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The 'Palestinian Chair': Exposing Israel’s Direct Role in US Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/17/palestinian-chair-exposing-israels-direct-role-us-violence

“The fact that thousands of American police officers have been trained by Israelis, thus the burgeoning of violent military-like tactics used against ordinary Americans, is only one link in a long chain of deadly exchanges between the two countries.”

Corroborating what I’ve been saying for years. Thank you, sir. Has a little more import when it comes from a scholarly source. And not just some random redneck (me). Israeli crowd control tactics = brutalize and kill.

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So now Israel is responsible for the decades of crappy policing in America? All the police military equipment comes from Israel? All the brutality stems from Israeli training? What crap. And articles like this are why people go out and kill Jews.

What I find most repugnant about Israel and its apologists is how they collectively worship an actual fascist. I don’t want to hear about the Holocaust anymore. Israel has shat all over its victims.