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The Numbers That Tell the Story of This Standing Rock Victory


The Numbers That Tell the Story of This Standing Rock Victory

Tracy Loeffelholz Dunn

The federal government on Sunday denied the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access pipeline’s route under the Missouri River.

The announcement by the Army Corps of Engineers came as veterans streamed into the camps over the weekend in cars and buses to offer their support to the tribe in its months-long battle. The veterans event had raised more than $1 million dollars in response to violent assaults on the demonstrators by law enforcement. The veterans said they would shield the demonstrators.


Good to see more veterans taking action on this issue AND good to see that Obama Administration doing the right thing yesterday. Looking back on history recall that when tens of thousands of WWI veterans set up camp on the Mall in DC in 1932 (known as the Bonus Army) in an attempt to get their WWI bonuses. GOP POTUS Hoover had the military, complete with tanks, run them out of town and burn their tents and other belongings. The bonuses were awarded near the end of FDR's first term in 1936.

Unfortunately, Trump will be more likely to use Hoover's playbook to deal with any veteran protests.


I fear you may be right. The Energy Company has said the pipeline will go on as planned, now. They admitted they will not honor the ACE request to stop it for now. It's a battle clearly not won yet.
My hope is that the veterans will come back when it starts again, I believe they are the reason this was done. It isn't a final shut down of the pipeline just a pause because they don't want to be seen spraying vets with water and mace. I'm afraid once they leave it will start again.


One more number:
The number of Presidents or President-Elects who have done anything in support of the Native American Water Protectors:

This could have been stopped long ago if President Obama had taken a firm stand.
But he does not want to anger his banking and oil company friends.


This was no victory,
Just a 2 months 'time out' until Trump in his capacity as 'Commander in Chief' directs the military organization Corps of Engineers to reinstate the permit.


Obama is a has been, or rather, a never was. This is but an attempt to shut people up until he leaves office, and still he failed because this energy company has no respect for his so-called authority and people who object to the pipelines are not that stupid. Just get the hell out and return that Nobel Peace Prize!


How about the $2 Million that Trump has invested in the Pipeline Company? Conflict of interest?


Naah! With the courts on his side?


The veterans are still there, did an action today, in the snow storm, winds at 23mph.
We are in for a long haul, speaking as an ally, and with those at Standing Rock.


"1300 Law Enforcement from 10 States and 76 different Agencies CONTRIBUTED POLICE."

That were paid for ($17 Million) by US CITIZENS.

Not to mention 500 National Guard, ready to Kent State on Command.

Because the Non Violent Prayers were liable, at any moment, to......what?


The veterans, and others, are there because of the courage of the Lakota Sioux and the other tribes of Native Americans. Thanks to all the efforts of everyone.


Yes, and yes. However, Obama's "let's see how this plays out over the next few weeks" cost one young lady her eye, another possibly her arm, at least one elder his life due to heart attack, and who knows what other irreparable physical and emotional damages to brave protectors, not counting all the financial loss to those who helped support the protectors'efforts. How about pardons for the hundreds of people still facing legal issues. "Doing the right thing" but not for all and too late for many. We will "see how this plays out."


"We must look forward" Obama would say, as it is his excuse to never face up to accountability.