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The Oil Price Crash is Being Used to Attack the Public Sector


The Oil Price Crash is Being Used to Attack the Public Sector

Nick Cunningham

From Anchorage and the Alberta tar sands to the Gulf Coast, the collapse in oil prices is being used as an excuse by right-wing governments to further gut social spending and shrink critical services for the poor.


If Louisiana voters manage to vote Jindal out, he’ll probably be hired by the E.U. or one of its Austerity-specializing political gendarmes. Public privation, the spread of misery, amid simultaneous crony capitalism, sounds like a fit made in Inverted Heaven. Jindal is earning his right wing bona fides.


It was even worse living there than it sounds. I worked in state government when Jindal first ‘fixed’ the state hospital system. I saw what he did vs. what the media proclaimed as his successes. Years later, I warned everyone I could about what he would do if elected governor. Didn’t matter. I finally escaped the state 4 years ago. About 30-40% (number seem familiar?) of my former coworkers are no longer listed as staff for that university.

Wonder if he still wants to run for president?


Jindal is just using the power of the 1% to take from public services and the community to feed bank accounts and bottom lines. Without their power he is nothing. Go after the source not their suit they will only get a new one.


Lets face the truth.
we live in an oilogopoly that
1 elected a President
2 determined to hold sway ove the middle east
3 drained the treasury of several trillion dollars


Initiated AND is maintaining a 14 year war that Dick Cheney PROMISED “would not end in our lifetime”. Jindal is a two bit junta foot soldier.

The evil masterminds Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld all walk freely. And they are advisers to good ole Jeb now.


Solution? Lynch the miserable excuse for a human.