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The “Obama Inspiration Syndrome”

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/20/obama-inspiration-syndrome

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One of the best articles I have read that explains why criticism of Dem. polices are conflated as being pro Trump and/or against the Party. Also why progressives are marginalized at every turn.


Lets not forget that the Reagan tradition of attacking the poor simply for being poor, (and largely due to their policies) was carried on not by the GOP but by Bill Clinton and all the Administrations that followed him. Ive never felt that they represented the actual people of our party. Its like they tried to turn the Democratic Party into Republicanism-lite or something. i don’t think that Progressives represent an outsider group as the use of a different name implies, I think we are the vast majority of Democrats and its the current leadership thats out of the mainstream and far to the right.

My point is, why dont they take over the GOP?

Its more appropriate to their neoliberal corporatist agenda.


Articles like this are slowly destroying democracy in US , empty rhetoric and blame all and everyone syndrome coupled with a circular firing squad of woke demagogues - this is the real threat for democracy in US.

Have you delivered any policy mr Bloom? I do not think so. All you can do is enable Trump.

Yes, that’s a good observation.

There’s not the same motive to usurp the Republican party extensively because its ideology is not egalitarian or anticorporate.ideology, even among the extreme distal members of the party.

The Republican Party seems to carry three larger streams of thought. There are the xenophobes and Bible-thumpers who see authoritarian politics as ethical; the Neoconservative-Neoliberal contingent, who favor coercion and war and violence with their rightist Democratic allies; and the sort of post-Ayn-Rand lost Libertarians, who are in a denial mode similar to genuinely progressive Democrats. That is, they keep voting for their draconian statist monsters, pretending that these are better than the Democratic opposition because the latter monsters will tax them further on top of everything else.

From the point of view of a large corporate interest, the libertarians are nuts, but not more dangerous than a goofy middle manager. People who managed to depose the neoconservative heir apparent Bush in '15, elected Donald Trump, and consider that a victory are harmless to the state unless they drown it in folly.

But you know, elsewhere on CD we have the likes of Amy Goodman arguing that Obama “might” spurn a “left-leaning base.” It seems delusion gets around.

Its not just all about us. I can show you, they are all literally partof a cult, a global cult… Indian international law scholar BS Chimni points out quite a bit that rings true about the ways of the “transnational capitalist class” that he describes in great detail… The world definitely has changed and global capital considers us and our countries and values to be an anachronism…at best standing in the way of their grandiose plans and optimal use of their investment, and at worst, worthy of annihilation because we care too much about one another.

What we are seeing is a ‘reaction’ a sort of a Empire Strikes Back phenomenon againt the changes of the 20th century, which aims to put us back into the Great Gatsby era (of great concentration of wealth) thats the real face behind the mask of our phony as can be Presidential candidates, the oligarchs are tired of coddling and playing along with the dreams of the middle class and want to be middle class… They hate the very idea of a middle class (despite it basically being responsible for the prosperity that feeds the oligarchy and with without they will quickly eat one another in their plunder games)

Whether you see it as a cult of evaluation, or cult of money… cult of the invisible hand or of the market… or of power, Neoliberalism is definitely a cult…

Its been around for a long time and its track record is very very bad… but its gone unchallenged… how stupid we are. whose avowed purpose is tearing down the world we had until fairly recently and remaking it as a world where the rich own literally eveything, the current middlc class in this near future is mostly gone and the majority of the workers have college degrees and work really hard but are so poor they cant even afford cars or their own apartments, they live four or six to an apartment all working 60 hours a week. Most Americans will be losing everything they own and deeply in debt. This is the near future. Our party’s ruminations and the things people are discussing are total propaganda, and to me are obviously so far from whats really happening I suspect that a high percentage of the people discussing them are paid sock puppets.

We are literally being led into the very worst of outcomes. And we’re falling for it.

Am I getting this across? For example, there is a dispute in the WTO that if we lose it, and I would estimate that they quite possibly already have, we’ll lose most of our decent jobs in just a few years. Why would they keep on paying people $30-$100 an hour when they can within afew years be paying much less. They will. They are very well organized, we’re all living in a dream world.

Also, both parties are quite possibly, even likely working together, to a large extent. Colluding.

Its a good cop bad cop routine, a negotiating strategy, (That is speculative but likely based on what we do know) If so, its a typical thing for organizations that do such thing, it therefore stands to reason that the fake two party thing evolved out of an agreement between the two parties to hide the GATS.

It is a likely a diversion, a trick.

How could people be so stupid. A few posts ago I shows whats going to happen to medicare. Its right there in black and white, “expanding” it as Biden proposes will kill it. bernie misled us all along by not telling people they signed the right to regulate healthcare and have single payer >20 years ago. We’re being massively deceived.

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Hi Airedale. I understand that you disagree with the article, but in what way is presenting a critique of President Obama and the Democrat’s power structure, destroying democracy?

My sense is that Mr. Bloom has never delivered any policy. Many progressives, many community activists, and many of the folk in the streets protesting for justice, in the US and around the world, have never delivered policy. How would you characterize the critiques that these people have of the power structure - be it in the hands of Democrats or Republicans?


Obama’s speech may have inspired some people.
Yet Trump seems to have gotten in a better counterpunch:

“President Obama did not do a good job…And the reason I’m here is because of President Obama and Joe Biden. Because if they did a good job, I wouldn’t be here. And probably, if they did a good job, I wouldn’t have even run; I would have been very happy. I enjoyed my previous life very much, but they did such a bad job that I stand before you as President.”

Ouch. Any response from Obama?
I mean, damn, what can Obama even say?


Hmmm, that might be a good response.
If he wants to alienate Bernie’s base.
And if he wants to re-litigate Russiagate, which polling shows people don’t care about.

In my state, MI, which hadn’t gone red since 1984, Obama won twice handily.
Then in 2016, the queen lost 160,000 votes that Obama had gotten in 2012.
Sorry, Obama, your coattails couldn’t carry a pigeon.

Meanwhile, in 2018, as Trump fatigue set in, the r-party lost two House seats here.
Further proof that the best thing that ever happened to the electoral prospects of the d-party was Trump.

But somehow that won’t stop the crying about Trump by the d-party apologentsia.
Nor will it force them to reckon with how we got Trump – the Seinfeld presidency of Obama/Biden.
An administration about nothing.


We’re being urged not to vote for a Presidential candidate whose an old, out of touch, egotistical, Wall Street loving Fascist with a mental problem. Rather, we should vote for the other one.


You left out rapey. Just trying to help.

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Shoot the Messenger?

Lets not forget that Obama actually admitted to promoting Republican ideology (it’s out there, look it up)

Forty years of an unbroken line of Neoliberal Reagonomics and a Democratic Party that has been captured by Wall Street and become the New Republican Party are what has destroyed democracy.

Let’s be clear. The Democratic Party under Bill Clinton transformed itself into the traditional Republican Party, and the Republican Party moved, was pushed, so far to the right it became insane. - Chris Hedges


I hadn’t seen that Chris Hedges quote. What a great observation.

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Why Chris Hedges Thinks The American Empire Has Lost Control… And Its Failure Is Imminent

Been saying that for years - didn’t need Hedges to point that out …

Problem with Hedges, and other lefty “gurus”, is that they keep crapping on and dismissing the electoral process - their answer is we gotta “take to the streets in large numbers!” And while we are waiting for those “large numbers”, other folks are going to the polls and electing more schmucks …

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Trump was right there but what he is nottelling us is that they are colluding to fuck us all over. Both parties. Both parties of 100% ich people are world class thieves who fool people even thse who think they are rebelling. Theyre slicker than slick my friend.

And if you really wanted to fix this mess, you would not be falling for it. Because it wont fix anything except its perceived problems of large numbers of no longer needed people living too long and falling profits and and too high wages and a country of people whose expectations are just too damn high so will have to be knocked down to size by economic shock treatment. Thats what they really think.

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Really good analyzis of the part played by the neoliberals to keep true democracy down.


Are you kidding me??   Michelle wasn’t so bad – at least she comes across as sincere – but I couldn’t even listen to Barack’s hypocritical bullshit for more than about two minutes when it was re-played on the MSM “news” last night.  I’ll confess (again) to believing his false message of “Hope”, and voting for him in '08, but the betrayal of us regular folks that he engineered in 2009 & 2010 revealed him to be every bit as much a Puppet of the Corpocracy as Lindsey Gra­ham or Mitch McConnell — and at least they’re honest about it.

Donald J. Trump actually spoke the truth (for once) during an interview a couple of days ago when he said “If Obama had done a better job I wouldn’t be here.”  Enough voters had had enough of neo-Liberal double-talk by 2016 that there was no way they were going to fall for more of the same bullshit – especially in the grotesquely unappealing package
of Hideous Hilliary combined with the obvious MSM sabotage of Bernie Sanders – so in desperation for change, ANY change, they fell for Tweetle-Dumb’s lies.   (Not me — I wrote in “Bernie and 'Beth”, which – unless there are some DRASTIC changes in the next two months – I plan on doing again soon (“Third Time’s A Charm”).


. . . and holding no-one in the law-abiding administration of The Lying Son-of-a-Bush accountable.*

As noted in my post immediately above:

*  Law-Abiding compared to Tweetle-Dumb & Barr, at least.

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Thank you for the full quote, 'Tank!!   – Unc.

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