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The Onslaught of Tyranny: Why Trump Rallies for Trump


The Onslaught of Tyranny: Why Trump Rallies for Trump

Robert Reich

Donald Trump has just finished the last of his nine post-election “thank you tour” rallies. Why did he do them? And why is he planning further rallies after he becomes president?

One clue is that Trump conducted them only in the states he won. And most attendees appeared to have voted for him – overwhelmingly white, and many wearing Trump hats and T-shirts. When warm-up speakers asked how many had previously attended a Trump rally, most hands went up.


And this differs from the past presidents how?


At every rally he attends there needs to be a huge contingent of Truth Tellers, not protesters. Thousands of people of good will should descend on his rallies and hand out fliers that detail his lies and that show the truth, and then hang around before, during and after the rally to talk with his supporters and try to open their minds to the truth, because there are many who will be open to listen. We shouldn't be protesting his presidency, we should be educating his supporters about his real, true self. Let us emulate the Standing Rock Sioux that were there not to protest the DAPL, rather they were there to protect the water. We must not become protesters of trump, but rather protectors of Democracy.


The Maroons have landed; after just the first post.


Trump has tapped into a anti-democratic base although I don't believe his supporters understand that democracy is based on truth. This base was raised on conservative hate talk radio and the lies of various Republican politicians. These people believed the lies about black welfare recipients, Hispanic immigrants, the ozone hole, global warming, etc. However, they are not the majority of the country. The majority must assert itself. Perhaps even the leftists should take a serious look at the conspiracy theories they have become to believe. The distrust of the mainstream media, particularly major newspapers, by the left is a serious matter and seems to be based not on evidence but on making erroneous assumptions. The majority has to combat its own apathy and not let itself be bullied by an activist minority of right wingers that are trying to tear down democracy whether they know it or not.


The King James Bible translates the Commandment, "Thou shalt not bare false witness" whereas modern translations simplify it as "Thou shalt not lie." It is possible, without technically lying, to mislead or deceive others to believe a lie. The King James version is the more accurate translation in that it addresses the worse (supposed) sin of deceit with intent to do harm. Sometimes it is necessary to lie to avoid harm. Donald Trump fully intends to do harm with his God damn lies. Hillary and most Presidents are more likely to reduce harm with any lie she or they are forced to employ toward that end. Comprende? you fucking moron.


If you cannot tell the difference between Trump's behavior at these fascist rallies and that ANY past president, even the most vile past ones like Nixon or Bush 2, then you are truly an utterly clueless, amnesiac imbecile.


I don't believe they understand, or care a whit about, democracy at all!


I've been acquainted with a very friendly and helpful neighbor for quite a few years. However, quite a while back, he took to sending me emails faulting democrats for this and that and often containing numerous lies. Sometimes I would point out that he was sending lies, sometimes I would simply delete. My wife got in the habit of deleting them before I might see them. Shortly before the election he sent me one too many lie-filled emails. I had HAD IT. I told him off and now we do not speak. BTW, this fellow prays before every meal. Either he says a few "Hail Marys" every day for his baring false witness or it fits his belief system and so is true enough. BTW, I see "surreal" is a 'word of the year.' Indeed.


Reich writes: "when in fact there has been no evidence of voting fraud at all"

He should tell that to investigative journalist Greg Palast, who has done research on, and documented his findings, not only on this election, but past ones, such as, most notably, the 2000, and 2004 elections. He points to programs such as "cross-check" which strips primarily African American voters of their right to vote if they share the same name as a voter in another state--such as the name James Brown, a common name. Republicans have also shut down innumerable polling stations in primarily Black districts. The list goes on and on. You can find his stuff on his site, gregpalast.com


I don't believe this approach will work, and I can't offer anything better at the moment.

Opposition at rallies-- even peaceful protest-- will enlarge enforcement presence and hasten draconian, security responses. Which could threaten the most fundamental free speech rights.

It might be better to schedule a "shadow cabinet" speaker simultaneously in the same city. And the speaker should respond civilly, engaging opposition as needed, so that policy matters progress.


At least Hillary is not making a tour to thank the little people who voted for her. She is staying completely in character by concentrating on throwing big "thank you" parties for her Big Donors.

When Hillary got out of her car, she didn't even wave to the little people waiting outside the Plaza Hotel, where she held a party for HUGE donors. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/12/16/hillary-clinton-toasts-her-mega-donors-at-donald-trump-s-old-hotel.html From the Daily Beast article:

"Just imagine if the guest list to Clinton’s “thank you event” had included the hotel bellman who had given $45 rather than a hedge-fund guy who had given $20 million. Picture the bellman and the unemployed bank clerk and the school librarian and the registered nurse and the others partying with their candidate in the same ballroom where Truman Capote held his legendary Black and White Ball in 1966."


If you cant figure it out or see the difference I'm not sure anyone could explain something so obvious to you.


"...the bellman and the unemployed bank clerk and the school librarian and the registered nurse..." --mere plebs. They're only handy for giving pretense of democratic elections. Beyond that, only the ruling class gets actual political representation.


True about Palast although the term is not voter fraud but election fraud. Voters are not fraudulent but elections can be and are, either by eliminating blocks of voters expected to vote in some direction or by shifting votes in the software or especially in the reporting databases. There is not tracking and the softwares are proprietary, which means that individual corporations own the voting technology and it is secret. Never before was the method of voting and counting votes secret. It was just human beings making marks and counting marks on paper, which also leaves a record. For whatever reason, software for voting machines, was kept separate from all the other open-practices required of elections in all past elections.


Trump continues to display his contempt and pathological disorders. He clearly is not qualified or stable enough for this job!

Whipping-up the mob is par for his course - trumps chumps, the adoring mob of the bamboozled, ill-educated, uninformed, racists and bigots, banker and corporate pirates, climate deniers/fools - the sycophants he needs to satisfy his pathological ego and narcissism!
Between this carny cretin and his cabinet of horrors we really are in for a very rough ride......at least until he's impeached or indicted and removed from office - can't we just throw-out the election as fraudulent and hold another?


Oh I can see the difference don't get me wrong, it is just that Trump isn't something that completely came out of the blue but a nadir of an ongoing trend. Yes it is not normal nor shouldn't be considered normal.


I was just using a quote from the article, which said 'voting fraud', but you are correct that election fraud is the correct term.


These little forays by T-dump are costing taxpayers Million$$$...his ignorant fans included. The trips harken back to the days of Roman emperors/caesars hitching up their golden chariots pulled by great white steeds galloping around trumpeting their triumphs. T-dump does not want to be president, he simply wants to be crowned emperor ruling his principate and have his "senate" do all the work while he puffs and struts. He has surrounded himself with dangerous sycophants whom he seriously underestimates...and like jackals they will turn on him and on each other. And we all know what happened to Julius Caesar in 44 BC.


Yes we should have a do over on the election. Why would anyone accept results so tainted by fraud. Yet it seems to be A forgone conclusion that the results will stand.