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The NYT’s Dangerous and Orwellian View of Ukraine


The NYT’s Dangerous and Orwellian View of Ukraine

Robert Parry

In George Orwell’s 1984, the leaders of Oceania presented “Two Minutes Hate” in which the image of an enemy was put on display and loyal Oceanianians expressed their rage, all the better to prepare them for the country’s endless wars and their own surrender of freedom. And, now, in America, you have The New York Times.


Thanks to Robert Parry for being one of the few brave souls doing objective coverage of the crisis in Ukraine. In this article Parry mentions the Times referring to the dire economic situation in Russia. Here is another take on the Russian economy by Pepe Escobar: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article42213.htm


This is the most impressive part of Parry’s assessment:

“If he is not careful, Mr. Putin may end up facing exactly what he has railed against — a NATO more firmly parked on Russia’s borders — not because the alliance wanted to go in that direction, but because Russian behavior left it little choice. That is neither in Russia’s interest, nor the West’s.”

“There is something truly 1984-ish about reading that kind of propagandistic writing in The New York Times and other Western publications. But it has become the pattern, not the exception.”

The idea of attributing to the target the cause FOR aggression is the same psychological stance that has the media rushing in to judge the latest victim of police brutality or, as has long been the case, the young woman’s sexual history as rationale for her rape.

It is the stance of the dominator justifying his violent, bullying behavior by insisting “s/he asked for it!”


Ike must be rolling in his grave.


Well, I’m sure that this will be a very popular opinion, but here goes. I sometimes wonder if Putin has Parry on his payroll. Just as some neo nazi fringe elements have had a hand (although no where near what Parry claims) in the ouster of Yanukovych (sp?) Putin is certainly not an innocent party either. Who has benefited from this crisis? Putin. He helped the Crimean revolt ( little green men). Then, when they achieved their short lived “Republic” they (who could have guessed?!) They immediatly asked to be incorporated into the Russian State. Putin was shocked and flattered, but agreed. Now they are part of Russia, and Russia now owns the main Russian base for their fleet Sevastopol which was up for a non renewal of their lease from Ukraine. Now, with the eastern parts of Ukraine having broken away, Putin denied sending in troops then said “Well, yeah, I lied about that but it was to stop the nazi’s killing of our Russian brothers” something that Parry alledges but that no proof exists. I will bet anyone a dollar that as soon as these new “Republics” achieve independence they will also beg Putin to let them join the Russian state too.

Putin is way too clever to appear to be an aggressor. He will simply step in when asked to “help”. He is reported to be a close student of history, with his favorites reported to be Stalin and Ivan the Terrible, as well as Napoleon. Taking a page from the playbook of both Stalin and Hitler, I am confident that any former republic of the former Soviet Union with a significant Russian minority will be in his cross hairs soon.


No, I do not expect Russia to give up the Crimea after all the work they did to take it. “Anyone siding with the U.S. or NATO will live to regret it, Russians defend themselves”. Is that a threat? From whom? I don’t recall any threats to invade Russia. I am struck by the fact that the Ultra far right parties in France, Italy, England, ect, and the far left both support Putin and swallow his state propaganda hook line and sinker.


Yanukovich was fleeing for his life. If the Uber rightwing/Kiev Regime Nazi’s captured him, he would of been executed.


Yes the Kiev Nazi Regime have murdered thousands in Eastern Ukraine. Mainly by indiscriminate shelling of the civilian population. Most if not all the evidence points to the Kiev Nazi Regime that massacred
all those people in Kiev. And how about the Odessa massacre were the Nazi’s burnt people alive, threw people off buildings. Only then to be hit with a baseball bat to the head if they survived the fall. These Nazi’s that the U.S. installed are plain evil.



Even Congress prohibited any weapons training and money to be going to some of these rightwing Nazi groups the Kiev Regime has unleashed on the people of Eastern Ukraine. I’m pretty sure Putin still calls them fascist because that’s what they are.


I guess that’s why the U.S. tried to warn Stalin that his buddy Hitler was about to invade the Soviet Union. Something he ignored (ignored Churchill’s warning too.) Explains the massive aid sent to Russia too. Putin will find a way to annex Eastern Ukraine, or set up an “independent State” much like the Germans “Independent State” of Slovakia. As far as I remember General Patton was never in charge of U.S. policy.I find it funny that anything the West or Ukraine have to say in the matter is “propaganda” but Putin’s word can be taken to the bank. Weird.


I highly doubt he would spend much time studying mere battlefield commanders. He is a politician after all, not a soldier. (Unless you count the KGB) . Perhaps Peter and Catherine the Great. Hope they are not “Western baddies” to you too.


US espionage services are now running into a huge problem, their very covert agents in media organisation are really starting to stand out. Read the story and you know who they really are and why they are really there. A whole bunch of fake journalists careers are coming to an end.