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The Ongoing Dread in Gaza: So Many Names, So Many Lives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/23/ongoing-dread-gaza-so-many-names-so-many-lives

You listened solemnly. Well, that’s nice. America suffered 1800 odd killed in Afghanistan… and acknowledges over 110,000 dead. So many dead. Canada lost 158… and while I don’t know how many they killed, I know that they too used tanks and jets to bomb insurgents armed with light arms, RPGs, and IEDs.

Did you listen solemnly to that as well? I don’t recall having heard too many talking heads standing up demanding to know how come more Canadians… or Americans… or Australians… weren’t coming home in body bags and how come they were engaged in such a disproportionate response - although I suspect that there weren’t that many calling for the murder of all residents of Nato countries no matter where they are found. As for the Israelis, the wall was built in response to attacks, not as a cause of them. I was there when the wall was built, and can testify that no democratically elected government could have remained silent in the face of (2002) 47 suicide bombings in one year - and since they were targeting civilian casualties, that meant that during nice weather they could happen at a rate of 1 or more a week. (They didn’t come during the rain).

Saying that the fence is the cause of the problem is really putting the cart before the horse. Great Britain didn’t fence in the Palestinian mandate and build the Taggart forts in 1933 in order to cause attacks: they built them to prevent ongoing incidents, and the same is true of Israel. Believe me, they have lots of things that they would rather have done with the money.

As an afterthought, if the Arabs really wanted to defeat Israel, all they’d have to do is sign a peace treaty and honor it. Israelis would be at each other’s throats within a decade. All the conflict does is unite Israel.

We must all remember that criticism of the Israel government is NOT criticism of the jewish religion.
Too many in DC are silent on Israel’s murdering innocents in Palestine.
Oh, it is just collateral damage, they dismissively proclaim.
Worried about receiving wall street and bankers campaign donations.
USA provides foreign aid to Israel for their elederly and poor.
Plus 5 billion per year in ammunition, fighter aircraft, etc.

Everyone who has been a victim of a genocide,
will commit a genocide against another group,
the first chance they get.