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The Other Olympic Sports: Racism, Sexism, Outing Gay Athletes From Violently Homophobic Countries


The Other Olympic Sports: Racism, Sexism, Outing Gay Athletes From Violently Homophobic Countries

Amidst the graft, excess, sniping, jingoism, and social and environmental devastation that is the Olympics, there have been many moments of stunning drama and athletic perfection, most notably by the two triumphant African-American Simones, Biles and Manuel. Too bad their and others' achievements have been sullied by face-palm-worthy media coverage that has often been trivial, insulting, stupidly sexist, abysmally racist and - with one trashy piece casually, smirkingly outing gay athletes hooking up in Olympic Village - wildly unethical.


"We were wrong. We will do better."
Change your basic HATE formula that brings on the profit? Not likely. Best thing that could happen to the likes of you is a back wash of that HATE so willingly employed. So be it.


Nothing inadvertent about the Beast idiocy, and I hope they're being held to that. But all of this is a big part of the reason I do not attend to the Olympics at all.


Imagine: instead of a sequence of athletic musical chair events where there is only one winner, which makes losers of everyone else...each nation in the world nominated their best biologist, engineer, teacher, musician, physician, etc. to a collaborative games. Then the teams can, over the next four years, develop projects that will benefit humanity and our world. What could we be? What would our world look like with collaboration as a base instead of competition? That would be a global event I would surely support.


How can you celebrate the Olympics and bash jingoism? I thought that the Olympics was about jingoism. I've never cared for the Olympics for that and other reasons. As Finnerblatzian stated, it would be far more healthy to have people collaborating in relevant and helpful activities. I never did get the point of watching competitions in athletic events where the activities have no relevance or value in today's world.


Abby once again points out the morons of the world being the perfect jerks that they are.


Instead of having people highly trained to chase balls, run, jump, and other things, why not meet every year at a place devastated by fire/flood/earthquake/war or whatever and compete between countries to see who can rebuild it best? Rich countries could compete to build water processing plants, airports, and hospitals, while countries of more modest means could show their best artisans building houses, roads, and schools.


Interesting how of the hundreds of events and over ten thousand athletes, the "most notable" moments cited just happen to involve Americans. I'd think that a Fijian, for example, would consider the Fijian rugby seven's gold (their first medal ever) to be at least as "notable".


Could be good or not that Ryan Lochte seems excluded from this account and its responses (or didn't I read enough?). Well, I hate to kick that lying pisser when he's down, but on the other hand the ugliest of Americans are the ones that receive the most attention in this society. They therefore should be held to a high standard of public discourse, yes, even to good English.

Why does Ryan say he "over-exaggerated?" Why doesn't he just say he exaggerated. "Over-exaggerated" is too much and over the top.


This article went up before the Lochte incident occurred.


I guess that is important but am not sure.