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The NRA's Grisly America

The NRA's Grisly America

More carnage. A 19-year-old white kid with an assault weapon killed at least 17 high school students in Parkland, Florida. The 18th school shooting this year, which is 46 days old. "This is catastrophic," said the sheriff. "There really are no words." But there are some. Save your fucking thoughts and prayers. Is it time to talk about gun control? The NRA is a terrorist organization. And to them and their blood-soaked GOP flunkies: This is on you.


No comments? My god, how not?

Abby, I agree with you. Fuck prayers and thoughts. The NRA IS a terrorist organization, and it’s full of twisted and greedy psychopaths. Its whores in Congress and legislatures should be forced to go be the first responders at these shootings. A war weapon this kid had? WTF?

So I called my Republithug senator and ranted and raved my pain and fear…what does it take for him to strap on a pair, tell the NRA to go to hell, and get gun control as top priority? For one of HIS kids to get shot?

Your statistics stood my hair on end.

Congress, “have you no sense of decency?”

America, where is your outrage?


The NRA and the Gun Cult will continue to claim that the answer to the number of guns in society is to ensure more people have guns. This includes schoolteachers and students. In cloud cukoo-land if a bad guy shows up all the other kids have to do is pull their own gun and shoot him dead. In cloud cuckoo-land they claim “Gun control does not work because only bad guys will have guns”.

Japan has gun control. I do not see mass shootings in Japan every second day.

US Society is breaking down due to unrestrained Capitalism and worship of self where all individual rights take precedence over community rights. The concept of the commons is promoted by the media as an evil and threat to “freedom and liberty” and one step away from “Communism” . As the community breaks down and people become isolated from Society (society is from Social, seen as another dirty word) , just as with all primates , more anti-social behaviour is exhibited. The answer of the NRA and Gun cult is anti-social behaviour , killing that individual before they kill you. They are fucking idiots.


Years ago good 'ol Mitch said no supreme justice would be voted on unless approved by the NRA first. That is how strong a grip they have on our government. That makes them an extension of our government. They are a terrorist organization, what does that make our government? For them to do nothing about gun control makes them what _________fill in the blank. Other countries had problems and they solved it, not ours. We’d rather have tears and meaningless prayers to a make believe gawd. Sick, we are sick as a nation and only we can cure ourselves.

I think…if you own a gun you go fight a war somewhere. Somewhere else against an enemy, not against your own countrymen. Automatic enlistment if you own a gun or buy a gun.


These guys are taking us back into the dark ages…and their societal progress ends with the Wild West. May be we ought to create hick towns in the deep south with a saloon, a grocery store, a couple of fleabag hotels and not forgetting Boot Hill. And send all NRA members to live there and have orgasmic gun battles ala the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s. Bet they won’t like that. They are cowards and bullies who only feel macho when toting a gun. They should all listen to that old Country song, “Walk Tall”.


They all see themselves as Gary Cooper in High Noon, yes, the westerns of the 60’s. Gawd what a mess.


One of those “blood-soaked flunkies” is the always odious Bill O’Reilly. After the appalling Las Vegas massacre, which most Americans seem to have forgotten, this piece of shit said that what happened there was “the price we pay for our freedoms”. It would appear that there is no depth to which these right-wing scum will not sink to try and defend their horrific, regressive bullshit.
Once again, this corrupt, inhuman turd who is our “President” tells us that it isn’t time to talk about gun control. Looks like the NRA has a firm lock on the whores that represent their agenda in Washington, DeCeit and the country. Of course, now we will hear again from some of this shameless trash that these tragedies wouldn’t happen if kids were allowed to open carry at school!!!
Yeah, that’ll work!


It was only a matter of time until the chickens came home to roost here in the “Gunshine State”, the “Stand your ground” state, the state of nearly total Republican political control, the state that has had big “Gun Shows” in every one of its medium-to-large cities monthly for years now.

As much as I hate Trump, I am glad he defeated “Little Marco”, a slimeball par excellence!

Please accept my “like” x 1,000!

That’s exactly the problem. This notion that they’re going to be the lone hero who takes out the bad guy is probably the worst delusional fantasy these guys have. They have no idea what danger is.


Is is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to write “…a 19 year old white kid…” ?? How about a Cuban American, if he turns out to be? Or a light skinned latino, or how about dropping the raciist spin altogether, 'cuz you know how those “white people” are with guns, right?
The worst mass school shooting in American history was done by a Korean immigrant.

Liberals have lost the gun debate. Aren’t handguns illegal in Mexico? See how well that’s working out. Conservatives, you have lost the abortion debate. You can outlaw abortion all you want, there will always be desperate women who will go to extremes and their blood be on your hands. Best you can do is provide as much positive genuine material support to avoid abortion and the necessary means to access safe abortions to avoid horrors unspeakable.
And so it goes with guns. The genie ‘s out o’ the bottle, kids. I suggest liberals arm themselves so when the time comes, and I’m pretty sure it will, you have at least a small chance of saving your republic and liberties. Just like the Spanish Republicans and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade tried to do in Franco’s Spain…
There is the ideal, and, unfortunately there is grim reality.

“Japan has gun control. I do not see mass shootings in Japan every second day.”

Nope, you see one of the highest suicide rates in the world as neo-liberal economics have driven most Japanese into a zombie like poverty. However organizing well armed Japanese militias to fight back against the tyranny of Western banking cartels and the Fortune 500 rapists is proving vexing. Who was it who said, “Political power comes from the end of a barrel of a gun”??

The GOP has been deep-throating the NRA for decades, and now we have the result, a disease unlike any other country: regular, like clockwork, mass school shootings. (and non-school as well–like shopping malls, music concerts, restaurants, dance clubs, movie theaters etc)

The GOP must love dead children, and they do, because it is just more red NRA meat they can toss to their constituents they care so much about.

In no time we will have “concealed carry reciprocity” across the entire nation. And even though a majority, like 90% of US citizens favor medical cannabis, try going from one state with it, and a medical card, to another state without medical, and see what happens: you will be treated like a criminal fro being sick. And you will receive more penalty than those in 12 states that can carry a concealed gun in public with no conceal/carry permit whatsoever.

Now-- all this pales in comparison to watching our planet slowly burn up, one species at a time. So are we seriously fucked or what?

Handguns are not illegal in Mexico. Mexico has the right to bear arms embedded in its Constitution.

Which has nothing to do with being able to have guns. Mass shootings in the USA have not prevented people from slipping into poverty. The Poverty rate in the USA is higher than in Japan and wealth inequality higher. Those 300 million guns are not doing US citizens a lick of good.

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One is too many.

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Yep! Thanks.

Thank you for the education. I note however a Mexican individual not registered with an authorized hunting or shooting club is permitted only one handgun under .40 caliber and strictly forbidden from carrying outside the home. Yet Mexico is awash in gun violence.
As for Japan , Abe is militarizing the country. We’ll see where that ends up.
One could make an argument that China’s rise in wealth came down a torturous circuitous path, only after one long bloody revolution with lots of guns.
I’d prefer a return to the New Deal rather than endless debate about guns.

While the NRA deserves its verbal assassination, we can’t overlook how the culture of militarism, guns, fighting and ‘patriotism’, a socialized insanity, serves up myriad funders and their political thugs to perpetuate madness while praying to Jesus, the god of guns, killing and all things American. No contradiction, no body count too high to unseat this sick faith in the identity of humans and guns. This message was brought to you by the Offense Department - keeping you safe. And the public stands with rapturous applause! Time for the anthem!