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'The Only One I Didn't Want Her to Pick': In Secret Recording, Trump Admits Fear of Clinton Picking Sanders as VP in 2016

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/25/only-one-i-didnt-want-her-pick-secret-recording-trump-admits-fear-clinton-picking


This is interesting, because Orangeman has affected eagerness to run against Sanders. Comments during this dinner are possibly more candid than his public act. If he really is afraid of Sanders, then it’s amazingly Baroque, like something Frederick the Great of Prussia would do: Apparently Orangeman doesn’t mind seeming to boost Sanders, intending people to read him as devious and conclude he wants to run against Sanders, in hopes that a popular reading like this will help to defeat Sanders, because he’s actually afraid of Sanders. If I’ve got that straight. Pretty subtle for a freaking moron. Instinctual double-duplicity; our cultural heritage of flim-flammery.


I’m still cynical about election campaigns and won’t trust much of what comes out as new revelations for the next ten months, including most of the polls.
To each their own I suppose, but I don’t know if these recordings are a plant with some hidden agenda or not. As long as I can humor myself, I can suffer the campaigns though.

This recording like the one to “get rid of the ambassador” one are rare expose’s of trump.
If he got away with the Access Hollywood one this will just go away too.


Remember he wouldn’t debate Bernie either. Doesn’t like that fight. Bernie is going to win this thing if we keep fighting.


Maybe he was just taking a dig at Hillary. He’s implying that he wasn’t worried about defeating her because she was such a weak candidate and that only her archenemy could have strengthened the Democratic ticket.

The idea of a Clinton-Sanders ticket in 2016 seems too ridiculous to me to be interpreted as anything other than a springboard for insulting Hillary.


“He’s the only one I didn’t want her to pick,”

Yeah and she agreed. We all begged her to pick him…and she told us to kiss her azz…and picked what’s his name…as the final kick in the nutz to us progressives. So…we stayed home and she lost…


Establishing yet again that Trump, despite his reputation, is smarter than Hillary and the rest of the establishment Democrats.


Excellent point. I retract my baroque analysis.

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Obviously, when Brer Trumpo is conversing with other Brers, he’s not going to tell THEM to throw him in the briar patch. But when he’s talking to people allied with his real, truly formidable foe, Senator Bernie Sanders… well now, that’s when he launches into his Brer Rabbit Act. (The “briar patch,” in this instance, is a general election pitting Trumpo against Sanders.)

EFF Trumpo the sick clown. EFF Clinton and Pelosi and Schumer and the whole cannibalistic cabal of DNC-GOP operatives. EFF the DNC-GOP neoliberal fascist wrecking crew.





In the past Song of the South analogies have always demonstrated how serially successful the GOP has been at employing and applying Brer Rabbit strategies while the Dimcritters serially demonstrate that they never read the book or watched the movie.


Of course Tweetle-Dumb was scared of Bernie — in a contest between a fake populist with a forty-year record of lies and theft vs a real populist with a forty-year record of standing up for us little guys, guess who wins . . .

Instead, the utterly corrupt and obviously stupid DNC gave Trump the easier to beat opponent – by far – the anti-populist ee-pitomization of elitist arrogance, Krooked Hilliary.


The Lev Parnas evidence is just getting warmed up.

And remember, Trump claims he doesn’t know who Fruman or Parnas is. Comedy gold.


Now THAT made me giggle at this late hour. Thanks!


Let’s not forget that Bernie also scares the hell out of the right wing Democrats too


Bernie is the only Democrat that Herr Rumpenstein fears. He would welcome ByeDone, WARren, Mayor Dung Beetle or any of the rest. Because he could crush them. Bernie…would destroy the tangerine traitor.


If you take the following as representative of groups, only limited folks IMO know how to fix trade [not Trump for starters]: Louis Uchitelle, Lori Wallach, Wolff, Jack Rasmus, Hudson, Weisbrot, Baker (and thus minded). Personally, I would also consult Vandana Shiva, DiEM25, and Greta on “bunker fuel” (freighters).


Of course. Sanders is the only candidate who can beat Trump, which is why corporate Dems will do whatever they can to make sure it doesnt happen since they would sooner see Trump have a second term and set the nation on fire than live in one where their greed isnt accommodated at every turn. If they cant have America as their playground to exploit it peoples and suck them dry and work to them death for all they got, no one can have access to the country either, especially not to create an equitable society.


Was it the DNC or Clinton who chose a DINO for her VP? It would have smarter to pick a VP that would have appealed to the progressives and independents thrown under the bus by the ( we have the right to pick the candidate) DNC.


I would bet he also fears my girl Tulsi.

As a registered Repub who wanted badly to vote for Bernie in the last election, I felt strongly that Bernie was the only candidate who could have beaten Trump.