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The Other Americans: Indigenous Guatemalans Mobilize to Denounce Coup in Bolivia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/20/other-americans-indigenous-guatemalans-mobilize-denounce-coup-bolivia

Good for the Guatemalan people showing solidarity with the supporters of Morales in Bolivia. Without justice there can be no peace.
BTW- Coming into work today an experiencd political activist ( non-affiliated ) from Brazil was being interviewed. She said, " make no mistake about it, Lula and Rousseff (sp) were harassed and ousted in a coup. There are different types of coups. This was an institutional coup d’etat. The courts, opposition forces and career politicians, some with ties to Bolsonaro, whose family is very corrupt…when Lula left office he had an 80% approval rating…"
What jumps out of that statement is that Lula had an 80% approval rating and ended up in the calaboose. What brave progressives.
3-4 xs, Yikes!!!