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The Oversight-Eviscerating Rule Change the House GOP Did Manage to Squeak By


The Oversight-Eviscerating Rule Change the House GOP Did Manage to Squeak By

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid the uproar over the Republican Party's attempt to cripple the Office of Congressional Ethics, a little-noticed rule change was passed that guts an essential element of government oversight.

The rules package included a sentence that read: "Records created, generated, or received by the congressional office of a Member...are exclusively the personal property of the individual Member...and such Member...has control over such records."


Unreal. Thanks to CD for bringing this to my attention. So many things are happening so fast, I can't follow them all.


"Why on earth would Congress now create barriers to investigation and subpoenas of a member's spending records?"

The political act of the originary word behind the USA: ** colonization** (in this case another version of "history" ... aka 'precedents'). The colonizing premise is always hunting for the least obtrusive colonizing by ideology - whether by elimination or authoritarian obfuscation.

Consider Trump. Muddy the waters, churn, churn, churn and then make the people think he and his ilk are not forcing a 'cry uncle' situation. As an oligarch's oligarch, Trump is a dream-come-true for the extracting classes to suck down to the last drop, during an epoch when parasites are defining the discourse.

Case in point: Sessions hearing and the question about immigration. The situation of immigration is, I would submit, due primarily to the parasitic activity of the US corporate interests under the United Fruit model (colonization, dehumanization, extraction, ethnocide, genocide, ecocide under monoculture for export). But during this epoch those connections will not be made. Why? Because pitting peoples against peoples is entirely too profitable to those who benefit from the campaign contributions and revolving doors. But a day is coming when the stunningly narcissistic stupidity of the model will fall down around the ears of those who have fomented it.


Very obviously trying to keep oversight from happening. They really think if they can change enough laws they can stop anyone from coming after them for their corruption. Wishful thinking. They keep forgetting we are watching and we are mad as hell.
It reminds me of my three year old after being told no, turning to me and seriously telling me not to say that word. Sorry, but the answer is still no, we won't sit by and watch as they pull out the stops for corruption.


How about having a "private server" as a means of protecting the public record?


I worked for the county. I put a sign on my cubicle that said "All documents created, generated or received in this cubicle are my personal property." NOT. One would hope that the courts would toss this out but who knows? The laws have been so mangled.


Any laws relevant to the just duties of the oversight committee should not be created that would limit the scope of justice.


Paul Ryan, reminds me of the fascist character that Donald Southerland played in that great Bertolucci Film, 1900


Precisely why Republicans scheduled so many hearings in one week. Nothing but criminals and we seem helpless to stop them.


Absolutely. They haven't even been properly vetted. This administration may be the most corrupt since Reagan's.

Do people even know that Comey was testifying today? Sen. Wyden pressed him on the FBI's investigation into Trump associates' ties to Russia, and Wyden sits on the intelligence committee and would know if such investigations are happening. Comey said that he couldn't comment on anything like that, not even to confirm if the investigations were happening, which is kind of odd considering he very loudly talked about the investigation regarding Clinton just a week before the election.


"This administration may be the most corrupt since Reagan's."

Reagan? Even Nixon and Agnew, or Garfield, would be a paragons of ethics compared to Trump. It will be the most crooked presidency in US history.


I'm guessing you're think of Grant, not Garfield. While Garfield was accused in the 1872 Credit Mobilier scandal nothing was proven. His presidential term in 1881 was the second shortest and did not appear to be touched by scandal (perhaps because there wasn't time).


Crooks, creeps, and corporate whores...that is the U S House GOP majority...every damned one of them with the biggest, most dangerous, and despicable being "Baby-face" Ryan. May he be personally eviscerated, one piece at a time.


Grant was NOT crooked and did all he had in his power to do to clean up after the rampant graft and corruption practiced by Andrew Johnson and his administration during Reconstruction. Johnson was impeached. Grant, a decorated General of humble beginnings (farmer) with immense integrity, intelligence, and loyalty to his country and his president, Abraham Lincoln was also a respected and revered president who played a major role in opening diplomatic relations with China and Japan (he and his wife, Julia went on a 28-month world tour after his term ended in 1877 (served two terms: 1869-1877). Julia Grant was one of our nation's best hostess-cum-ambassadors...known for her diplomatic skills, artful entertainment, receptions, dinners, etc. And back in the day, the President paid all such expenses.

I highly recommend a recent biography of US Grant by Ronald C. White: American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant as well as an earlier one by Geoffrey Perrett, Ulysses S. Grant: Soldier & President. U S Grant finished his personal memoir (published by Mark Twain) just days before he passed away to make sure that his wife and family were financially able to carry on after his demise. It was a HUGE best seller and is still available to this day!


I judge Reagan's administration to be a bit more corrupt than Nixon's, but either way, it's a level of lawlessness that Trump seems bent on beating.

Btw, have you been following the news about the Russia connection?

Back in October, there was this:


And now there's this:


I've also been following Kendzior on Twitter, who keeps talking about things that go back decades, including Russian organized crime aiding Trump. His ties to US organized crime aren't a secret, but that goes along with being a real estate developer in NYC, so I tend to overlook that.

I don't want to go down the rabbit hole on this, but it's not like this stuff is coming from Alex Jones, so I can't just dismiss it, either.

(Edited because that second link blew up the CD forum formatting in preview, lol.)


Does this mean whistle blowers who expose these documents can't be charged with federal crime?


"Why on earth would Congress now create barriers to investigation and subpoenas of a member's spending records?"

Here's the skinny. The conservatives believe that the left is a bunch of woosie pacifist takers who won't defend themselves against an army of republicans. These folks include the real takers in society. Starting at the top with they who compensate themselves and each other lavishly and ridiculously for their one-person's worth of daily contribution. That often this contribution is no more helpful to society than killing oxygen producing grass with clubs and consuming ever more with the breath used to make their deals. Deals, I point out, that anyone else in that position would also make, so how indispensable are they, really? The group continues down to the deplorables that HRC called out who are a bunch of militia-wanna be's. It's true they are better armed and totally willing to use them, especially if their victims won't fight back.

These folks plan on restructuring the economy on the backs of, by, and from the poor and lesser educated who are powerless to stop them. HRC liked the pace it was going just fine and may have even let off the gas abbot, but make no mistake the disparity would have continued to grow. Now, the Trumpster is going to seek to extract as much wealth for himself and his besties as quickly as he can. Think we can convict him on a felony or totally traitorous acts in front of a republican senate? Not bloody likely! Think a republican house will impeach? Again NBL. Folks about the only option left is hope or withholding labor.
General Strike yet anyone?


Waiting for an impeachment is self-defeating....The guy's a bought and paid for Russian operative. Kick his and his junta to be asses out now...right now...well before Inauguration Day.


"...some documents are no longer the property of the U.S. government...", must be nice. The rest of us dont have this privlage in our country. Our records, like personal info is kept by FBI, CIA, and corporations indefinitely. What a load of sh*t! Anything to allow politicians to be corrupt is obviously more important than the war thats going on, the homeless on the streets, skyrocketed healthcare costs, workers rights, womens and minorities rights, childrens lives taken by police...yea, there is more important sh*t they must take priority with, like hiding their f*cking corruption. We're number one, we're number one...!


I wish for French Revolution-style justice. Off with their heads and put them on spikes 2' high so folks look down on them in death as much as we do now in life. These folks are preparing to vote themselves largess from the public coffers, and despite the immorality, they will at least make it legal under the PERVERTED system they'll oversee.