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The Palestinian Car Was Stolen by Israel, and It Must Be Returned


The Palestinian Car Was Stolen by Israel, and It Must Be Returned

Here's a chance to hear the great Gideon Levy, Israeli-born-and-bred writer for Haaretz and indefatigable critic of Zionism, who spoke this week in Westchester, N.Y. Facing down obstreperous hecklers, Levy offered a concise defense of Palestinian rights - "When someone steals your car, you have to get (it) back" - an impassioned indictment of apartheid, and the only moral solution to what many deem intractable conflict: "The discourse is simple - equal rights for all."


I hope that I live long enough to see the Israelis get their comeuppance! For far too long they have lorded it over the Palestinians using brutality and barbarity.

The worm has to turn, bring some balance into the equation. Currently, there is none!


The 'stolen car" is a fair analogy by Gideon Levy but the war crimes and racism Israel has inflicted on Palestinians (and Lebanese) for over 50 years have been so much more. It has been a premeditated theft since (and before) 1948 with the West up to its neck in the original crime. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/apr/14/israel


http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/10/21/the-single-state-solution-is-already-here/ - another excellent piece by Mr Levy

Beside Israeli/Zionist theft of territory by force of arms, the collective racism and brutality, theft of natural resources, wholesale destruction (an ongoing program) of civilian infrastructure, homes by the thousands, Palestinian water systems, olive groves - a Palestinian National Symbol, and so much more are ongoing crimes. The "settlement" program was kicked into high-gear by Ariel Sharon (the butcher of Sabra & Shatila, AKA butcher of Beirut) to "put facts on the ground that will be hard to change" - a premeditated program to steal and occupy lands in direct violation of International Law, numerous UN resolutions, and ICJ rulings especially the "Separation Barrier" AKA the Apartheid Wall that intentionally walled-off Palestinian lands to steal even more territory! ANY 'deal" that rewards these premeditated Israeli/Zionist land thefts must NOT be tolerated - must not be rewarded by any legitimacy or "pre-existing" recognition!

ALL Lands across the pre-1967 "Green Line" are Palestinian lands! Unless a fair quid pro quo exchange is agreed-to by Palestinian leaders the green Line is the internationally recognized border! One very important Palestinian leader is Marwan Barghouti who sits in an Israeli prison - he must be released!

ALL racist ethnic cleansing, theft of territory, killings, new separation walls, demolitions, settlements, and much more have only expanded under the war criminal Netanyahu with support, funding, and turning a blind-eye from contemptible US politicians, president, and Israeli agents! ENOUGH!


https://www.hrw.org/news/2015/08/22/israel-surge-unlawful-palestinian-home-demolitions - israeli home demolitions

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/apr/14/israel - Palestinian olive groves

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2004/jul/10/israel3 - ICJ ruling Apartheid wall


Hats off to Gideon Levy!


One hopes, with all one's heart, that people like Gideon Levy are harbingers of the moral future. Levy is more than a Jew, more than an Israeli. He is a person of conscience and conscience, properly lived, has no particular allegiance to any tribe, religion, "race" or nationality. Morally speaking, Levy is a true internationalist and universalist; he is prepared to criticize his own country for its unspeakable crimes. Levy follows the best in the radical tradition. One is loyal to humanity and one does one's best to serve justice and right. The rest is all bullshit...

Consider how much the average American migt learn from a person like Gideon Levy! Many Americans and many Israelis are simple tribal members, blind chauvinists lacking moral character. I am thinking of the people who defend the American bombing of an Afghan hospital or the Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes. People who defend such barbarism are essentially Nazified in their thinking. If they win the future, humanity has no future!

Who are these fanatics, these bigots, who will heckle a prophet and a man of conscience? Gideon Levy knows Israel very well from the inside, but Jewish American extremists, who are mired in their own self-importance, discount the wisdom of Mr Levy and resort to the thuggish tactic of shouting him down and calling him names. And Mr Levy is an Israeli Jew! One can only imagine how the Zionist fanatics would react if Mr Levy was a Palestinian speaking critically of the occupation!

The time has come to push back against the blind defenders of Israeli barbarism, whether they reside in Israel or the United States. These people are leading Jews, Arabs and everyone else into certain catastrophic disaster. Notice that they have no solution to the "Palestinian problem," which is really the Israeli problem of stealing Palestinian land. The tribal fascists can only offer war and oppression, as if these strategies have any chance of securing "peace" (the most abused word in the modern world!). In truth, the Zionists have embraced a Nazi-like vision of the utter destruction of the Palestinian people. The game plan is obvious: kill and terrorize enough Palestinians until they give up all claims on returning to their ancestral lands. Eventually, they will be absorbed into the surrounding nations, and will effectively disappear as a national community. This is genocide by hard and soft means. One has to say that the game plan seems to be working. And one reason for that is that Zionist fanatics in the United States have provided Israel with all sorts of cover, as it goes about committing crimes.

Either Israeli Jews and their lunatic American supporters will come to their senses and treat in good faith with the Palestinians, or the Israel/Palestine conflict will eventually drag the whole world into a cruel unrelenting 100 years war, in which no one wins and everyone loses. Isn't it obvious how much we have all already lost because Israel will not give up on settlements and the occupation?


Thank you, Mr. Levy, thank you! Here's hoping your rational arguments are heard and supported far and wide.


A better analogy than car theft would be home invasion and theft. Homes are a bit more important than cars.

But bravo, Gideon, and mazel tov!


Boycott Divest Sanction


Bravo jrp1900! A great truthful comment!

"One is loyal to humanity and one does one's best to serve justice and right"

A paraphrase of your comment: When Zionist extremists treat an Israeli Jew with such aggression and hatred, one can only imagine how Palestinians in the Occupied Territories are treated - we don't have to imagine, we who are paying attention see the war crimes and crimes against humanity and violence, racism against all accepted norms of human decency that are part of Palestinian daily existance!


Well, you're absolutely right Tom. My comment ignores a larger crime that encompasses all the things and more you lay out. I suspect Palestinians would at this point in time accept the half loaf that would be a sovereign, independent and secure state in all the Occupied territories rather than what probably would be an endless struggle with psycopath racist extremists/killers, assured of their own supremacy - that struggle may well be the future for Palestinians, but I set-out what had been at least partially agreed to by their leaders, whatever that's worth.


Well, I somehow posted the same comment twice and cannot delete it except edit it to this - my apologies.


We have a similar views of the history and current crimes/atrocities committed by Zionist terrorists on Palestinians, I only hope more people wake-up to the lies and manipulation of history by Israeli leaders to mask and/or hide their crimes from the world. No world body has the integrity to stand-up to, or speak openly of the over half-century crimes against Palestine. Hopefully justice will be given to Palestine/Palestinians and Israeli terrorism held to account!

It's clear to me the blatant crime inflicted on Palestine was premeditated to fulfill the tribal mythology of Eretz Israel by Zionists employing terrorism (Stern, Irgun et al) to overthrow the existing power and create/steal eventually ALL of Palestine from existing inhabitants - that crime has only expanded over time, but the purpose is Jewish racist domination and control over all of Palestine - more territory is also lusted after such as South Lebanon to the Litani River, that was attempted before but driven-back.

The massacre at Dier Yassin and expulsions of palestinians from over 450 villages that were immediately blown-up or bulldozed by Jewish forces (ethnic cleansing) is representative of the terrorism accelerating in 1948.

Selective history has never been used so effectively to blind the world to the atrocities committed by Jewish extremists on Palestinians. The US especially is complicit to Israeli war crimes and has adopted their brutality, racism and contemptible methods. Even though Israel intentionally attacked the USS Liberty their control over US politicians and press denied justice or official truth to the survivors. The same control was used to hide the murder of American protesters like Rachel Corrie - the US cravenly did not support victims of Israeli murder/maiming! There are many other false-flag actions by Israel/Mossad that have not been openly spoken of.

US sovereignty has been subverted by open agents for a foreign power (AIPAC) no nation should tolerate, but the clever mixing of religion, culture, state and media manipulations and propaganda to blind Americans and the world to Israeli expansionism and terrorist atrocities is very strong - a great threat to far more than Palestinians alone who bear the brunt of racist hatred and violence daily.





Thanks Abby. I watched the video of Levy's talk a few days ago and was as impressed as you and most everyone here. (I haven't read all the comments but I'm assuming some negative ones.) But I am writing to offer my compliments to you on some of your own best writing for Common Dreams, e.g:

"The tribal fascists can only offer war and oppression, as if these strategies have any chance of securing "peace" (the most abused word in the modern world!). In truth, the Zionists have embraced a Nazi-like vision of the utter destruction of the Palestinian people. The game plan is obvious: kill and terrorize enough Palestinians until they give up all claims on returning to their ancestral lands."

Telling it like it is.

As always,