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The Oligopoly That Controls Our Digital Infrastructure Has Deepened Economic and Racial Divides

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/02/oligopoly-controls-our-digital-infrastructure-has-deepened-economic-and-racial


Right On! Get Ron Wyden behind the movement.

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Food deserts, justice deserts, health care deserts, wi-fi deserts…

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If you think Ron Wyden is closer to Municipal, State and Federal control over national resources than he is to PRIVATIZATION and CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH then you have not been seeking out his votes on every global trade deal that betrayed organized labor from the original NAFTA on forward to the battles over TPP.

Obama-Biden lost their own party’s House majority vote on TPP and TPA because of the corporate give-aways. Trump stole the trade bill issue from Dems with Hillary’s flip-flopping her career long support for Neo-Liberal E-CON FREE RATHER THAN FAIR TRADE DEALS that have ballooned U.S. trade deficits. While Trump’s own family businesses all sought out cheap foreign labor to make the products branded with the Trump Org label. Corporate-captured journalists never grilled Trump on that contradiction with his late in the campaign position on trade bills he has exploited. With collusion from Democratic Party elite Trump’s father partnered with for so long when they did bid-net in Blue State of NY and the Dem Political Machine that ran the Empire City.

DNC elite and DLCC kept quiet as they’ve been behind those wealth concentrating Wall Street benefiting and Main Street siphoning trade agreements and the 1/10th of 1% who’ve benefited do not make for an electoral advantage. Ever notice there are no Evening News Score Boards of winners\losers of these global trade deals going back to NAFTA? Always time for sports score boards, but never trade deal score boards clearly showing the winners and the losers.

One more reason I supported Prof Senator Elizabeth Warren at top of the Dem ticket with Bernie as her VP and life insurance policy against assassination for what she could knowledgeably do to break up the monopolies and cartels that rule via the Feudal Lords of High Finance\Tech\Telecomm.
“Senior lawmakers reached agreement Thursday on a bipartisan trade promotion authority bill that has already ignited a fierce fight between President Barack Obama and liberal Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren.”

Two Republicans — Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan — negotiated for months on the “fast track” trade legislation with Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat who has faced intense pressure from labor and progressive groups to walk away from the talks.


NAFTA Notice: A Final Deal Must Be Judged on Whether It Will Stop NAFTA’s Serious Ongoing Damage

August 31, 2018

Ron Wyden’s record in office has opposed the interests of his constituents who have been too distracted with his folksy facade and Identity Label politics to mind their own family’s failing business.

Wyden has over the last 3 decades contributed via his support of Neo-Liberal E-CONomic policies that Neo-Conservatives have supported going back to the 1970’s split between Nixon and Cold War propagandist Milton Friedman over Nixon’s freezing of prices and wages to stop runaway inflation. That created the Neo-Cons who like the Neo-Libs sold out America First trade policies that insisted on preserving and protecting the internal U.S. markets that were the envy of the Free Trading World back before the freedom for corporations to seek our cheap slave labor with no tariff offset put the ever concentrating wealth and spreading impoverishment of U.S. the 99% into hyper drive.

Start to notice the normalization of homelessness and the Uber-ized Gig E-CONomy that destroyed organized Labor’s leverage by promoting job out-sourcing and the part-timing and de-professionalization we’ve seen from the market consolidators like Kroger, Cerberus Holdings that bought up Albertson & Safeway and all the smaller grocers those two had bought up over decades of zero Anti-Trust\Anti-Competitive Law Enforcement?

Find Ron Wyden ever fighting for that from his privileged perch in the world’s most exclusive country club, the U.S. Senate! Corporate-capture didn’t stop at the financial regulators or white collar crime by looting of self-regulated ‘financializers’ and ‘fraudsters’ and Junk Bond kings while public prosecutors focused on filling Mass Incarceration Nation with more cheap labor drawn from petty criminals and the untreated drug users of a particular skin complexion…Where was Wyden? His fellow Democrat in the U.S. Senate Jeff Merkley did far more to resist these trends of concentrating wealth and frequently sided with the Democrats more progressive wing and against the established elites like newly printed multi-millionaire (via marriage) Senator Wyden.

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…i guess that news stories like this never surprise me because i’ve never had any illusions about the true nature of the USA and its caste system.

We’ve got this all wrong. The United States Postal Service should be in control of the internet, just as our founding fathers that inserted into our constitution a requirement to “promote the general welfare” would want. The USPS is a natural monopoly originally designed to keep every citizen connected, regardless of class or location, at one uniform rate. Capitalists aggressively seek monopoly positions in search of excess profits. Natural monopolies need to be run as regulated enterprises or by our government. The Post Office is under attack by market forces and technological changes. But its original purpose hasn’t changed, keeping every citizen connected for commerce and good health. The Post Office should be grandfathered into providing all internet access at a uniform low rate that anyone can afford. This would repair the damage heaped on it and the public by the Republican Party, Fed-X and UPS. Christmas shipping used to add 10-30% to the cost of presents, but today, thanks to “competition” it easily doubles the cost of goods for the public, while granting special rates to Amazon and others. Just recently I could not return a $20 toilet seat because it would cost $20 to ship it back. Ridiculous, outrageous, bad for commerce, especially bad for the general welfare of our nation.

Hope to see you back here early and often! Dang, USPS evolution in protecting communications … very interesting!

I’d add that there is a synergy with the Municipal Broadband Movement

Broadband Now: ~https://broadbandnow.com/report/municipal-broadband-roadblocks/

FCC: A Snapshot of Broadband ~https://www.fcc.gov/news-events/blog/2015/01/30/municipal-broadband-snapshot

Muni networks - news from across the country: ~https://muninetworks.org/

I WANT FREE STUFF!!! Here’s an idea. Get an education, work hard, and you can pay for your own stuff like every other sane adult. Additionally, if you think socialism is so great, move to a country that has successfully implemented it. Oh wait, there isn’t one. You people need a serious history lesson on the devastation brought on by socialism/marxism/communism.