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The Only Hope for Bernie 2020 Is a Progressive Grassroots Uprising

The Only Hope for Bernie 2020 Is a Progressive Grassroots Uprising

Norman Solomon

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris began this week in the nation’s first primary state by proclaiming what she isn’t. “The people of New Hampshire will tell me what’s required to compete in New Hampshire,” she said, “but I will tell you I am not a democratic socialist.”


As much I loved Bernie the last time around, who amongst you here, believe that the Democratic Party Establishment will completely throw their support to Bernie, and not do to him what they did to him and his campaign in 2016?


The standard Democratic Party modus operandi will be to circle the wagons and form a circular firing squad.
And the DNC will do everything in its power to sabotage the Bernie campaign.

Bernie is the ONLY candidate that can beat Trump because he is the ONLY candidate with real meaningful plans.
Everyone else is sticking with the “I am not Trump” message that Hillary used and lost with.


Solomon’s comparison of Bernie w Warren and Harris is compelling insofar as there is no third party, nor third party candidate in sight. Would that Bernie would leave the party and start a new one as part of this venture. That would make me a believer.


Bernie needs to make it perfectly clear that he is NOT running for the Democratic nomination, he is running for the office of President of the United States. He needs to make it perfectly clear that he is running for that office all the way to the finish line in the general election - with or without the Democratic party.


Who has done more and knows the system better tha Bernie? What has Warren or Harris ever accomplished for us? Nothing! They will use his ideas for themselves. Why deal with second hand candidates when you have the real deal, Bernie. His main problem will be how to run for President under what party. This should be interesting. I’m sure he has thought it through before he announced his run. He’s been through all of this vs before. Hopefully he can avoid those traps all around him this time.


Warren has accomplished A LOT during the past two decades, mostly in pushing back on the financial sector, an industry that has controlled the Democrats and Republicans for more than three decades.

Without financial industry reforms, changes made in other areas of the economy and culture will be of no value to the 99%.

Based on their platforms during the past quarter century I believe that Sanders or Nader would pursue at least as strong an agenda to reform finance as Warren would.

Harris’ track record confirms that she is not in the same league as Nader, Sanders and Warren in dealing with the financial sector.


Well, we are apt to get a show.

Bernie is a legitimate “least-worst” Democrat as these used to exist. Such are affairs, though, that with Bernie’s entry, no one other candidate on the left-ish side is apt to stand within the Party… Trailing hopefuls will eventually fold and either endorse Sanders or (apparently) Kamala Harris–or withhold pointedly.

Stealing the nomination for the lesser-known Harris will be quite the project, though surely the domesticated media, the DNC, and the CIA are again conferring and digging in. There’s no reaching the de facto candidate sorts of arguments that were Clinton’s only stock and trade by '16. Harris has tried to fake left, but her record fails to allow it. She’s just a conservative warhorse and jailer from the Clinton side, and there’s nothing else to it but her demographic alignment. And as of now, there is also no Democratic administration in office to sell government favors and no in-house DOJ to dismiss campaign-related felonies.

Media can still hit Sanders for being white and male. Of course, that sort of campaign in the primaries will not damage Sanders much in the general election, if he reaches it. But the primaries and the DNC are probably again his biggest hurdle.

But so what? How much policy can a man carry after endorsing Clinton when she robbed him in '16, and lying to promote her excuses for failure afterwards, right up to the present?

I suppose we could do worse than to find out. I may walk to the polls and cast a vote for one Bernard Sanders in 2020, though my bet is that I will still be voting Green. Either way, these sorts of questions have sure served to propel my daily actions away from electoral politics. It seems solutions are elsewhere.


So you want Sanders to help to re-elect Trump in 2020 then. This is not a question.

But K is black, and I think gay, so that must make her a better candidate and person than…

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You seem to be saying that Sanders should work to re-elect Trump.

If he did what you want of him, then that’s exactly what would happen.

Don’t forget Joe ‘Experienced’ Biden.

CNN is all but showing whom they support in the next election> Sanders does not even make the top three.

They have Kamala Harris number 1 , Joe Biden number 2 and Beto O’rourke number 3.

All Corporatists.


I like Bernie Sanders and have a great deal of respect for his stance on the issues of our time. That said, if the left doesn’t figure out how to accept the ‘good’ in lieu of the ‘perfect’, the magats will win again…

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If Bernie can fill stadiums for his rallies the way he did in 2016 it will be difficult for the media and the DNC to ignore his message.

This time around I believe the younger generation will not allow his candidacy to be ignored.

Hillary cheated her way to the top and lost because she did not have the support of the Millennial’s.

The youth of America will not allow the DNC to ignore their agenda again.


Thanks Mr. Solomon it is nice to know that a man of your integrity and morality is supporting Bernie.

This time around we cannot allow the Media to denigrate the message of Bernie with their Socialist BS and ignore the polls and the will of the people.


Thanks for your “concern”, you’ve reminded everyone how and why Hillary lost to Sanders and Trump in 2016.

Being against strong nationwide single payer medical, free state college tuition, and a living wage is unbelievably sexist.

And he has the support of Independents - the largest voting block (at 40% of the electorate, compared with 30% for Democrats).

Crucial in the General: which candidates will Independents actually turn out and vote for (rather than stay home).


It will take a genuine revolution for the party establishment to make Sanders the Democratic candidate. The party elite will not meekly step aside and surrender their power to a progressive grassroots uprising. In fact, safeguards, such as the super delegates, are built into the party to prevent just such a thing. If you thought the party played dirty in 2016, be prepared for worse, now.

Bernie as the Democratic candidate? Impossible? No, but if you plan to back Bernie and fight for him, better have a backup plan. What will you do if Sanders doesn’t get the nod? How far are you willing to follow him? If we learned nothing from 2016, it’s that Sanders will throw his support behind the party pick, even if it’s as miserable a choice as Biden. Count on it.


That is a danger, but why waste time pursuing the Dem nomination when he can bypass being bushwhacked by the DNC and begin his general election campaign now. Get out in front, put down the filing fees and get his name on every state’s 2020 ballot NOW. Put the Dems on notice that they will be running with him or against him. It is a high stakes game of chicken. There are some decent candidates on the Dem side, but not one who can win. This is shaping up to be 2016 all over again. I am not interested in Bernie wasting his or our time and energy in hopes of moving the Dem party incrementally to the left. If he is running he needs to be in it to win it.