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The Obama Administration Has Two Faces When It Comes to Exposing US Torture


The Obama Administration Has Two Faces When It Comes to Exposing US Torture

Josh Bell

There is too often a gap between the Obama administration's words and deeds when it comes to transparency on national security issues. Take, for example, whether the government should release information about the abuse of prisoners in U.S. custody.


From the perspective of maintaining a viable legal record, the photos constitute key evidence. Still, focusing on the release of the torture photos reminds me of battles based on labeling genetically modified foods.

In both instances, the greater sin which is to say that which DOES harm–be it torture, or the relentless torture of the natural world that results in such gross distortions of and to biology at the hands of shortsighted scientists (the sons of a patriarchal order that’s never learned to honor the Sacredness of the natural world nor its inborn Intelligence) goes without remedy.

Perhaps through the photos an airtight case can again be built (as has been the case, internationally in terms of pre-existing laws) against torture. However, those caught up in this legal battle must not miss the forest for the trees. If it’s considered a victory that the photos end up released and the torture camps and those who assigned them still remain in place, then this would be a most hollow victory, indeed.

The same goes for Monsanto’s genetic horrors. If focus is placed only on proper labeling, that does not stop this deadly corporation from spreading its seeds of sterility, death, and plant world dismemberment far and wide.