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The NSA and The TSA


The NSA and The TSA

Christopher Brauchli

"Secrecy and a free, democratic government don’t mix." —Harry S. Truman


In the tradition of Jonathan Swift Mr. Brauchli has woven a powerful satire. It truly hits the nail on the head.


Rand Paul:

“We already don’t catch terrorists with collecting all the data. So should we put television monitors in every house to try to prevent terrorist attacks? There is a zero sum game here that leads us down a slippery slope to where there would be no freedom left.”

Most people carry monitoring devices with them everywhere they go, and already have them in their homes. Smart phones and computers are equipped with microphones and cameras.

Certainly we should denounce and resist mass monitoring via the network. But the network is growing / evolving, and huge majorities now carry nodes of the network everywhere we go.

Soon - seriously soon folks, R&D on brain / chip interface is rapidly advancing - soon the network nodes will directly interface with the humans, and the humans will BE nodes on the network.


But the information does not flow both ways. Those who have revealed truths in Iraq or the NSA are either in prison or in exile. In the UK, there are cameras EVERYWHERE but you are not allowed to photograph the police.