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The One Half-True Thing Trump Said in Times Interview Was Scarier Than His Two Dozen Lies


The One Half-True Thing Trump Said in Times Interview Was Scarier Than His Two Dozen Lies

Will Bunch

As 2018 dawns, The Donald clearly hasn’t lost track of his One Big Idea.


It is quite possible we are being played. He is a bit older than I am, not by much, a few years and yet he has come through pretty much unscathed. Still rich and all the more powerful. I on the other hand had that in my 30’s and 40’s. A master manipulator playing to his crowd only now his crowd is a whole country. What if the whole country just turned him off? Just like you do a t.v., a radio, a cell phone. Turn him off for 24 hours, maybe more, ignore him. It will do you and the country some good. A bit of fresh air.


Ditton, if you want a bit of Fresh Air, go to YouTube and search for Quicksilver Messenger Service, “Fresh Air.”



Trump, being the most divisive candidate since Nixon, serves the divide-and-conquer motif par excellence. I go in and out of your same sentiment and have for quite some time, but could Trump really just be playing Colonel Klink? Werner Klemperer played the role brilliantly, but that was rehearsed, taped, and edited. Could Trump do it real time as often as he does? Could we be in The Twilight Zone? Sure seems like it most days.


Murka has been in “the twilight zone” at least since Saint Ron moved into the White House in 1981.

The legend of Ron the small gubmit, fiscally conservative champion keeps getting stronger, perpetrated by Republicans AND Democrats, despite Ron having increased gubmit debt and deficit more than all of his 39 predecessors COMBINED. Ronalso saddled Murka with more gubmit employees per capita than Murka ever had, most of that growth in the military, at the expense of “domestic” programs.


BIG GRIN…I have the CD, cannot live without Fresh Air :slight_smile:


Well, if you look at his biz structure with 150 plus companies and what does he sell, Brand. His focus is image not substance. He was a flop and steaks and schooling but great at hotels and golf clubs, again, image. He has been able to reduce the market value of his golf clubs so as to pay less in taxes, again, image not substance. So yes, I think we are being played. But at the same time there is internal damage in that his rate in lying is on the up tick, which will collapse him in the end. Games being played by an idiot.


Don’t think we can blame the Trump for the failure of corporate news. The MSM failed as a source of news long before he came along. It is not surprising that the Main Slime Media perpetuates one of their own.


Trump, the master showman, puts Reagan’s B-actor persona in a distant 2nd for presidential showmanship. Whereas in the distant past actual oratory was the mark of a good speaker we have these days a demand for showmanship the public demands to keep their attention. Pity, we could use a good rapport for a change instead of the carnival barker mentality. Anyway he does keep the masses amused and away from the inconvenient truths of the governments nefarious actions. Keep plugging Mr Trump, the nation needs to stay awake.


The media created Trump with the full backing of corporate America. If the media seriously didn’t like Trump during the election, they simply could have introduced Bernie sanders to the country, cried foul when Hilary interfered with the Democratic process, exposed all of the corporate interference in politics and had open debates and discussions about real alternatives available to the American public.
That election was probably the strongest argument ever for a national TV and news network that is completely independent of corporate influence, a wholly publicly financed news network that represents the public interest. PBS is a poor example as several decades ago corporate America undermined them by requiring the public network to rely of corporate sponsorship (ads) like our current crop of faux news networks thereby subjecting our only public network to the demands of the marketplace. Instead we need a network that is respected for the fact that it is the antithesis of corporate media and rather than embracing the corporate narrative, it challenges it at every turn.
Trump will almost surely get elected in 2020 as 37 percent of the voters is far more than what Trump needs to stay in power. Over half of the American voters don’t respect either party and therefore won’t bother to vote at all thereby giving Trump’s lunatic fringe a clear majority at the voting polls. It is this bitter, angry and misinformed 37 percent that always shows up to vote completely suckered in by the media they claim to distrust so vehemently. This same 37 percent have no problems with additional wars, income disparity, facts or global warming as the entertainment level of Trump exceeds all other considerations.
To make matters worse, the corporate Democrats will never allow the likes of Bernie Sanders to participate in the electoral process thereby ensuring that most Americans will be just as depressed at the two choices available to them in 2020 as in any other year since F.D. Roosevelt. Rather than exploring options of voting outside of the two corporate controlled parties, voters will simply stay at home again letting the insane run the asylum they created.


Dumb luck (that Trump was elected). It wasn’t that Trump was “so good.” It was that Clinton was so bad.

I do suspect Trump is somewhat senile or suffering from the effects of dementia (and excess). He is also unable to recognize “he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know” and continually makes a fool of himself (and the country). But make no mistake, a good portion of the country, enough to get Trump elected, likes and identifies with that.

Trump won due to the backlash of 8 years of do-nothing Obama. Hillary lost because voters didn’t want more of the same – the status quo was untenable and the democrats had no answers. All this hysteria over Trump resembles the same during GW Bush, the country is used to it, they expect it and it makes Trump more popular with his base for it.


Still waiting for the day that the U.S press will stop covering this man and the whole administration, and stops dancing to their lies. one week of it would change the whole routine of lies and pissing on the press.


The Duffer-in-chief has exploited the two great luxuries of our polarized era like the TV game show impresario he is:

A willfully ignorant conservative base comprised of religious zealots, racists and geezers who follow blindly in a fact-free world.

Everyone else, who largely understands that the Democrats have been selling them out to corporate paymasters, just like the Rs. We can all see how the health insurers and big pharma benefited from ObamaCare…We can all see how the TBTF banks got even bigger under Dodd-Frank…We can’t miss the rich getting even richer while most of us stagnate.

Thus, Trump knows that telling lies is a great tactic for exciting his base, and the corruption of the Dems is a great factor in depressing voter turnout. So, even with low approval numbers, he can win again in 2020.


We’re at work with Our Revolution to bring much needed change. Join our fight to change American politics from the ground up, the only way change has ever happened for the We the People. We have to turn our backs on the present system and create our own that includes consideration of all global citizens. With only two fully corrupt parties to choose from, the only thing to do is create another with the 44% of those who register as independent. A “Common Ground” or “We the Peoples” party

Like the Organic Consumers Association says, “RESIST AND REGENERATE!” It’s not enough to resist. We MUST eliminate our dependency on the state and shift to being independent by creating our own energy and food systems that work WITH the only planet we have instead of against it. One resist/regenerate act is to plant organic heirloom seeds EVERYWHERE! Food will grow where it’s planted, and it needs to be planted everywhere. Personally, I think we should start planting edible food forests in all parks and golf courses in the US. Every vacant lot in every city needs to be planted as well. Ron Finley is doing a great job in South Central LA. http://canyoudigthisfilm.com/ We need to spread food seeds far and wide. It’s not that difficult. Like Finley says, “Grow some SH!T!”


Agreed (in part). Before sufficient numbers of people will walk off their jobs in a protracted general strike, they have to believe the daily survival needs of themselves and their families can be met without cash income. Any efforts toward that goal are to be welcomed.

As to political parties, it’s not necessary to “create another,” as the Green Party already exists. There are already Greens holding elective office across the country, and the Green platform is explicitly pro-small-d-democracy, pro-environment, anti-income inequality and anti-war. If nothing else, voting Green is a far more useful and satisfying protest against our “two fully corrupt parties” than boycotting elections—which the 1% actively encourages.


The only way Trump can win in 2020 is with massive election rigging. We forget that Trump did not get any more votes than Mitt Romney in 2012. What did in the Democrats in 2016 is a P-poor candidate that excited no-one. And for good reason.

Right now, Fear of Trump is off the charts with all but his cult-like base. Too many people who stayed home in 2016 will vote in 2018 & 2020 to rid us of that monster. They will eagerly vote in a corporate Democrat over Trump. And they will do it because they are motivated by the greatest factor of all: Fear.


If Trump is still in the Oval Office 4 years from now, it will be due to their gross ignorance of the American people or perhaps even worse, due to their stupidity!


The great truth of Trump----FAKE NEWS! People in their hearts know this is true. Yet it all revolves around himself???

Chris Hayes calls Fox “news” Trump tv----what Hayes fails to grasp is that he is all part of the show.----Here is a thought—what if MSNBC and CNN did real reporting on healthcare,cost of the military , Yemen-----Hayes touched the surface of violence in Chicago—good reporting -----DO MORE THAN TWO HOURS IN A WHOLE YEAR!

A teen age kid wiped out his family on New Years Eve----hardly gets a mention in the news–I open up my local newspaper and see all kinds of killings all over the place. In 2017 I do believe we had one of the worst mass shootings in our history and the guy was a millionaire???WHAT IS GOING ON???

The corporate police state wanted a Clinton or Bush----the people rebelled and said no way. And right now Trump is the corporate police state dream. But don’t forget Trump is the guy who said Scotland and Australia have great healthcare systems.


The corporate neoliberal Democratic Party is dead and they’d better figure it out because it’s 2018 and one long-time liberal Democratic neighbor is hiding her head and refusing to even read anything beyond a headline or two. If it doesn’t trigger her interest, she refuses to delve any deeper. She is in a state of depression so large that her husband, a retired biology teacher and librarian and much farther to the left that she is, can barely talk to her.

She said to me the other day that I must vote for lesser evil. When I asked her why she really couldn’t explain. When I told her that there was no chance that I could ethically vote for an un-indicted war criminal and mass murderer… or Trump, she sputtered at me.

Sputtered! I couldn’t believe it.

My 68 yr old neighbor is the face of the Democratic Party.

Dump Hillary and dump every single person that is tainted by the Clinton Machine influence. Fire every single ‘super delegate.’ Cancel the corporate charter of the ‘DNC Corporation’ and open it up to the voters. Drop the idiocy of the ‘Russia Did It’ McCarthism that is sickening the Dems and dragging them into the pits of 1950s hell.

Don’t vote any rich people into office. NONE. This is Class War.

The wealthy Dem neo-libs that run all are just as insane as the neocon Repub. It is the same machine behind both because all the money comes from the same sources (the elite wealthy). And they and their masters will NEVER allow any other choices

The Green Party and Dr. Jill Stein are the dupes of Putin. How freaking stupid can you get? Vote Democrat? Why? They don’t deserve to exist any more than the Repubs. Vote for neither is the only truly moral stand we can take.

Ready for a Great Depression Totalitarian Militarized Police State that will last…forever? Vote Dem or Repub.

We are sooooo screwed.