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The NRA Versus American Children

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/31/nra-versus-american-children

My child or my gun. There’s no choice here.

If it’s not obvious, you’re way past gone.

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A foreign exchange student from China was recently denied entry into the USA because he openly admitted he had a bulletproof vest in his luggage. He indicated he had bought it because he feared being shot while in the USA.

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It’s a false choice. If you’re a responsible gun owner, there is no problem having both, and teaching your children gun safety. Have my kids, have my gun, no issue.


Perhaps, or, perhaps not.

I’m attaching a in depth study done within the last 3 years, on Firearms Prevalence and Violent Crime.

You might be surprised.

Here’s the source information…


The actual study is named, The Relationship between Firearm Ownership and Violent Crime, done by Moore and Bergner for the Justice Policy Journal-Spring 2016