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The Other Superpower?


The Other Superpower?

Robert C. Koehler

“I’m so honored to be alive at such a miraculous time in history. I’m so moved by what’s going on in our world today.”


Kennedy’s Peace Speech at American University would seem to me to negate this assertion.

And never is a very long time.

Then there are ideas from so called ‘nuclear experts’, and ‘psychological experts’.

Let’s just say I am unimpressed with any of the statements above, and leave it at that.

Nevertheless - the central idea, that there is another comparable power on Earth in opposition to runaway militarism is interesting - and may be true.

Embedded within each of us are social genes - and what Lysander Spooner called a feeling for ‘natural justice’, which presumably disavows the extermination of our own species by our own hand.

To wit - another scholar speaks, ‘expert’ and versed by experience in both international law & political science (Harvard).

Words and ideas to consider:

"Will the Imperial American Republic suffer the same fate as the Imperial Athenian Democracy? Will World War 3 be far behind? Will humanity suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs? Will the Planet Earth become a radioactive wasteland?

The present danger is Hobbesian power politics. The only known antidote is international law, international organizations, and the peaceful settlement of international disputes. Otherwise the future of humankind will be left to the brutal and bloody hands of geopolitical Hobbists such as the realists, the neo-realists, and the neoconservatives.

There will be no International War Crimes Tribunal like Nuremberg after World War 3. Only humankind’s deafening silence for all of eternity."

  • Francis A. Boyle, “Destroying Libya and World Order” (2013), (page 36, Chapter 1)


“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.~

The Other Superpower?

Us. Public opinion.

Those in government, the parties of the Duopoly have used patriotism to preempt us from opening a dialog about what it cost to maintain this Evil Empire founded around militarism, and the Death and Human Suffering it profits from.

Save your own soul, open your eyes to the evil.

The Duopoly is already damned to Hell. Don’t let it drag you down there with it.


here’s a post i made yesterday on danny sjursen’s article, “trump’s toy soldier fantasy”

"toy soldiers, indeed! little boys delight in things that go boom! some outgrow these childish things, while others desire to play with bigger toys. and now their “toy” soldiers are living, breathing human beings and at day’s end these toys–the good ones and the bad ones–do not return to the toy box to play another day. “they go to graveyards, every one.”

Soldiers a-marching and jets a-flying used to be saved for Memorial Day or Veterans Day. Now, it’s a regular Sunday spectacle.

on june 15 back during the mid-nineties our family gathered at my husband’s parents’ home. my very conservative fatner-in-law asked the gathering, “did you display your flag yesterday?” one cousin said that he had, “good for you!” mike’s dad responded.

my sister-in-law admitted they had not and i offered my congratulatory “good for you!”

yeah, used to be certain days like flag day, veterans day and july fourth “americans” hoisted old glory, but now it seems things have changed–at least in my neighborhood. at least 3/4 of the homes around me wave the flag all day every day and two homes have added the confederate flag.

Add to this the U.S. bombing going on throughout the Middle East and Trump’s recent orders to the Pentagon to organize a huge military parade in Washington, D.C., summoning, it seems, the glory of dictatorships past and present, and I found myself trying to reach for something beyond outrage. I started to feel a cold chill in my soul. What matters here is the emergence of a different sort of power that understands the reality of peace: It’s not something forced on the loser by the winner’s superior weaponry.–Robert Koehler


The US is an empire, & the history of empires shows us that they never reform on their own volition. Reform only happens after an extremely ignominious defeat, and is always too little, too late.

The USSR, dysfunctional as it was, pulled out of Afghanistan after 9 years of unwinnable quagmire. USA has been in Afghanistan 16 years and shows no signs of ever pulling out. Same with all our other quadmires.

China will likely eventually kick the USA’s ass someway, either through smarter economics or via covert ops, or through drone war, or cyber war, or perhaps even full blown nuclear war.

But whatever, the USA is doomed, and the next 30 years are not going to be pretty, watching the environment become toxic & seeing the dystopia spread from Detroit & Baltimore to NYC & San Francisco.

First it will be like ‘Soylent Green,’ then like ‘Mad Max.’

No, not pretty at all.


In 2003 a million people marched in the UK against war, tens of millions more protested around the world. Tell me why they were not heeded.

The peace movements are courageous and filled with people of fine sentiment but without understanding the root cause of war, it is a treadmill. The fight against war is inseparable from the fight for socialism. And this is very important to know, for us who want to fight for our lives and our peace, against the war. We must strike evil at its root, not its branches. War is part and parcel of the capitalist system. The danger of war arises inevitably out of the very nature of capitalism — the ownership of the means of production by a small capitalist class and the complete domination of government by this class.

A united front against war is appealing. What possible reason could one have in opposing an organisation composed of liberals, the churches and pacifists who are all determined to oppose war? Nevertheless, those who understand the principles of socialism know that to depend upon any organisation other than the working class will sooner or later lead to failure. War is as intimately bound up with capitalist society as the exploitation of the working class by the employing class. To think of being able to prevent war, in the long run, without at the same time changing the system which breeds war, is utopian. Pacifists and reformists who in practice accept the present order of society and merely wish to ameliorate the conditions of the working class look to conferences and treaties to prevent war. Socialists look to the ending of capitalist society to prevent wars.


I saw those marches. I heard that talk. “People who don’t want to support the war can leave the country!!” a manager at work told me one day. He didn’t know me. My bags were already packed. When my last graduated high school, I left. I became an English teacher abroad, joining tens of thousands around the world. The US doesn’t make war with countries that speak English. Have you noticed?


“The US doesn’t make war with countries that speak English. Have you noticed?”

Perhaps except the British (and Canadians). War of Independence and 1812
And of course themselves in the Civil War ;-p

The Scottish Marxist, John Maclean wrote a pamphlet on the possibility of an Anglo-American conflict