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The Ongoing Tension between Power and Morality


The Ongoing Tension between Power and Morality

Robert J. Gould

American Exceptionalism is the belief that, even when the US is flawed in its policies, those politics are justifiable because there is something innately morally superior about being an American. This alleged moral high ground comes from our international commitment to promote and enforce democracy and free-market capitalism--even when it boils down to supporting dictatorships and economic exploitation.


Thanks for not mentioning Shillary and Buffalo Billary when discussing this so-called dilemma, Of the burden of American Exceptionalism; most citizens today would just like to experience " average " for a few decades. Let's try and be average for awhile and see how that works, Mr. Gould.


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Excellent article about American Exceptionalism
Here are the videos of ClassWarFilms, all of which are dedicated to exposing the preposterousness and danger of Exceptionalism



Your rant is full of anger, hatred, and based on a generic and therefore false analysis.

For one thing, you start history with America and leave out the entire European basis for conquest based on class, race, ethnicity, and color.

Second, you posit that while the military machine would mow down any opponents, it's cowardice not to stand up to it.

Third, you sound like an agent provocateur.

Fourth, if violence were an effective means of shifting the calculus so as to establish more law-based, egalitarian societies... then given all the violence that's marred history, that outcome should have resulted by now.

Fifth, if you really believe what you write, you are a soul devoid of love, compassion, and any spiritual virtues. What a lonely place to reside!


The film is chilling. Definitely take the time to watch and possibly learn. Lesson for me was urgency for each one of us to take responsibility and even if we can only contribute one thing to better the whole, it will make a positive difference.


usa.....pure evil


Dude, not sure who you are hanging out with, but you need some new friends.
wimps and cowards of the nth degree who would rather live on their knees than die on their feet

At the very least, you need some Sunlight and Fresh Air.

Describing the failings of Humanity as a whole, then attributing it to America as the quintessential example is rather narrow and false as a premise.

This has been going on worldwide for a long long time.

Again, People simply do not fit the pigeon holes of small minds.


You just make this stuff up........

Let's see if we believe we all have an unalienable right to life and liberty,
we then believe we deserve wealth power glory and are driven by greed.

Which in turn makes us subscribe to the Domination/Submission Paradigm.

Whew........That is ????...yet another pigeon hole which doesn't fit anyone other than your imaginative rendition of the Ugly American.


SS Lusitania? Does the author mean it wasn't torpedoed by a German submarine in 1915?