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The Only Appropriate Public Event For George Bush To Attend Is A War Crimes Tribunal


The Only Appropriate Public Event For George Bush To Attend Is A War Crimes Tribunal

Bravo to activist and scholar Phyllis Bennis, who attended a conference on the George Bush Presidency to declare - bluntly, calmly, hedging no bets - Bush a war criminal. Bennis cogently explained the criminality of Iraq and Afghanistan lay both in the way those wars were conducted, and in their very reality as wars of aggression - deemed by the Nuremberg trials "the supreme international crime." Thus, the legacy of Bush "is going to be that of a war criminal." From a painful past, a breath of fresh truthful air.


The only difference between Bush and Obama is this: Bush was a politically, dumb, dim witted war criminal and Obama is an, intelligent, con man war criminal. Until Bush is tried for war crimes nothing will ever change. But alas, in spite of Phyllis’s diatribe, not going to happen. When Obama said he needed to look forward about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Condi’s war crimes Obama was guilty of being an accessory after the fact. But Obama, the drone war crime murderer of innocent men, women and children and even a 16 year old American citizen knew he had to exonerate the war criminals in the previous administration, “by looking forward” because he had been ordered to carry out the same war criminal policies.


i love the way, whoever Mr. Gopal is sitting next to Bennis, he begins by smiling wryly when she first launches into her indictment of Bush, like it’s a joke, but he soon loses his smile, and can find nothing else to smile about as she goes through her very straightforward outline of Bush’s (and the USA’s) massive and indisputable war crimes.

If only the whole world, the “community of nations,” had and would respond appropriately to this “greatest of all crimes,” and indict Bush and company, and indict the USA, and BDS the USA.

But there is so much corruption and compromise and criminality among states and leaders, and so much compromise and confusion among the masses of everyday people, that this awesome crime just sits there, festering, metastasizing…


at the end of her remarks he smirks again with a tepid, token clap.


hardly a diatribe. more of a measured, dispassionate statement of account. utterly rational and impartial.


True. Not a bitter reprimand of Bush but a measured reprimand. But nevertheless; an attack on Bush that he should be tried as a war criminal. Appreciate your reply.


That’s a great composite picture of Bush. Who created it?


Related: Vincent Bugliosi, the DA who prosecuted Manson and was thus lionized, is the same one who has a book calling for the prosecution of GWB for murder which, predictably, is being largely ignored.
Can’t wait for Jebbie’s candidacy in Groundhog Day America.


The picture of the triumvirate (R-B-C) shows them all using their right hands to cover the empty spaces where hearts should be (with Cheney later buying his from an unsuspecting (due to their demise) donor).


Agreed. John Bolton should see/read this. In fact this speech should have been delivered at the UN. “Looking forward” was Obama’s biggest mistake, as it made him an accessory. He had hopes of being a bi-partisan President, but this was not the way to do it. Quite the opposite, in fact.


Yeah the triumvirate is right out of the movie: THE WIZARD OF OZ. One with no heart; one with no brain; and one with no courage!


I wish this woman would reevaluate LBJ, Nixon and Kissinger. The charge of traitor would stand. Kissinger has to be careful where he travels as he has charges of war criminal against him.