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The Only Real Leftist Argument for Voting for Joe Biden in November

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/25/only-real-leftist-argument-voting-joe-biden-november


“Biden’s zombie neoliberalism”

Biden’s neoliberalism is anything but zombie. It is very much alive and well and the is the supporting foundation of everything he does.

“However, it’s equally obvious that if we get another four years of Trump, genuine leftism on a federal level is dead in the water until 2024. Under a Biden/Democratic administration, we would at least have a tactical opening.”

That is an assumption that is based on very slim evidence with a good amount of historical evidence to the contrary.


However, it’s equally obvious that if we get another four years of Trump, genuine leftism on a federal level is dead in the water until 2024. Under a Biden/Democratic administration, we would at least have a tactical opening. Accelerationists who are OK with Trump winning again err in ignoring the importance of state power and assuming that conditions for radical organizing automatically improve when things get worse . . .

Hi Scott. Thanks for this article and for raising this perspective. I am not sure what the best strategy is. I can see the election of Biden as forestalling moves towards a deeper slide to Trumpian-fascism and state violence. But I also see the potential for large scale and prolonged mobilizations that ensure structural changes to promote social and economic justice and democracy. Its important to have these discussions, to listen to alternative perspectives, and to try to come to a deeper understanding that is possible through collective processes.


Yet another appeal to vote for the lesser evil and under-play that the lesser one is still an evil.

And it seems the failure of OWS under soft-cop Obama is now viewed as a virtue.

There is only one socialist voice that says a plague upon both your houses and it comes from the WSPUS



Fine. Vote for Trump and suffer the consequences.


I didn’t bother reading past the first sentence. More of the same old bull they trot out every four years. If that’s all they got, they got nothing.


Fine. Vote for Biden and suffer the consequences.


Spin spin spin.

What happens is the left is ignored if they vote Biden in and their vote taken for granted. Nothing will suddenly force Biden to move left if he can get the vote of the left just by saying Trump is worse. What it shows the DNC is “we do not have to move left at all or implement any of the things they want because we offered them nothing and they still voted for us.”

They have openly stated that the left has “no where else to go” and openly stated they would rather get two ex republican votes then a person on the left voting for them.

For the left to remain relevant they have to take 10 and 12 and more percent of the total vote to a third party . Only then will the DNC realize how much they need the left.

So the choice is this.

4 more years of Trump which would be a disaster but will ensure the left remains.
Or extinction and permanent silencing of the left which would be a disaster.

These types of articles KILL the left. They do not strengthen it and if you want evidence of that look at the past 40 years where the Democrats have become Republicans because they just ignore the left and get their vote anyways.


The author acknowledges:

“…we haven’t been able to break the pattern of the Democrats moving further and further right…”

And then advocates for doing the same thing that got us into that pattern. Damn, what a crock.


Vote for Trump and never have to worry about who to vote for again.


We’re still living with the consequences of Obama/Biden:

The utterly useless Paris Accords
The ongoing war in Afghanistan
The Syrian refugee crisis
Anarchy in Libya
The crushing of OWS
Growing wealth inequality, especially for people of color
Ignoring BLM
Cutting the payroll tax (now Trump wants to as well)


Four more years of Trump and America, at least the United States of America, will no longer exist as a free country.


At least Joe isn’t QUITE as uhg-u-ly as Hideous Hilliary!

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Is it a free Country today?

How does Biden ensure it becomes a free country? How was it more “free” under Obama as compared to today.? Remember it was Barack Obama who ordered the murder of US Citizens without trial and indicated it was his right as President to do so.

The Country has become Fascist because of the DNC and not in spite of them. Your patriot act was written up by Mr Joe Biden in great part and that hardly a document of “freedom”.

A quote from Joe Biden regarding that act.

Civil libertarians were opposed to it,’ Biden said. ‘Right after 1994, and you can ask the attorney general this, because I got a call when he introduced the Patriot Act. He said, ‘Joe, I’m introducing the act basically as you wrote it in 1994.’

Joe Biden was also part of the Clinton administration that passed laws that resulted in the US Prison population all but doubling. I guess to some “freedoms” just a word.


Biden’s proposal to “expand” Medicare means- to anybody who is familiar with WTO law, that he is going to privatize it which will be an incredible disaster. I want our sock puppets and similar to consider the implications of assisting in the continuation of a crime against humanity that is already one of the largest crimes of the 21st century. Those who callously manipulate the American people with deals to trade away the social security and medicare of this nation will be punished. And they will wish they never had joined this scheme, whatever fake party they claim to belong to that will not save them.


It looks like the 2020 presidential election will be the fourth such election in a row where I have to decide which of the two candidates likely to win, I dislike the least.


. . . don’t forget the non-prosecution of the Banksters and War Criminals (for which crimes add P’Loser’s name to O’Bummer’s & Bye-Done’s).

Looking at Duh-Murika’s “Greatness” curve, it has been heading downward, a little steeper each year, for several decades, and would have been on at least a 25° or maybe 30° downward slope for the past four years had Hideous Hilliary been elected.  With Tweetle-Dumb it’s been on a 60° or maybe even 75° downward slope for what will be four years before it’s done (probably a near vertical decline for the ten weeks from Nov. 3, 2020 to Jan. 20, 2021) so even
if Tweetle-Dumb is defeated in November, just getting us back up to where we might have been – much less to where we could have been had Bernie won in 2016 – will be a daunting task indeed.   Maybe Suspira is right — let’s just bail out and MAYBE – just MAYBE – we’ll hit the bottom so hard that we’ll bounce back to at least somewhere above the would-have-been Hilliary curve but not to quite as wonderful as the mediocrity of the O’Bummer level curve that we were enjoying four years ago . . .


Kind of like now. Nevertheless, I have no intention of voting for either of the two evils. Not that it really matters much one way or the other. Because as it is now, it isn’t who votes that counts, it is the machines that count the votes that count.


I’m prepared to deal with the consequences of my decision. Are you?


That’s “whom. . .

What the HELL makes you think the U.S.A. is a “free country” now?   IMHO, we’re only about ½ or maybe even only ¼ free.  We can still quit our jobs, travel more-or-less without restrictions (at least pre-Covid), and speak and write more-or-less freely, but whom can you vote for who hasn’t been pre-selected by the PTB to toe the korporate line, and how many of “our” representatives give a shit about what their “constituents” want or need?   More than half “our” Senate does what their Multi-NaZional Korporate owners tell them to do, and the House is better only by the very thinnest of margins.

I could go on and on, but what’s the point?