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'The Ocasio-Cortez Effect': Democratic Grassroots Ignoring Establishment Threats as Yet Another Progressive Announces Plan to Primary Incumbent

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/12/ocasio-cortez-effect-democratic-grassroots-ignoring-establishment-threats-yet-0

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I wish him much success, he’s got a tough road ahead thanks to the DNC and DCCC.


I’m inspired to send these candidates contributions, particularly by this truth:
“This urgent time for change was yesterday,” said Ghebreghiorgis, “but it’s not going to come on its own.”


Good point, without outside help, these candidates have no chance.

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NO Thanks, you mean.  The DNC is a tool of the Banksters and Wall Streeters who stuck us with Krooked Hilliary the last time around.

Be Sure To Help!!   But Donate Directly — and ONLY to the Candidates whom you Know and Trust!!



Thanks for the last line, I should have included that, but forgot.

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Why do people with hard to pronounce or spell names seek to become public servants?

I’m on the lookout for young progressive candidates to support.

More like this please! Primary EVERY right wing Democrat in the country!


It is inspiring to see the younger generation take on the old fossils in Congress. This is the way you cut the legs outs of the corrupt corporate democrats. AOC and the other progressives have been a real breath of fresh air and we need far more then. I would really like to Our Revolution, Justice Democrats and other similarly aligned organizations to support a strong slate of 60-70 candidates this time around. We need to take out more of the dinosaurs.

“I must admit it’s getting better, it’s getting better all the time, it can’t get much worse…”

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Primarying the rightie Dems is one thing, winning those primaries is another.

My prediction is that three or fewer primary challenges will be successful. And Engel is a lock.

Check out andomforny where you can find out a bit more about me and what we’re trying to accomplish.

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Welcome, Andom! I’m totally up for you “recognizing affordable housing as a human right, guaranteeing jobs at fair wages, ensuring Medicare for All, investing in clean energy, sustainable infrastructure and the (Green New Deal), fully-funding public education from pre-K through college.”
“We have wasted trillions of dollars on forever wars, unnecessary prisons, ICE, on corporate welfare of every kind,” Ghebreghiorgis said in the release. “Imagine what places like Mount Vernon would look like if we had invested even a fraction of that money in our own communities instead.”
This has all got to happen ASAP. You’re creating the future I want to live into with you, all our friends, our children and theirs!