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The Oklahoma Teachers’ Strike Is a Mutiny Against Austerity

The Oklahoma Teachers’ Strike Is a Mutiny Against Austerity

Michelle Chen

Oklahoma teachers proudly marked themselves absent from school since Monday, and they had an excellent excuse: They made themselves present in politics instead, with a historic march on the Capitol in hopes of finally capturing the legislature’s undivided attention


45th in finding. 46th academically.
Is 1st in finding also 1st academically? Is that how it works? If Oklahoma increases funding enough to become, let’s say, 35th, will academic performance rise also to 36th or even 34th? Is that how it works? Or, possibly, are there other factors in play?


Oklahoma is the latest example of the takeover of a majority of State Governments over the last decade by the most extreme Republicans—The Tea Party—whose Koch Bros./ALEC agenda is all they care about. They are a major part of the decline in all quality-of-life measures for all the working people, children, elderly and poor in their states. It is time to fire them all!

Stay strong Teachers! Solidarity!


Shame on you- you act like they are stupid- where are your values?


Once heard one of these elites say that public schools are welfare. Over ninety per cent of kids in the USA attend public schools. Duh!


Okay. Why are oligarchs undermining schools?


People who go to school tend to have smaller families and a gentle population decline results in advanced economies like the US.

A public education operating for the public good will educate the gently declining population about consumption impacts on the health of Earth.

None of this requires a Phd. High school loaded with all the different shops and trades will accomplish the same. Now we have smart people with smaller families healing Earth with human rights. This is not a decent world for oligarchs and schools must be changed, they say.

It has to do with fair taxes and a equitable distribution. Just leave rankings out of the discussion for now and focus on teachers being paid fairly in comparison to other workers with similar educations and job responsibilities.

You mean like people who keep having kids and cannot afford to feed them? Yup.