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The Ongoing Crime Against Environmentalists in Honduras Must End


The Ongoing Crime Against Environmentalists in Honduras Must End

Jeff Conant

A full week after the murder of Honduran social movement leader Berta Cáceres, the situation in Honduras continues to be urgent.


This is such an awful burden to bear--that our government, and several multi-national companies, along with the Honduran government, is responsible for the death of this profoundly wise, inspiring and tireless (until she was gunned down) community leader and world class environmental protector. It should be broadcast all over during this election cycle in the U.S., that Hillary Clinton as Sec of State, finagled our power in Honduras and with wealthy interests there, to oust, in a coup, the democratically elected President, Zelaya, who supported indigenous Hondurans' rights. He was replaced, with the consent of the US (what hubris, arrogance and greed!) with a government that abets, or directly instigated the murder of over 100 environmental and land rights Honduran activists since the coup, six years ago. As tax-payers and US citizens , how can we help keep the hostage and murder witness Gustavo Castro Sota,safe, and how can we help bring justice to the murderers of Berta Caseres?


I wish John Perkins could get some "air time" on this matter. He has direct knowledge of the way CIA outfits sell dam projects to 3rd world nations only to tether them to enormous debt burdens. And that debt carried with interest into perpetuity does nothing to bring back the precious, priceless natural resources forfeited for these sorts of devil's bargain.

Attacks on journalists, whistleblowers, environmentalists, truth tellers... truly, the Dark Side shamelessly guns down its unarmed ideological opponents while talking a good game about freedom and/or free trade.


It more then a burden of debt that these dams bring to this lands. In India and China and in many other countries these dams attract the international Corporations to the area all of them demanding access to the water and electrical power that is generated. They claim this creates "jobs and livelihoods" when all they really do is turn people able to live off the land into servants of the Corporation.

As these industries move into the area other river systems , lakes and streams are then rerouted and diverted so that their own water feeds that same system. In India , just as example, installing dams on the Ganges attracted industry which in turn polluted the waters and lowered them to dangerous levels. In order to clean the waters of the pollution other streams were diverted to feed the Ganges in attempt to "flush" the system. These waters than become polluted. At the outlet of the Ganges into the sea some 20 percent of the flow is dangerous chemicals. Fecal Coliform levels in the waters is 100000 times safe limits.

Farmers in areas where those streams were diverted to feed the Ganges than have to resort to using groundwater this leading to a lowering of the water table and more "water scarcity".

Downstream of dams, wetlands vanish and the ecosystem grows drier. More water is lost to evaporation rather then refilling those underground aquifiers which in turn leads to more "scarcity". Then the Coca-Colas and the nestles of the World arrive to pump water out of the aquifiers to sell it at great profit to the people who once got it for free.

The Corporate state and economic system currently used manufactures wage slavery through debt and through the creation of "scarcity" of resources like water by polluting it and privatizing it.


Hillary must be going we came, we saw, she died, ha, ha, ha haaa , haaaaaa, ha!