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The Panama Papers: 'Biggest Leak in History' Exposes Global Web of Corruption


The Panama Papers: 'Biggest Leak in History' Exposes Global Web of Corruption

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

An anonymous source, an enormous cache of leaked documents, and a year-long investigative effort by around 400 journalists from more than 100 media organizations in over 80 countries have yielded the Panama Papers, an unprecedented look at how the world's rich and powerful use tax havens to hide their wealth.

The investigation went live on Sunday afternoon.

German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote:


Hmphf....No wonder the elites want to drown the government and throw it out with the bathwater. No over-sight means they can continue clandestine operations as usual.


How to hide a billion dollars in 5 easy steps, good video!


What this leak shows is how vital the City, via corporate subsidiaries in UK overseas territories, crown dependencies, etc. (the mish-mash of jurisdictions that are part of the leftovers of the British colonial empire) is in making this scam work. The main advantage for a crooked politico is that these various tax havens have the advantage of being tied into a first world banking system, the UK's. That means their more-than-likely ill gotten gains are only a debit card away (or an online banking password protected session for larger sums), whilst having the secrecy that Switzerland used to offer. Of course, considering the Cameron family have personally profited from this, any homilies from David Cameron about cracking down on this are complete lies. While the UK is not the only player in this corrupt market, as Panama is wants to be the US$ version of this, shutting down places like the Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, etc. would hurt elite scum bags all across the planet for a bit.


Something's not quite right here. None of the "evil" men are from Empire so far. It's all about Assad and Putin supporters and other minor players. Yes Iceland premier corruption is minor.

So far I smell a rat. Let's see if any Americans turn up.


The wrong folks are in prison but there is hope:


demand that the jails and prison be emptied to make room for the real criminal class--the 1%.

Support this prisoner strike: https://supportprisonerresistance.noblogs.org/post/2016/04/01/announcement-of-nationally-coordinated-prisoner-workstoppage-for-sept-9-2016/


Strange that no one in the below countries used this company, supposedly the 4th largest of its kind.

Israel, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Also, the names cited in the UK look to be possibly a kind of limited hang-out. Retired MPs and a 96 year old lady. I bet even the David Cameron father thing turns out to be legally benign. Yeah, there is quite a stench of grooming/filtering of this data, either by the receiving news organizations or by the leaker(s):

This link profiles the major figures by country:



Correct, none of the countries in that "virtuous" list appear. That in itself rings a deafening alarm bell.


The question is, are the news organizations putting this out in agreed-upon batches? Greenwald did this with the Snowden revelations: mining it for stories over a period of months. Perhaps those other countries will be coming soon.

It's also possible that this came from the NSA, and the reason we don't see those countries is because of the "5 Eyes" agreement that would shield/hide these countries from scrutiny? Grasping at straws here. There just seems to be no way that not s single prominent American would have used that company.


A wild thought crossed my mind -
I wondered how long it will be before the Clinton's or their Foundation are implicated in this?


The Panama Papers, Unaoil corruption, IMF scandal - it's all coming out - the rot.


The Clintons and their Foundation are probably on the list. But the corporate media will make sure to cover that piece of info up, burying it real deep.....


Seems like this is pretty good news for some. With the drug laws changing rapidly, clearly we need to release a large number of prisoners who are now serving time for a crime which is no longer a crime. So, their jail sentence is no longer a jail sentence. Get the keys out. Releasing these people will open up a huge number of beds in existing jails. So, there will be ample cells for these crooks, and they can serve time without society having to build a large number of additional prisons. All those prison guards can now rest easy about their job security.


"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."


I see how the western press is using the info to go after Putin likely to weaken his political position. No mention of western crooks in the US. I note the Iceland prime minister is mentioned. Now who would want to take down people who resist the Western banksters?? Any guesses??


What we need is more of the same vote.........


They, also, should release information about corruption in rich and developed countries.


I went to the panama papers wikipedia page, which has a decent map of which countries are listed (thus far.) It's worth a look.


Muchas Gracias Deirdre Fulton and PUBLIC CITIZEN's non-profit and bi-partisan publication COMMON DREAMS DOT ORG for providing the context and background that corporate-captured online news gatekeepers like YAHOO NEWS and their wire service providers fail to provide. For example, earlier today YAHOO NEWS ran AFP's (Agence France Press) pointless backgrounder on the trans national legal firm representing the world's largest Shadow Banking centers under the headline: "LAW FIRM IN PANAMA PAPERS LEAK IS SECRETIVE WITH BIG CLIENTS."

How does that build on the deep digging done by long-time alternative investigative journalists like Ken Silverstein who has published his decade-long ongoing research into SHADOW BANKING in VICE NEWS, COUNTERPUNCH and HARPER's? Silverstein's and other independent journalists covering SHADOW BANKING during the very time frame as the "GREAT DIVERGENCE" of E-CON inequality and concentration of unfettered capital in off-shore banking havens has never generated so much as a blip of interest on the radar of our mainstream herd-journalists.

Advertiser\PR-driven and AMERICAN ENTERPRISE-CATO-BROOKINGS INSTITUTE-HERITAGE FOUNDATION ideologically underwritten PUBLIC BROADCASTING SYSTEM news has outsourced all investigative reporting. Their Wall Street E-Con analysis daily programs such as MARKETPLACE, PLANET MONEY, THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET (note never a use of the public broadcast system to present news from a WORKING PERSON's perspective) haven't sourced Silverstein or his international press compatriots.

Such as Israel's whistle-blowing former Accountant General-turned-academic Yaron Zelekha and Guy Rolnick (see recent Israeli TV Arutz 8 documentary MAGASH HA'KESEF\THE SILVER PLATTER yet to be subtitled into English, one Hebrew episode on YouTube) who have been digging into Anti-Trust trans national cartel capitalism, corporate shell structuring, the FUNDING OF DICTATORS and the nexus to rigged global markets resulting not in expansion of competition, rather in Oligarch-controlled and finance elite-manipulated global flows of unfettered capital. Nor have our Professional Class of News & Info'tainment Gatekeepers considered it germane to ELECTION SEASON COVERAGE and\or televised debate questioning of candidates.

The CPB was established in 1967 to insulate some small section of the broadcast spectrum from LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR market-dictated pressures on broadcasting. To preserve some tiny portion of this wasteland of mass communications' most pervasive medium for educational and PUBLIC AFFAIRS use of those "People's Airwaves."

Is today's Marc Burleigh by-line for AFP-YAHOONEWS a background report on the larger breaking story syndicated by the non-profit ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) on PANAMA's place in global SHADOW BANKING? That international breaking story came out of Germany's SUDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG exposure of massive documentation nick-named THE PANAMA PAPERS and carrying the domestic U.S. headline: "OFFSHORE LINKS OF MORE THAN 140 POLITICIANS AND OFFICIALS EXPOSED". The context of which is well-established in this very useful COMMON DREAMS primer by Deirdre Fulton. Or, what I'd call the bi-partisan and non-profit PUBLIC CITIZEN'S PEOPLE'S INTELLIGENCE SERVICE (PIS) providing dissemination of news with analysis and contextualization that we need as opposed to more WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION trickling down from hierarchical corporate-captured media monopolists.

Is Yahoo News attempting to compensate for joining the rest of the U.S. corporate-captured News Reporting Industry's refusal to address during this 2015-16 Presidential Campaign Season of Corporate-Sponsored Televised debates the lack of any line of questioning that would deepen our body politic's understanding of what SHADOW BANKING is? Or as an institution is Yahoo News attempting to compensate for Hillary Clinton's under-reported and barely referenced first major decision after being named SECRETARY OF STATE in 2009 by supporting with her promoted Bush-Cheney Neo-Con State Department staff led by Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan the military coup in Panama's neighbor Honduras?

Stunning examples of reform-candidate and then elected President Bait & Switch Obama's prompt pivot to Wall Street and the Regime Changing Ways he campaigned AGAINST, held aloft by the grassroots networks I was active in when he defeated DLC-birthed candidate Hillary Clinton in the DNC primaries of 2007-08. By March 2010 even the grass-roots mass mediated honeymoon was over, with Wisconsin's THE PROGRESSIVE magazine headlining their editorial: "HILLARY CLINTON'S HONDURAN DISGRACE." That has not been re-visited by the national news industry since the masses of Honduran, Guatemalan and Salvadoran un-accompanied children have been showing up en mass via Human Trafficking networks on the Mexico-U.S. border, with their families scraping every last peso together to pay to try and get their kids to safety with relatives in the U.S. due to the results of Washington's WAR ON DRUGS on domestic corruption and military-materiel provided gangs of "entrepreneurs."

Panama's Central American neighbor Honduras has been Washington's largest Iran-Contra\War On Drugs\Military Intel and CIA base in the Southern Hemisphere. SHADOW BANKING goes back to the SHADOW GOVERNMENT serving in the White House basement with Ronald Reagan & George HW Bush's approval during the 1980's-90's under John Negroponte's direction. Negroponte was, as online journalistic declassified docs confirm "Washington's Man in Tegucigalpa." That whole base of operations for launching the counter-Boland Amendment state terror campaign against the Sandinista Government of Nicaragua from the isthmus's tiny coastal neighbor. Negroponte's network of Death Squads and SCHOOL OF THE AMERICA's graduated military leaders were aided by the U.S. naval and surveillance presence, known in the world of spooks and off-the-reservation journalists along with anti-Secret War activists as the USS HONDURAS.

Current U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has bragged in her post-departure as Secretary of State auto-biography of helping keep the democratically elected and 2-term serving President Mel Zelaya and the anti-corruption Partido de Libral Honduras in exile and away from his job leading the coalition government of WAR ON DRUGS budget-scaled corruption-plagued Honduras. Where the outcomes of the War On Drugs launched by President Richard Nixon and pursued by each U.S. administration since has been increased trafficking of narcotics and precursor chemicals from Central and Latin America as well as Afghani heroin. Even as the budgets for interdiction have grown to require SHADOW BANKING and handle the money laundering of the drug cartels. Should be good for one question put to the candidates performing on the televised corporate-sponsored Presidential Primary debates!

What is confusing about this short context-absent AFP dispatch being run with no clarification on Yahoo News's April Fools Weekend of Malfunctioning is why pay AFP (Agence France Press) to license their useless report, when alternative reporting org VICE NEWS ran and posts the legendary investigative journalist Ken Silverstein's 2014 long-form expose on Panama & other centers for SHADOW BANKING serving dictators that Washington had slapped sanctions on. A la helping meet Bachar Assad's payroll in Syria. HARPER's later commissioned Silverstein to dig even deeper with no blip on the radar of U.S. broadcast or major print news reporting.

2012-14 was a time of Washington's GOP\TEA PARTY majority House & Senate memberships banging the war drum on out- bombing Russia's involvement in Syria, where Russian boots on the ground and coordinated air and ground attacks with the Assad Syrian Forces have been achieving the objective of breaking up the supply lines of ISLAMIC STATE's flow of the weapons. Mostly Made In USA war materiel claimed after they were abandoned in the field and at bases conquered by ISIS FROM the Washington-backed Iraqi Army. Also the new supply lines feeding the ISLAMISTS from Washington-licensed U.S. firms selling to our Sunni Arab client states from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates including Kuwait to Turkey for flooding Syria and Iraq to help overthrow the Assad regime in Syria and save what is left of U.S. manufacturing exports.

This brief snippet of the Silverstein ongoing investigative reporting and the newest leaks from German investigative reporters who've received the leaks on the banking records of these SHADOW BANKING CLIENTs and business-as-usual LLC's should shame the U.S. corporate-captured and by-now irrelevant, if, lavishly funded broadcast and print news operations. Even CPB (Corp for Public Broadcasting) that includes NPR\PBS has outsourced their investigative reporting to another insider-staffed non-profit in the ICIJ and domestically to ProPublica. Corporate underwriting that non-profit NPR\PBS's news staffs and executives use to keep pay parity with their commercial news & info'tainment competitors at FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS.

Find Ken Silverstein's real investigative vigor through VICE NEWS, COUNTERPUNCH, or HARPER'S. It is way too direct to contribute to PUBLIC BROADCASTING's "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt" style or the commercial info'tainment news broadcasters' Mighty Wurlitzer of their WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION.
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This report is total BS if it does not include any political or corporate leaders from the US, UK, and other "virtuous" nations.