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The NRA Is Playing a Deadly Game in Labeling the Left as Violent


The NRA Is Playing a Deadly Game in Labeling the Left as Violent

Sonali Kolhatkar

The courageous activists who spearheaded the historic Women’s March the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration have organized a new action: a march scheduled to take place Friday and Saturday, from the National Rifle Association headquarters in Virginia to the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.


Capitalists value their property at least as much as their lives. Therefore, they regard even the most minor forms of expropriation of property - such a strong progressive taxation, and worker empowerment through unions and wage laws (what is a worker's sweat but the rental property of a capitalist for which the renter dictates the rent!) as the supreme form of violence. And of course the great ranks or the middle class Mister Blocks who belong to the NRA adopt their bosses philosophy too.

For example, we are seeing an explosion of those enormous late model pickup trucks in my western Pennsylvania suburban area - literally rolling caricatures of vehicles they are so large and disgusting - and almost all of them are not used or needed for the owner's occupation. What if we passed a minor law requiring some kind of occupational justification to purchase for such vehicles due to the obvious environmental impacts and hazards to other road users they present. No doubt the owners would scream far louder than any victim or real horrible violence - for example, Jews in 1940, or Syrians today.

So yes, by the Capitalist's and their Mister Blocks definition of "violence" we leftists are violent - very violent.


"Stinchfield dangerously identified Mallory by name"

Haven't seen the video, but if it's as bad as described, this is likely actionable.


It would be helpful to know who the Top Ten gun manufacturers are in the U.S. Are they all American Corps? And, who exactly is sitting on their Board of Directors, etc.? We need to track them to get a more complete picture. Who do they lobby ( name the Congress folks ) to buy their protection? How are other affiliated organizations benefiting, etc?
It's got to be tracked; like following who makes the opiods, who distributed them to doctors, clinics and all of that. Are these various opiods and precursors, distributed by American Corps.? Foreign Corps.? Businesses connected to who in the U.S.? That type of very, very big picture thing.
We know from Iran-Contra ( a glaring example ) that the crack cocaine epidemic in urban America ( which is only half true ) was not what it appeared to be. It led right to the top of the food chain. To the biggest sharks in the ocean. And, then some!
There are legal ways to pressure the NRA and other front groups in this death-dealing business. There are steps that can be taken here. Lots of them.
Attacking the left is a desperate and dangerous act by the NRA. It's a false flag operation, in a very real sense, since the vast majority of racial and hate crimes come from white males aligned with groups, websites and spokespersons identified by the SPLC and many other organizations. They are the predators in this, without a doubt. Who's paying these racist talking heads, anyway?
Follow the money, yet again.


" What if we passed a minor law requiring some kind of occupational justification to purchase for such vehicles due to the obvious environmental impacts and hazards to other road users they present."

What if we passed a minor law that would require people to have an " occupational justification " to purchase more than a government allotted food quantity. After all, obesity kills lot more people than pickup trucks.


What if you can up with a better example of what is obvious gov't overreach. By your logic, people couldn't eat from their own gardens without gov't paperwork. They're growing of kahlrabis or popcorn ( calories) is not even close to the ol' same/same.
Try again.


That one's made easy by Open Secrets:

That's a list of how the NRA's (shockingly, less than $1M total) 2016 donations were distributed.


It sure seems like a lot of Americans these days feel the need to prove their manhood by driving one of these large trucks, usually in an aggressive and intimidating manner. Also by owning as many firearms as possible. Something's wrong here, and that's an understatement!


The NRA is running dangerously close, at this point, of mendaciously yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater.

This Gun Selling Organization, like the many Religion Selling Organizations in Our Country, relies on, and continuously feeds their constituents FEAR.

FEAR is the motivator, as Christopher Hitchens explained many times, behind Religion, and Gun Worship is just another of its Denominations.

Compare this to the Dalai Lama's revelation that "Our Purpose in Life is to be Happy."

Happy doesn't Sell Guns or Fill the Collection Plates.

No Sane, Informed Person could possibly buy into either the NRA or Organized Religion.

As Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg once posited "..for Good People to do Evil Things, that takes Religion."


Very good statements, Coyote. 100% true!


Correct. It is unhealthy to eat more than a certain number of calories per day, based on activity level. Also it is unhealthy to eat certain kinds of foods. A minor law shall be implemented to protect people from getting overweight.

Also, as a farm producer you will have to sell most of your crop directly to the government who will then sell it according to its anti-obesity laws.

If you think that's outlandish, i lived in places that has the exact same law.

Kinda like having to provide a reason for purchasing a pickup truck.


Actually, only about 1/3 of US households, but yes, many of them own multiple guns.


No, actually only a bit over 50% true. I can introduce you to a lot of very fear-less religious folks, and many of us backed by our denominations.


I assure you that the percentage, especially in suburban and rural areas of the South, is considerably higher than your statistic shows. Also, gun-show sales are neither documented nor reported.


Sorry, when you said "Americans," I figured you were speaking nationwide.


The author forgot to mention that gun sales have dropped since Obama left office and the NRA "boogey-man" no longer threatens gun ownership. The NRA is creating a new monster to incite its base to buy, buy, buy. Puppeteers manipulating their all-too-willing and not-that-bright customer base.




You analogy is absurd. Over-eating only affects the over-eater. Large pickups kill people around the world from their CO2 emissions, and locally, they kill pedestrians, bicyclists, and people in smaller vehicles.

But an easier way to get rid of these trucks is to impose stiff fuel efficiency standards on them.

At any rate, the laws against pickup trucks are not the topic - the way the buyers of these trucks would scream like we are subjecting them to physical torture and murder is the point.


You are, of course, correct. There is no mention of pickup trucks in the Bill of Rights.