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The Palestine Marathon

The Palestine Marathon

Jen Marlowe

I never intended to run a marathon, but when I realized that I would be on hand for the 2019 Palestine Marathon, I registered. I did so in solidarity with the goals of the aptly named Right to Movement, the global running community founded in 2013 to organize the first annual marathon there.

I am glad that Palestine has a Marathon----and in reading what the writer experienced – a marathon becomes not just a race—but a physically challenging walk through the historical minefield of an oppressed nation. Thank you for running the marathon and for writing this-----a marathon is what Palestinians have been experiencing for 70, going on 71 years. I am so impressed with the Palestinians----no matter what the Israeli government does, Palestine and the Palestinians endure— Palestine will survive to thrive. I truly believe in the Palestinians and their Right to Return----because to me, they are the strongest and most admired people in the world.

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