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The Panama Papers Could Hand Bernie Sanders the Keys to the White House


The Panama Papers Could Hand Bernie Sanders the Keys to the White House

Matthew Turner

The revelation that the rich and wealthy are shovelling money in overseas tax havens is not a particularly surprising one. Nevertheless, the sheer scale of the huge 11.5 million document leak from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonesca has whipped up an overdue storm and forced the issue of tax justice back on the agenda. It is likely that the Panama papers is just the tip of the iceberg, and if even more is revealed about the financial affairs of world leaders, the implication for global politics will be huge.


I am quite skeptical about what the "Panama Papers" mean. Moving on from that, I'll say that the contrast between Hillary and Bernie is quite telling. I have never seen a "politician" as consistent as Bernie. Never. Windsock Clinton, however, is business as usual. Revolution 2016!


Turner sez:
"The Panama papers scandal will only fuel popular indignation at the actions of perceived establishment figures – those who have stood idly by and allowed this huge miscarriage of justice to take place."

You were right the first time, sir. There was nothing 'idle' about the effort that has gone into this. Much has been invested in public policymakers — hell, some of them had to be allowed in the club.


The Clinton presidency was the creator of the NAFTA free trade agreements. This opened the doors to corporations and wealthy individuals abilities to invest in and exert control over may 3rd world countries and governments. It gave them the power to outsource millions of good paying American Jobs and cause the down fall of cities like Detroit and others hard hit by the loss off good paying jobs.
The reason for Bernie Sanders historic rise in the polls and his recent primary successes is based on his transparency. He has a record that is open and can be documented for several decades. I have never, ever, seen a politician walk his talk quite the way Bernie Sanders does. I believe the politician who is the most open, honest and shows complete transparency in all of their beliefs and actions will gain the trust of the American People and will have the best chances of being our next Commander in Chief.


Fonseca, please. F-O-N-S-E-C-A. Not 'Fonesca'...the rest of the article looks good.


Please, please, please let the Clintons be named in this scandal!


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Good point. Unless something illegal was going on, nothing much is gonna happen.

remember a few years ago a huge dump of telegrams and email was suppose to blow the world sky high with bombastic disclosures? News outlets and different groups of different political orientation combed thru all that with a fine tooth comb. Besides some embarrassing names world leaders were calling each other there wasn't much actionable stuff there.


Going into Wisconsin "...getting off SCOTT free ..."

Also for the privatization schemes so dear to Scott Walker and the cabal, what is going on in London could be a portent of intentions given the similarities of the models and adherence to the fraudster bankers.
Keiser Report: 1st part on Panama Papers and 2nd part (around min. 12:30) - municipalities taking out loans from private banks rather than government - a chilling insight.


Thank you for this important link.

Sanders IS brilliant in this and his critique (several years ago) sure IS relevant to the exposure of "The Panama Papers."

I remember when Edward Snowden came forward and how several regular posters began to suggest that something wasn't "right" about the exposures. Suggestions were made that he was still IN the CIA or that he was wrong to give the files to journalists and other deliberate fault-finding.

Essentially, this seemingly well-intentioned chipping away at Snowden's credibility is now mirrored in those posters who are questioning the importance of the Panama Papers.

There no doubt ARE American names involved. Whether these get released or not is difficult to predict.

IF the U.S. media was honest and doing its job, Sanders' prescient statements (as here recorded on C-Span) would be ALL over the news today!


We can only pray that HRC and Bill's names somehow surface in those docs. , but I doubt it. If they do it's just more of the same. The public IMO is somewhat desensitized to this crap by now. The banks rigging LIBOR, the trillions in leveraged debt that like a ghost ship that never seems to make port. Trillions of black and grey bank $$ floating around somewhere in the planet's financial system like a huge tapeworm.Int'l banks laundering drug cartel money by the billions and paying the Justice dept. off with business as usual type fines / tolls. The list is endless, as are the books , documentaries and movies. Now we even have two populists one on the right ( Herr Dfump) and one on the left Sen. Sanders running on all this bad news. So, unless Bill or Hillary is found to be at the center of this hands filled with cash I doubt it will have much of an impact on the race. It's almost if people now expect this kind of stuff anymore and have already discounted it, you know just like the Gov't does. I can almost hear the MSM reaction to this, "Move along folks nothing NEW to see here."


"there is a sense that she is among the elite rich"

Could that be because she and her husband are estimated by Forbes to have amassed 230 million dollars since 2001?


How can anyone in their right mind possibly vote for Clinton? The crap is piling higher and higher so high we can not see over it any longer. She is sold-out corrupt and will do anything for power and money. It is disgraceful beyond any imagining and yet she is supported by MSM and never questioned about any of this. There are none so blind as those who do not want to see.


And who, pray tell, are their donors?? Why, they're the corporations that are laying waste to the global ecosystem and owning so many of our politicians (i.e., Killary)!


I agree with you about desensitizing the populace to criminality in high places, but then how do we explain the ascendancy of the Sanders Campaign? And even if Hilary isn't directly implicated, she is right in the thick of this empire's operations. Clinton and Jeb were shoe ins for the nominations just a little while ago. Now look at what just happened in WI tonight. I think I'll take a chance and stick around for this election. Certainly is going to at least be interesting!


Edward Snowden was commenting tonight [video hook up with Simon Fraser Univ.] on David Cameron being on the hot seat with Panama Papers release. That's getting to some people high up and not just Russians or other people we don't like. I say it all helps, keep the pressure on the SOBs.


Check this out.
Sorry, my link didn't work. the article I tried to link to is by Craig Murray and is titled " Corporate media gatekeepers protect western 1% from panama leak."
The article explains why there are no American names on the list. The group of so called International journalists that are handling the papers are funded by the -
Ford foundation, the Rockefellers, George Soros and more. The Guardian newspaper claims that no western names will be published!!
A google search with article title and authors name works. I really encourage you to have a look at this. It's mind blowing.


I have to disagree with your statement "The public IMO is somewhat desensitized to this crap by now. The banks rigging LIBOR, the trillions in leveraged debt that like a ghost ship that never seems to make port"
The timing of this release will focus attention on the history of how Panama gained their status as a "Free Trade Zone" and the ability of these law firms to launder monies over the objections of Senator Sanders and with the support of the then Senator Clinton.


We got lucky when Scalia passed on and changed the Supreme Court for the better. Now with the Panama Papers it is clear something has to be done about the run away elite. They can't have it all as Bernie says.
These papers could indeed move people more into Bernie's court and they should.
Dare we hope for another windfall like Scalia? Things that are kept in secret seem to be coming to the surface everywhere. This is exactly the kind of thing we need to push a win in New York. Let's hope they release more information before the vote.


Thanks for the link. It's just yet another example of how journalism has just devolved into messaging (propaganda) on the behalf of the über rich.