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The Oligarchy vs. The People: Why We Need a 'Political Revolution'


The Oligarchy vs. The People: Why We Need a 'Political Revolution'

John Atcheson

Hillary Clinton is racking up endorsements from large unions and other groups that used to represent the interests of the people they served. Now they’ve joined the press, the political parties and government as tools of the oligarchy.


"The NEA and FTE endorsements created the same outrage among the rank and file, with many dissenters expressing strong support for Sanders.

Our only chance of snatching our country back from the fatcats and plutocrats is to conduct a quiet revolution."

Of course, and that is what Bernie has been telling us he will do, but he also said he will back Hillary if she wins the nomination, which is a contradiction.

If he's serious about the revolution, there is probably no better way to start one than by aligning with the Green Party after his probable defeat by Hillary.

The publicity and recognition he has been receiving could be carried over to the Greens thus helping make them a viable political force.

Backing Hillary after being defeated by her would prove Bernie vacillating and a paper tiger.


The entire world needs a political revolution. All but a very few national governments are helping pirates in fancy clothes destroy Earth to become more wealthy faster than the average brutal mafioso living in a big house and driving an expensive car.


The Greens have flailed in the electoral wilderness for decades. Why would Bernie want to help that record?


I think that Elizabeth Warren's endorsement will be crucial. Soon now, she should endorse Bernie Sanders and we will then see how the poling goes. Should she endorse Hillary, it will say a great deal about both Hillary and Senator Sanders.


Green leadership has been found wanting.
Bernie's presence there might help overcome that.

Would you rather see Bernie back Hillary?


It's not even 9:00 am central time and this page is already talking about the completely irrelevant Green Party. First red herring, and before the day is over the place will be swimming with them, Bernie says he will support Hillary--- for the 10,000th time--- of course he will say that, it's a pro forma endorsement, any one with a brain cell working knows Bernie and Hillary are at loggerheads on most issues. Bernie doesn't etch-a -sketch his positions, as does Hillary. McGovern said he would support Humphrey, no one took it seriously, one could find countless examples of pro forma endorsements, they are the coin of the realm, a civilized way out.


How will that revolution manifest when no one is covering it? The media has been busy 24/7 covering Paris and there is no end in sight. The war on terror has just increased, which means they create more terrorists.

All the various protests around the US have been totally silenced by a media blackout. One would think that a nuke had destroyed the whole of France the way the media has become obsessed with that terror attack.

So who will cover the US revolution if another terror attack happens in say Germany?


"The fix is in." Yeah Mr. Atcheson, we've seen it at work everywhere, even here on CD's forum. Even though it is a nomination race as yet, there are many who try their best to derail Bernie's chances even though they know that oligarchy awaits.

It is so concerted that it seems a double fix. I almost want to ask the Green Party whether half of these very vocal and adamant supposed advocates really are members of the Green Party at all? These that constantly undermine Bernie shill for Hill and nothing more. Hillary or Bernie will get the nomination and yet many progressives seem to have become purposefully blind to Hillary being the democratic candidate instead of Bernie. Need anymore be said about her oligarchy background? Even Chris Hedges talks about starting to build a third party for the future by not voting for either the dems or repubs.
How is that sacrificial self indulgence even progressive given Bernie's been in the trenches for decades?

Hedges and the others expect to lose and they find nit picking reasons to ensure that any progressive candidate would lose. Is it intellectually honest to seek the PERFECT candidate on all issues? It is so bizarre to see the most progressive candidate in my lifetime be undermined by other progressives.

Where is their care about raising the minimum wage, for single payer and all the other domestic issues that people need? They would sacrifice those people's needs and hopes by saying some future third party needs to be started now?

The fix is in for real. Some of it is simply inflexible thinking. The expectation of losing has become the identity of many. It is very depressing that the most progressive doesn't get the support that anyone who has been out there on marches or fighting for working class, middle class and the poor has been hoping to see for decades yet never has. We've been asking for such a candidate for decades!

Progressives (or maybe just some professional progressives and shills for the Hill) can't seem to find a way to support Bernie's supporting the same issues that they have supported. There could be a dozen very important issues to progressives and yet they'd say I don't care about the other eleven, Bernie isn't perfect enough for the twelfth one!

So we end up getting NONE of the twelve in the end. What is that all about? It is that phony purism that lets the rightwing and oligarchic rich laugh at people who have spent their lives (like Bernie) trying to help others and benefit the world.

Can progressives ever elect any candidate? We have one to vote for but do we really do what it takes to have a progressive candidate win?

And if he doesn't win ... a lot of people should quit their professional progressive jobs because they are responsible for not organizing for a progressive like they should have. They have relegated themselves to being losers BUT have a secure place in the Mainstream media they criticize. They write from the we complain because we will never win position.

I and all of us will once again see these famous progressive voices complain about how "progressives should organize" and "How we should mobilize" and all that bullshit they've spouted for years but never really meant. When it is Hillary or a republican in the White House, we will again see them complaining about how bad it is that the government does this or that. They will plead for people to come together as professional progressives are wont to do. Same old same old but bitter dregs this time. The curtain is being pulled back on professional progressives! Are they for real anymore? The term is >>> PROFESSIONAL PROGRESSIVE! Seems a special category of hypocrisy perhaps?

Hedges will tell others to do what? Stage a revolt? What a crock that is! Also all these phony third party fanatics ... they will all disappear again until four years from now or pretend that they were never against Bernie really, they were just being principled about not voting for the duopoly.

Oligarchy awaits all of us as does catastrophic climate change. Bernie would help us all as his long record shows. If he isn't perfect, he'd at least try his best.

If that isn't good enough for some... exactly how much time do they think they have in the future for better to come along?

We are sinking into the quicksand of oligarchic control, complaining about TPP and other trade agreements are being written in stone as we speak. Climate change is progressing worse than has been reported as we have all seen and this is just the beginning.

How much time do we have to find a better candidate when there is too little time left as it is?


The various 12 Step Programs teach that the first way to overcome an addiction is by acknowledging that it exists.

As poster Alan MacDonald often relates, a problem requires an accurate diagnosis in order to engender any kind of genuine remedial change.

So it's very good news that "the rank and file" in many of these "institutions" are seeing that their leaders are selling out on them and in essence violating the oaths of the organizations they are sworn to serve.

The same thing also occurs in academe. How many universities reward researchers for the funding they can bring in? And that funding, operating on a par with campaign "contributions," amounts to Deep Pocket interests currying favor (and other advantages) by funding specific scientists and researchers.

Whenever people get together and form an institution that has one individual (or small group) at the top acting as its head, it loses its Democratic virtues.

Decisions should be decided by referendum and before any Union boss decides who that union will endorse, all members should factor in.

This is also true of churches. While in theory most would serve the ideals that Jesus Christ embodied to teach, typically they turn political and use their institutional muscle and top-down authority configuration to instruct congregants on how to vote (or who to vote for).

Patriarchy and its many paternalistic top-down organizations and institutions are anathema to true Democratic values.

The revolution that's brewing is one that involves a major shift of consciousness. It will realign along a very different locus point... one removed from the "father knows best" ideology that almost always distills to establishing hierarchies on the basis of power, assets, and false claims to status.


Political parties are part of the problem. They nurture individual leadership cults and are a foundation for hierarchy.

What should Bernie do if shoved aside by the party is a valid speculation. Such a scenario merely proves political parties are not part of the solution.

Personally, I hope that a plan b will develop without glib and attractive writers or political parties. A solid plan b devised by the people might convince a majority of nonvoters to quit boycotting fake US democracy and join the political revolution that will undoubtedly respect and admire Bernie the good.


Shame on you, IAM and SEIU!!!! Sellouts. Makes me so mad and so sad.

Feel the Bern. We can still do it.


I don't think Mr. Sanders can be held accountable for Ms. Warren's political choices. Your reasoning here is odd.


The media wouldn't cover those whimpers.

Do you think people fighting Monsanto--with its royal mission to control what people eat--are not making a whimper?

Do you think the thousands fighting being exported back to Mexico and Central America are not making whimpers?

Do you think the thousands fighting the corporations that are sealing our fate--climate chaos wise--are not making whimpers?

There are SO many causes and so many people forced to take up the fight in one area with 20 others calling out to them.

Public schools closing
Abhorrent minimum wage
Violence against Black kids--Black Lives matter
Violence against women--fighting the right wing obstruction of women's reproductive rights
Oil divestment programs
Fighting Citizens United

When you push the meme that says the People don't care, that the people are asleep, that the people are sheeple you are IDENTIFYING with the Power Structure that is working to make people invisible, to keep policy making (TPP secrecy) out of their sights, and to punish any news-reporters who DARE to offer any story outside of that which is endorsed by today's power-brokers.

MUCH is not being covered because it's through the illusion of rendering so many acts invisible that too many assume that nothing is being done, no one cares, and we are prisoners of an imposed (by the 1%) fate.


or it will say a great deal about Warren and HRC, not Bernie.


I was appalled by the LCV announcement and unsubscribed immediately.
For anyone interested there is also the Natural Resources Defense Council


For all of Bernie's assets, for the life of me, it boggles my mind that Bernie says he will back the corrupt, HRC if he loses, which looks to me like Bernie knows HRC has been selected for the Democratic nomination for POTUS. Too bad Bernie has compromised his integrity, by making that statement. I would have a lot more respect for Bernie if he would have said: " IF I LOSE, THEN UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I SUPPORT HRC"!


Why would that even matter? Should he not win then he should let the republicans win instead?

Who would be better a Hillary or a Trump? It is a reality. One is worse than the other? Besides how insane would it be for a dem to oppose another dem's election and still be a politician in congress?

People should stop thinking of politics as a winner takes all game. Bernie will still have to work with the president and with the other members of congress and making himself look like a flake for no reason is absurd.

It is a sign of his intelligence and political skill that he is not flaky at all.


Will it be called the Kucinichization of Sanders ?


Could you be a little more specific about how a political revolution might proceed without a political party?

Political revolutions are in progress in South America - all of them by means of political parties.