swirling around mass shootings tend to point towards the government trying to whip up support for gun control.

You’d think by now they’d have realized that it isn’t working. In fact, the opposite is true.

The right wing starts warning that this tragedy will be the one that makes the government take away all your guns. And just like that, their donors in the NRA get a swell in membership, and just like that, the NRA’s donors in the arms industry sees their profits skyrocket.

Now i’m not claiming that the NRA or a complicit organization is staging mass murders in order to turn a profit. But it certainly seems like a significantly more likely cause than the government trying to shift public opinion. Especially since those profits are being made and that public opinion is not being shifted.

The conspiracy theory code is “Qui Bono?” or “Who benefits?”

It’s probably a hint that most of these people are little more than partisan shills that their cynical overreaching points towards a “liberal” government that steps up it’s rhetoric without actually changing policy instead of organizations that reap massive financial windfalls each time this happens.



This article documents that this young man was mentally ill, probably having obsessive compulsive personality disorder (Google it). It’s a perfect example of how background checks that the NRA has steadfastly opposed, would probably have kept him from buying a gun.


I would work on something that automatically gets a gun trigger ready, and then have all the guns at a gun show go off at once with software.