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The NYT’s Six Percent Solution for Student Debt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/26/nyts-six-percent-solution-student-debt

Just part of the elitist plan to sabotage Sanders.

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How about a "Six Percent Solution For The Military?"

The Military is the largest contributor to the condition of this country by consuming the largest percentage of the National Budget.

And most everyone who has voted for decades, has supported this happening to all of us.

And do any feel any shame for their actions?



Of course, there was a time when interest on loans could be subtracted
from tax filings –

And there was a time when these loans could be wiped out after 3 years –
or 6 years by bankruptcy. That was it. It has only been by corporate/bank lobbying
that this problem has been created. And the corporatization of our colleges and

It seems that Trump has made the harassing of those with student loans even
worse – and the possibility that they could be wiped out. Even the collectors
are sickened by what’s happening – or so they say.

Basically, college is 4 years – if anyone has a loan that’s being paid for more
than twice that long (8 years) then it should be substantially reduced by 20%
immediately, and by increasing percentages every year after.

Anyone who has a loan for 15 years for college - same thing.

Any loan for college costs still existing after 20-25 years should be wiped out.

STOP buying the NY Times – you’re paying for right wing propaganda.

PS: Looking for an alternative to Yahoo –
How much are they getting from the Kardashians and British Royals for the
regular running of their epic sagas every day?


militarism, the cancer eating away the soul of America.