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The One Sensible Budget in Washington


The One Sensible Budget in Washington

Katrina vanden Heuvel

This week, Washington descends into its annual budget brawl. House Republicans unveiled their plan on Tuesday, with Senate Republicans to follow Wednesday. Their hope is to pass a common budget resolution through both bodies by mid-April. Their incentive is that if — and that is a big if — Republicans in the House and Senate can agree, they can use the process known as “reconciliation” to pass various right-wing passions by majority vote, no filibuster allowed.


The CPC budget is a possibility… if we can get rid of all of the Republicans and Democrats in office!


With Congress held hostage by morons who don’t even understand or wish to acknowledge Global Warming, and prostitutes to the MIC like John McCain playing cheerleader to an endless supply of weapons system, a sane budget of this nature may not have a chance in hell. Of course it’s fair-minded, would actually benefit a lot of people, and would begin to eke away at the MIC and the entrenched grip of today’s corporate oligarchs. THAT is why retrograde Neanderthals will do all that they can to oppose and stop it.


The CPC budget is not a possibility, on this or any other planet. The faux-progressive caucus knows this. That’s why they are proposing it. It makes them look like actual progressives, when in fact they are corporate shills just like the rest of Congress . It represents the most cynical hypocrisy imaginable on the part of these hacks who call themselves “progressives.” But watch all the Demobots jump up and down and cheer for this nonsense. They never learn.


Why couldn’t Democrats use “reconciliation” I think they allowed the republicans to filibuster legislation because that is what their money suppliers wanted and they just used the excuse of republican filibuster to hide their real interests from the people.


It’s interesting how the Democrats propose all kinds of Progressive measures When There’s No Chance of them passing. When they have control of the White House and BOTH houses of Congress…when they could actually pass something they can always find something that prevents them from doing so. The Democratic Party is the place Progressive Reform goes to die.


Yes. That is exactly their role. And the role, specifically of the CPC, is to keep the Democratic Party’s faux-progressive base believing they actually have a voice. The sad thing is, this con continues to be effective year after year and decade after decade. The Demobots never wake up.


My cynicism is even deeper than comments expressed so far. It doubts that even if their were the political space, which I concede in the hopelessly corrupt Congress, (house or Senate), there isn’t, I doubt that there is a public which would embrace it. I have a very disparaging view of the American public built from unending years of discouragement that there is any real progressive instinct in them. I doubt that the American public, distracted, misinformed, largely without the capacity or vision to see what is in their own interests. thoroughly brainwashed by the Libertarian doctrines that government is evil, would even recognize or accept a budget that clearly benefits them. The working class of the US, white and racist as it is votes Republican. They want to be put in chains, they are happier if an authoritarian big man tells them what to do, they are natural serfs who, even if they grow to resent their fate are incapable of seeing why they are in their predicament or who is their oppresor. Good luck USA, a smart person would seek a way to emigrate.


As i wrote in the other thread regarding this subject:

"Gosh darn it, it really is so tragic that none of these intelligent ideas existed in 2009, when the political party that these people represent had control of both houses of Congress and the White House. And it is too bad that there was not something like a massive financial and economic crisis at that time, to enable consideration of bold action.

"It’s just such a painful historical irony that these wonderful ideas were only developed after the political party that these people represent lost control of both houses of Congress, following years of inaction on all these issues.

“But hey, now that they’ve rolled out these “new” ideas, maybe we should focus our primary political energy on putting the political party that they represent back in control of both houses of Congress! The very thought of it gives me hope for change!”


Will Katrina directly and consistently take on the corporate takeover of the current power center of the New UnDeal Democratic Party?

No. Her closing line says it all.


The CPC budget addresses the defining issues of our time, by increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit, increasing taxes on the wealthy, and imposing a carbon tax. Now, it’s up to us whether it becomes the central focus of the 2016 elections. If we do not clearly, boldly, and repeatedly address these issues and simple solutions, then non-aligned, poorly informed, and disaffected citizens will again fail to vote in 2016. Without unified and empowered citizenry and leadership, our unsustainable economic and environmental dilemmas will grow much worse.

As Katrina vanden Heuvel says, “We can afford to build a society that reflects the values and priorities of most Americans. We only have to choose to do so.”


“we only have to choose to do so”

Doesn’t that assume the existence of representative government?


I believe it implies the NEED for a representative government.


I believe it’s up to all of us. If we all embrace the CPC “People’s Budget,” and demand that all candidates support it, we can overcome the influence of big money and we can create a win-win for all involved.

If we do not, we will allow the safety to continue that almost all politicians perceive if they continue to ignore issues that would annoy their wealthy contributors.