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The Only Honest Name In News: Jon Stewart Leaving the Daily Show


The Only Honest Name In News: Jon Stewart Leaving the Daily Show


The news Jon Stewart is retiring from The Daily Show has been greeted with a collective Noooooo! Colbert, then Moyers, now this. The night the news broke, Stewart took on the Brian Williams debacle with his usual acumen, mourning Williams as a victim of "infotainment confusion syndrome." Finally, he noted, “Someone is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq war...Never again will Brian Williams (lie) about being shot at in a war we probably wouldn’t have ended up in if the media had applied this level of scrutiny to the actual f*cking war.”


John Stewart has influenced millions of US citizens to not take high crimes seriously. That is quite a legacy.


Jon Stewart has made millions of Americans aware of high crimes that they wouldn’t have known about otherwise. He’s given them perspective sadly missing in the rest of the media.

So I disagree with your take on this, but I’m glad to see you back.


Not to diminish Stewart’s heroic and valuable role in any way, but to say he is “the only honest name in the news” is to show appalling ignorance. Amy Goodman is the most outstanding journalist, by far, in the media, a recent winner of the I.F.Stone Award, and above all, unimpeachably honest and forthright in all her reporting, interviews and commentaries. The point is still that there are hardly any others, and none with the reach that Democracy Now! has each day.


I used to like and watch Stewart regularly, but when he got his propaganda marching orders from above and started dutifully bashing Russia on every show, I’d had enough. Sorry to end on a sour note–I did appreciate him for a long time.


Stewart should run for the Senate. He could team up with Franken. People might actually start watching CSPAN.


Yes, Jon called out everyone - except Israel.

Jon also never followed the trail of responsibility for any of our problems back to the source: Wall Street.



He is my favorite talking head on TV. There are others who come close such as Thom Hartman, but Jon’s humor seems so important in this messed up world.


My thoughts exactly. Used to watch him, but figured it out long ago.


Thanks for the welcome and back at you. I’m sure there have been instances where Stewart has made people aware of issues they otherwise would be oblivious to, but he still largely fits within the broad frameworks that are repeated in MSM. Furthermore he absolutely DOES have the influence on people of laughing off high crimes. I’ve experienced this directly when I’ve been told to “lighten up” about issues of torture, inequality, etc by people I know who are Jon Stewart fans. In fact it was a Stewart clip from his show on the subject of torture that really turned me sour on Jon Stewart. That is one joke too far.


By way of so long and thanks with some folks hopefully in JS’s future


“Yes, Jon called out everyone - except Israel”

That simply isn’t true. Just look for “Jon Stewart Gaza” on YouTube. In the comments section in the Jerusalem Post they are constantly calling Stewart a “self-hating Jew” and other epithets because of his comments about Israel. I’ve been wondering if the vehement backlash from much of the Jewish community isn’t at least a part of his reason for leaving.

It’s good to see regulars posting again - even when they’re so wrong :wink: