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The OAS Lied to the Public About the Bolivian Election and Coup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/19/oas-lied-public-about-bolivian-election-and-coup


I’m shocked. The USA puppet, OAS lied to assist in a USA/CIA coup of a democratically elected President of a democratic/socialist Latin American country. I’m shocked. Just absolutely shocked. This is as news worthy as man bitten by dog he was tormenting.


Why do I suspect our own intelligence agencies might be involved?


Again the so called sham democracy called the United States overthrows another democratically elected self sustaining government not only in Latin America but also in the Middle East, Asia, and other places around the world. The banana republic moniker applies here even though Bolivia probably isn’t a major producer of bananas. Only problem is that its sitting on one of the biggest supplies of lithium for batteries, electronics, etc. Therefore the US oligarchy and political prostitutes had to overthrow the government of Bolivia because they were increasingly not going to play ball with US corporations. It’s all about the US government safeguarding the profits of multinational corporations largely based in the US or based on their ties.

Bolivia didn’t want to play the same games as what the US has tried for decades to impose on countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Chile, Peru and countless others that have been put in the US crosshairs when their governing authorities didn’t go along with IMF and globalist demands for the resources that these countries produced.

That is the real end game of US policy as its not to promote democratic values and constitutional government with maximum human rights. That went out the door along with the Vietnam War and the US smuggling drugs back to its shores from northern Thailand, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, etc. Same with how South Vietnam had massive offshore oil reserves in the South China/East Sea and was still trying to stay involved in punishing the Vietnamese communists after 1975 by supporting the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s and 1980s once they became enemies of the Vietnamese communists.

The same crap was pushed onto the Iranian people back in 1953 when the American CIA was involved with British MI6 intelligence to overthrow the government of Mohammad Mossadegh when he was hellbent on nationalizing the Iranian oil industry. So instead they backed the very corrupt Shah of Iran for about 25 years until he was overthrown by the mullahs and the people comprising much of the current Iranian government.

The OAS is just another mouthpiece for US policy nothing more all hiding behind the masquerade of democracy and human rights. Hypocrisy to the core comes out of that organization and the current President but over the last 150 years or more of the US involving itself into Latin American politics and governance for generations.


Hi William_Smith:
Who knew that the Monroe Doctrine would have such long legs that it was able to encompass the entire world in so few years!


If it ( the coup ) continues to be rapidly shoved down the blackhole that is our collective memory of true history, what then?
Will the Indigenous majority of Bolivia become like our Native American nations and tribes; slaughtered for corporate treasure and personal enrichment, their sacred sites reduced to touristy hot spot destinations and, then desicrated by the pathological sicknesses found among common grave-robbing sociopaths?
We, as Americans, are putting ourselves in a very precarious place, among some powerful ancient forces we can’t account for. The Indigenous people have proven to be very resilient in the face of great turmoil and stress. Which is not what you’re looking for when picking and, picking on your enemies. Not the wise move here, imo.

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Same reason I suspect Kissinger might be involved.

Much love for Mark Weisbrot, he does so much excellent reporting and analysis.


If their is mining involved, you can be damned sure the Canadian government is in on the regime change. They were all-in on Venezuela and have their dirty little, lithium covered fingers in the Bolivian pie as well.


Well written and all too true. You are indeed welcome here Mr. Smith!

We need to incorporate into the narrative the FACT that ideologues of the predatory capitalist legacy, whether elite or effete, ARE INCOMPETENTS … WASTRELS … and increasingly incapable of even seeing, much less realizing that at this point in history the single most valuable human characteristic is HUMILITY. To pause; to stop digging the grave ever deeper; to listen; to love; to finally realize that our task is to become a planetary organism before we complete the cycle of planetary assassin.


Yup. Extractive industry monopolies cream themselves imagining that they are deities while dehumanizing, denaturing, deciding who lives and who dies - in lock step with the satanic arms industries. Simply stopping to wrap my mind around the sheer scale of wealth of the planet dedicated and wasted on death is something IMHO, that we all should be doing: a pause, every day at high noon - stop whatever activity and look at whoever is near you and bring into consciousness what has been done in our name for far, far too long.


Without a doubt the media that reported breathlessly on the “suspect vote count” were 100 percent aware of the lies that the OAS was promoting. That none of them questioned this narrative and that all went dutifully along promoting the notion that the elections as fraudulent shows they are not a “Free and independent press”.

When dozens of sources know there a lie let repeat the lies as a fact they are colluding to promote the lie.

Today the NYT had an article asking why no one trusted the media anymore .


During the Bush Presidency when Morales took over in Bolivia I suggested here on Common Dreams that the reason Venezuela (At the time Chavez in charge) and Bolivia were “allowed” these Governments deemed on the left was because US resources were tied up with the disaster that Bush had created in the Middle East and once that cleaned up , the USA would turn their attention back to Latin America and work at toppling these two Governments.

It is how the US has operated for over a century.


" planetary assassin ": you aren’t working on a graphic novel with this word turner as the main character, R U? Nice.

Old news. OAS=CIA.


Compounding the injustice of this flawed and suspicious OAS vote count is the ugly Christo-fascist racism it unleashed in Bolivia.

Beyond the violence, that it is likely to reverse the nothing-short-of incredible socio-economic gains engineered by Evo is another tragedy. Look for the multi-nationals to start looting the natural resources of Bolivia very soon.


Because you’ve been paying attention over the years, and you understand the moral cesspool that is Washington DC?

Yes, just as OPCW lied for the US in Douma about the supposed gas attacks, OAS has lied for the US in this Bolivian election matter.

That Evo was taken by the Deep State/CIA reminds me of the way JFK, RFK and MLK were taken from the democratic process in the US. A pity, demonstrating that the bad guys really are in charge.

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Regardless of the sudden change to greater than 10% lead for Morales, the people voted in a referendum to deny Morales the ability to change the constitution of Bolivia and run for President. That should take precedence over everything else. That is the people of Bolivia speaking.