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The Other Mexican Migration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/07/other-mexican-migration


Parking is 8$ for the day. And I have received the best dental care at @ less than 2/3 cost in Ca and AZ. And it can be fun to go to Los Algodones!


So, according to us politicians, pundits,talkingheads, and, Joe Biden(et-al) the USA simply cannot afford Medicare for All. But, Mexico, far less wealthy than USA seems able to do so! You know, it really sucks , learning, some earlier than others, that WE, US citizens, have been lied to, misled, and been propagandized our entire lives, wow! Time for ALL citizens of good will to wake the “F” up and realize where things stand.


Except that people hate admitting to being a sucker to the lies and propaganda and all that. So, they resist the truth in order to save face from embarrassment.


The “For Profit” Champions will always talk about the limited number of Canadians that go to the USA for health care but never mention these Americans leaving their Country to do the same.

Here is the difference. Those Canadians that use the US system do not want to wait for surgeries. These are generally elective surgeries as in conditions not considered life threatening such as hip or knee surgery. Those Canadians generally pay out of pocket for this.

What the talking heads are suggesting in other words is “You only count in our numbers and statistics if you have MONEY”.

The Fraser institute , our version of the CATO institute does the same thing when they critique the Canadian system and comment the US system. They cherry pick numbers and focus only on the people with money.


It works wonderfully, and a good doctor in Mexico is a good doctor anywhere. People farther from the border might elect to fly in. or fly to a border town and cross. There are lots of places this can be done on foot.

Prices on very many things are lower than one pays out although one is insured.

But there are other reasons to go. By being less enmeshed with insurance companies and less wooed by American pharmaceutical companies, they have far fewer and less intense perverse motivations, so that care is quite often better.

It is advisable, really, to check on options and make visits in advance. The big trick, really, is being healthy enough after an injury or illness to limp your way out to find care.


Can’t afford , is a joke !! Is there money for war ? Certainly money for tax breaks on top of the bush tax breaks that were to expire but Obama let ride. Fiat currency across the globe , paper backed by nothing. Keystroking 29 trillion to the banks in 2008. And there ain’t enough ? You are joking ?


Not sure which day time talk show it was, but I believe there were 10 people on the stage that had almost died from having a medical procedure done in Mexico. I guess it’s true you get what you pay for maybe?

The third leading cause of death of Americans in the USA Ss per a John Hopkins University study is medical errors. The number dying each year from Medical errors is 250,000 minimum to a estimated upper limit of 440,000 per year, this the most expensive Medical system in the world. Is this what they paid for?

The ten you refer to that were on stage on some “American talk show” are lucky they were not one of the 250000 who can not speak on “Some American talk show”.

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In the oosa we pay a lot…yet