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The Oligarchy is Using Our Lizard Brain to Enable a Silent Coup

The Oligarchy is Using Our Lizard Brain to Enable a Silent Coup

John Atcheson

Once again, the fear machine is going into full force as the Presidential primary campaign heats up.

If there’s one thing the politicians in general and Republicans in particular don’t want, it’s people going to the polls with their wits about them. They need people to think and vote with their limbic lizard brains, not their prefrontal cortex.


All you do is complain, complain, complain. You should work hard and become a corporate attorney, then you won’t complain! Life will be good.



" There is a real existential threat to our democracy, but it is an inside job." No John, it has been an inside job ever since 11/22/63!

True, but the author tap dances around the above quote by naming Reagan.Too bad John did not follow it up with the inside job of the assassinations of: JFK,MLK,RFK, Wellstone and so many others that were perceived as existential threats to the US Oligarchy.

John, where have you been? The Oligarchy has done a coup d’ etat, but as corrupt as he was Reagan had very little to do with it!


The look on the kid’s face and that of his maniacal mother says it all. It all fits with the fact that a third of Americans think the Earth was created 6000 years ago and a quarter think the Sun goes around the Earth.


What is a ‘graduated flat tax’? That sounds contradictory. Could you explain? And why should the highest income recipients not pay more for the increased services they are getting?

Keep saying it. Keep reminding us. Murder, conspiracy to murder and covering up the crime of murder (JFK, MLK, RFK, Wells tone and others) are all the most serious of crimes. Not holding those responsible for these crimes has led to 911, the Iraq War, the cover up of the financial collapse of 2008, the Exxon Mobile climate cover ups and on into the future. The fact that 1,700 people have been able to hold 300 million hostage is true but absurd. Won’t last forever. Hang on to your hats. History shows the true outcomes.


I think you might be wrong about 1/3 of Americans thinking that the sun goes around the Earth because at least on this one point, they don’t really believe that.

What you are noticing is that 1/3 of Americans won’t admit that they don’t really believe that.

Actually, one quarter of Americans think the Sun goes around the Earth. Google it. It’s the same year after year. Make of it what you will

I agree, that not holding the criminals accountable has led to the high crimes and treason of 9/11. And the most egregious thing: the presstituted msm, which is culpable in still covering up for the criminal cartel that really runs the Amerikan Empire are complicit in covering for the fascists.


Yeah :slight_smile: Sort of what the South pulled on freed slaves… How about investing in education instead and making sure we have an educated citizenry? That would be a shift for sure.

I googleth and the omniscient word of the all seeing Goog sayeth “Yo dude, it’s 20% to 25% and half of them are just being stubborn about it to strangers.”

Ask yourself whether you have ever met someone who honestly believed the sun goes around the earth or that the earth is flat or that republicans are honest?

Conservatives live in fear, therefore conservatives are the lizard brained.


John Ellis… this goes out to you. It’s sincerely hoped that you’ll stop parroting some equal 50-50 divide (between haves and have-nots) that does NOT exist:

“When it comes to net wealth, the divide is even starker. The 20 richest people in the country now have as much wealth as the bottom 50% of Americans.”


Ah, you and the rest of the “blame voter/citizens” chorus make it out to be all so easy. If those masses just did the “self work.”

Of course, missing from this kind of analysis are the following:

  1. That desperate wages and hard labors leave people gutted of any interest in doing anything but drinking a beer, zoning out with the TV boob box, and repeating the same scenario (a la “Waiting for Godot”) the next day

  2. That there are very real guns aimed at persons who don’t conform, don’t follow the rules, ask too many questions, make too many waves, etc.

  3. That the entire order of society is top-down, and that means anywhere from schoolrooms to churches to corporate offices to fast food joints to Wal-mart cash registers… people are conditioned to follow rules or they won’t make a living.

  4. The part of the brain that is unconscious–which is to say, responds without thought–cannot BE impacted by thought. It engenders instinctive responses.

  5. Those who study present-day psychology know how to use frequencies that also bypass active thinking or conscious cognitive thought.

  6. Mass Media, movies, and other “entertainment fares” also use subliminal messages of all sorts to bypass clear cognitive function. Subtle forms of brain programming are more than possible these days.

What this means is that JUST BECAUSE some people understand the Programming doesn’t change the fact that the entire modern patriarchal capitalist paradigm is held in place through FORCE of the actual (police/military) and covert (financial necessities, the job sphere, conformity to dominant cultural cues and behaviors) sort.

Waking up to The Force is not the same as obliterating it.


It’s almost a perfect match-up between that 30% and Trump supporters.

Yet how many pundits base their obituary for America’s heart and soul ONLY on this group?

Did you formerly post as Ezyflyer?

That’s actually how I see it. A willful ignorance that affects others particularly kids. Voluntary stupidity… that sounds like several people I know … Lol

Actually, if you really follow the money, the glorious Banker’s Revolution occurred the day the 16th Amendment (The income tax) was mysteriously ratified. Now that was the coup. The rest is a mop up operation…
Every man, woman and child (except for the 1% who limit their “liability”) got stuck paying for every war designed to advance our betters’ imperial, globalist agenda–by military means if, when and where “necessary.” Our congress promiscuously borrows to pay for a bloated, parasitic MI complex and untold generations get stuck with the IOU. The interest gets paid, mind you. We will never pay off the principal. It’s called permanent indentureship, AKA, enslavement to the IOU holders…
WW2 and FDR slightly modified the 1%'s liability, but Ronnie baby (and his successors, Bill Clinton and W) got it back on track.
But for our evolutionary lizard brain which predisposes the majority to swallow any fear-wrapped delusion concocted by those with cash to access a megaphone, we would have removed our shackles long ago.
Be well.

p.s. Please refer to: Edward Bernays’ Propaganda, Edmund Wilson’s The Cold War and the Income Tax, Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope and Hellinger and Judd’s The Democratic Façade.


Brilliant article. I am so sick and tired of the media stoking this constant fear and distracting most people from the real threat: the corporate coup stealing our democracy. The TPP is a perfect example. The TPP, now THAT is scary. Another way they did it was stoking the eboli story right before the last election. After the right-wingers won, suddenly no more eboli stories. The MSM is framing the narrative and it is: Be afraid. Be Very Afraid. I am sick of it. And I am voting for Bernie Sanders who is fighting the economic royalists.


TPP will indeed be the most decisive victory for the oligarchy’s silent coup.