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The NSA Abroad: The UK Base that Makes US Targeted Killing Possible


The NSA Abroad: The UK Base that Makes US Targeted Killing Possible

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a damning exposé published Monday, The Intercept reporter Ryan Gallagher dives into the inner workings of National Security Agency's (NSA) largest overseas spying base, the U.K.'s Menwith Hill Station, and reveals concrete evidence that the British government is complicit in the United States' targeted killing program.


And Leeds-based Parliament member Fabian Hamilton said, "Any
nation-state that uses military means to attack any target, whether it
is a terrorist, whether it is legitimate or not, has to be accountable
to its electorate for what it does."

Would this not also be true for the US? Secrecy is power. Absolute secrecy is absolute power. That is what we have in the US today.

And yes, it is very possible that the United States has embarked upon a silent holocaust through Mental Instituions nationwide. They are the 37 Trauma Informed Care Centers, and Obama's Brain Mapping Project.

Leading Change: A Plan for Samhsa’s Roles and Actions 2011-2014 (search ‘surveillance’)

2015-2018 Agenda: Change 2.0

As we can see it is scheduled to run through 2018. And after that? War? If you look at the end of the second PDF, towards the very end, you can see that there is an intention for medical personnel to be competent to attend to individuals who have been "Traumatized". This is what Neuroweapons can do. And Neuroweapons are weapons that work "wirelessly" to target the individual in real time - by electronically torturing their brain.

Here's a preview to this technology:

Murphy's Bill is set to pass the Senate, and if I'm not mistaken, allows for involuntary committment. This is how the mental institutions are able to get patients and thereby revenue. The program is nationwide, pays military level salaries, and I believe can be lethal. It needs to be exposed and accounted for - what has been happening through it since 2011.

I myself have been targeted, brutally and cruelly electronically tortured to suicide - for 3 years - which there is a suicide program that can force you to commit suicide unless you are really really strong. It's all out there on the internet - but you must dig, and be willing to look over a lot of reallly difficult material, and have an expert nose for the truth, in order to find it. No media is reporting this - yet.

We need to organize against what strongly seems to be an automatic, Artificial Intelligence that has learned to torture and kill populations at the click of a button, for years on end. The psychologists and medical doctors have enabled this program, run by the secret services, secret law enforcement, department of human services, and medical community. It comes from the CIA's MK Ultra. And may also be being used by criminal cabals.

If you complain of the effects, you will be labled 'Mentally Ill - Schizophrenic, Bipolar 1, Dillusional, Psychotic, Paranoid" all are buzzwords for The Pogrom. It includes the effects of Zerzetzen, Phoenix Program in Vietnam, COINtel Pro, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and much much more. I would personally like to know what the new name of this pogrom is. "When Bad Things Happen to Good People"?

It comes from the "See Something Say Something" program by the FBI (a federal entity), and possibly the "Shared Responsibility Committees" the Intercept has profiled.

Is this the forray to the depopulation agenda? We need to be asking questions and demanding answers. Comment sections to stories like this are not enough.


b137347c-6281-466d-b9e7-ef7e0e5d363c.pdf link is:
"From Psyops to Neurowar - International Studies Association" by Armin Krishnan, Paper to be presented at the ISAC-ISSS Conference in Austin, 14-16 November 2014


The UK has long been an ally (for better and worse) of the US.
As one who was born in the former, have often considered repatriation, but with news as this, and also the knowledge that the UK has commenced fracking (protracted suicide), these are hardly improvements over what takes place in the US in our name.


When the FBI asked Hillary why she was discussing our secret and classified drone program openly in her e-mails with various people who held no clearances she replied, "Well, I read in the press all the time about the drone program so I thought that it was alright to talk about."

And there ladies and gentlemen is our next fearless leader in her own dumb words.


Clearly the NSA doesn't know everything and if it does it allows certain events to take place regardless of their knowledge.

Case in point, 9-11.
This Sunday will be the 15th anniversary of the death of John P. O'Neill.
O'Neill was the chief of the FBI's counterterrorism section.
He began tracking Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda in 1995.
With the intelligence that he gathered he alerted Pakistani authorities concerning the whereabouts of Ramzi Yousef (WTC #1 bomber) and they arrested him in 1995.
In 1996 O'Neill headed the FBI's investigation of the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia. (Another bin Laden operation.)
By 1998 O'Neill was spending all of his time investigating bin Laden and al Qaeda.
That's when things began to get strange for O'Neill.

(To follow)


"fully compliant with domestic and international legal provisions"...HARDLY

Running off of the legal travesties like those of John Yoo and Jay Scott Bybee is
hardly fully compliant with international law. It clearly skirts the law by every means available.
Like hiding behind US/UK NATO Joint Security agreements

As for Menwith Hill, it has been on the map since the 50's as the article says.
Nothing new there except the continuous upgrading of equipment and capabilities.

Every local living in Harrogate and surrounding areas knows that the facility is running US spy ops.

They know it, and they don't like it any more than we do.

The fact that Parliament is finally investigating breech of UK Laws at Menwith.
...it's about time.


The place is less than 5 miles from me. And it's been drastically wound down over the last five years.


One more thing. It is international. Not a one country thing.


What I mean is, many countries do this. I presume it is part of our military and industrial sharing and commerce.