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The NSA Has Taken Over the Internet Backbone. We're Suing to Get it Back


The NSA Has Taken Over the Internet Backbone. We're Suing to Get it Back.

Patrick Toomey

Every time you email someone overseas, the NSA copies and searches your message. It makes no difference if you or the person you're communicating with has done anything wrong. If the NSA believes your message could contain information relating to the foreign affairs of the United States – because of whom you're talking to, or whom you're talking about – it may hold on to it for as long as three years and sometimes much longer.


And this is only one of the hundreds of reasons I left it with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. Never ever will I again live in your country.


Hey, geniuses, the overarching point of all this surveillance is that it does not matter (nor grant you any protection) wherever you live.

And to Yoho, you confuse “the country” with what’s being done unto it by a relative handful of empowered and dangerous sociopaths.


I wonder how the NSA feels about the 47 Republican senators who contacted the Iranian government in order to undermine the negotiations currently underwya between their govenrment and that of Iran. That is the kind of communicartion to foreigners that could do the country real damage but I think it’s safe to assume that the NSA will not be putting those 47 lawmakers on any kind of watchlist.


wow great. i thought the digitally distracted gadget generation did not care. afterall THEY have all your info anyway!! ( i heard that on a radio show so could you holler back and let me know where that stands) Hayden lied to congress! isnt that a federal offense and subject to prosecution? so bad out there, and yeah i am overseas and do not give a damn what the fascists know. me and my friends already resolved that the thought police have enough to incarcerate without trial. this will be american exceptionalism at its best.