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The Other Anti-Establishment Candidates to Watch on Tuesday


The Other Anti-Establishment Candidates to Watch on Tuesday

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

"Super Tuesday No. 4" pits anti-establishment energy against Democratic Party insider status.

And no, we're not (just) talking about the dynamic between presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

U.S. Senate primaries in Maryland and Pennsylvania on Tuesday also feature outsider challengers who are giving Democratic establishment candidates a run for their money.


Sestak? Anti establishment? In his last Senate run, he was not all that distinguishable from the Republican Toomey, and lost to Toomey for the usual reasons. He is very hawkish.


Thanks for the warning!


Yep. Thought so.

Rep. Edwards was on Bill Maher and seemed like an equivocating, corporatist, Hillary Clinton supporter. She’s not anti-establishment as far as I could tell. She spouted the same blah, blah, blah as Secretary Clinton. I have no idea what she stands for or fights for.


Though for some reason, she endorsed HRC, her positions are more in line with Bernie. I met her briefly while in Baltimore visiting a program for the disadvantaged called Baltimore BUILD. Her positions on economics and race are much more proressive than Van Hollen.


Her positions on economics and race are much more proressive than Van Hollen.

That’s like saying Secretary Clinton’s policies are more progressive than Donald Trump’s.


“For what it’s worth…”??? If Sestak is fighting “for the soul of the Democratic Party” Fetterman is fighting for the soul of democracy. The GOP circus aside, Sanders and Sanders-inspired candidates are the core of the movement that makes this election different from the usual vanilla orthodox election scene. A taste of real democracy. The genesis of a real movement. That’s what it’s “worth”.


I was under the impression, Dr. Margaret Flowers was running for the senate in Maryland, but perhaps I’m mistaken. She’d certainly be the best person for the job in my view. Anyone have any information about this, please bring me up to date.
For more about who she is and what she stands for, she co-founded, www.popularresistance.org along with Kevin Zeese. Two of the best.


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