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The Obama Two-Step on Syria


The Obama Two-Step on Syria

Ajamu Baraka

It was a pathetic spectacle, another black face in a high place in the person of General Lloyd J. Austin III, head of the United States Central Command, came before the Senate’s Armed Services Committee to report to incredulous members that the 500 million dollar program to train 5000 so-called moderate rebels in Syria had only resulted in the training of a few dozen.


Excellent article. Since those first stirrings by "protestors" in Syria we have had readers here suggest they were fomented by the US/Nato and that it was part of the plan to destabilize Syria as was happening across the Middle East. We had people here insist that this not the case and that the US played no role in those protests.

It really hard for me to understand how it is that the USA after using these tactics time and time again in countries all across the world are STILL given a pass by people who continue to insist that THIS time it different. These people are either seriously deluded or are on the payroll.