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The Other Reason Biden Shouldn’t Run

The Other Reason Biden Shouldn’t Run

Stephen Zunes

Anyone wondering about former Vice-President Joe Biden’s fitness for the presidency ought to be concerned about the recent allegations of inappropriate touching. But there is another issue that deserves consideration: his key role in making possible an inappropriate and utterly disastrous war.


Stephen Zunes: After reading your article, I would change your headline to: THE REASON BIDEN WILL RUN.


Tulsi Gabbard appears on Jimmy Dore. You do not have to accept everything she says or embrace her platform but she should be heard more than a Joe Biden.


Only a Psychotic, Sadistic Mentally Deranged Senator like Biden and Hillary would have supported the Invasion of a Sovereign Nation that had absolutely nothing to do with 911.

It never seems to occur to these people that they are voting to Bomb innocent people. Fellow Human Beings.

Now Biden says OOPS that Vote might have been a mistake.

Misspelling a word is a mistake, forgetting something at the supermarket is a mistake, authorizing the Killing of Thousands of Innocent People is a Tragedy beyond Comprehension.

Joe, join the Republican Party where you belong and see if you can topple Trump in the Republican Primaries.

Keep your Psychotic Schizophrenic touchy-feely personality away from the Democratic Party.


All my liberal friends have already doubled-down on Biden already. They have also all doubled-down on Russia-gate.

This means they will piss away the next 2 years supporting yet another ‘Democrat’ who governs like a Republican, but luckily they also have pre-installed a delusional answer to explain why most voters respond un-enthusiastically.

No need to watch the news. Trump in 2020.

The Dems prolly like it that way. With Republicans in control, the Dems are free to vote the whims of their donors (corporations, war-profiteers) and still blame Trump.


I really really like Stephen Zunes who writes some of the best foreign policy pieces that show up here. The fact that he adds information that goes in favor of Biden just adds to his credibility (Zunes’s, not Biden’s).

Zunes fails to mention one more election where being against the most recent Iraq war helped secure victory - Trump’s primary election. I have no doubt that his willingness to absolutely pummel George (and thus Jeb) Bush on the nature of this war helped him win the primary. Too many people assumed “oh gosh, he’s going against the troops” when what he was really messaging was “I won’t send your kids to die in a bullshit war” (which of course he is totally willing to do since he is a complete liar).

I see nothing good whatsoever with Biden staying in - he is more likely to lose in the general than just about anybody else I can imagine winning the primary, and he is terrible on the issues. So I hope we get a slow but steady trickle of more women coming out and more articles like these on horrendous decisions related to the second gulf war, Clarence Thomas hearings, and whatever corrupt actions he took cozying up to the financial industry.

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Good points.